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NCsoft Unveils Dungeon Runners Game With A Free-to-Download and Play Business Model

AUSTIN, Texas, May 29, 2007 – NCsoft® North America announced it has opened to the public its first free-to-download and play game, Dungeon Runners™, as the company continues to expand its online entertainment offerings. Dungeon Runners is an online, multiplayer role playing game in a fast-paced sword-and-shield setting where defeating monsters and evil enemies results in piles of loot and treasure.
Dungeon Runners, currently available strictly via free digital download, has a play-for-free tier where players can access large chunks of the game’s content, and a “membership level” for $4.99 per month where players are given, among other things, log-in queue priority and access to the most powerful items, weapons and armor. Membership status also includes bank storage for up to 220 loot items and the ability to stack potions in one slot to save room for even more loot.

In Dungeon Runners, there are a variety of character archetypes to choose from including fighter, mage and ranger in a classless RPG system where players are not locked into skills that are usually associated with their specific archetype.

Dungeon Runners focuses mainly on action and battles with limited death penalties and endless gold, weapons, armor and magic items available to claim after defeating hordes of monsters. The game also features a lighter side, with subtle and not-so-subtle humor sprinkled throughout the game including names of many items in the game. For example, one particularly dangerous sword is called “Shifty’s Crystal Sword of the Hypersonic Monkey” and a very helpful magic item called the “Pulsating Dragon Eye Amulet of the Thorny Donkey.”
“Dungeon Runners is a lot of fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously. But the game will take players into an action packed-adventure, where they blaze through a maze of dungeons, face fierce monsters and formidable opponents to become a hero,” said Stephen Nichols, NCsoft’s producer and lead programmer for Dungeon Runners. “Regardless if a player pays to be a member or plays for free, Dungeon Runners will deliver more than 200 hours of game play and a continually growing number of missions and quests. The game is also designed to appeal to gamers who have limited time to give to a game, but it will have the content to keep players adventuring for hours at a time.”

While NCsoft presents Dungeon Runners as a scaled down version of its other online games, Dungeon Runners is far superior to other “free with membership” type games due to the high standards NCsoft’s development team applies to all the products it creates, regardless of business model.

“Dungeon Runners is a bold leap into a new business model for NCsoft and it is taking us into a new direction in terms of the kind of games we can provide our customers,” said Robert Garriott, CEO of NCsoft North America. “There are plenty of other ‘free’ games available for online RPG fans, but none that packs as many features as Dungeon Runners has or comes with the NCsoft stamp of quality. We expect that players will receive this game warmly because it is fast, fun and free. It is hard to beat that deal.”


It is much like any other MMO. You set your characters hair, armor colors, face. When you first come into the game, they give you a two sets of armor, a bow, sword, and a few skills to start out with. You can choose between melee or magic, and hone your skills. Game play is slow when you start out, the reaction time between hit time is about 3 seconds (which is pretty slow for a hardcore gamer like myself) and also same for the magic based attacks. Overall this MMO would be great if it had better skill-time and melee-based attacks. If you are looking for some hard hitting, fast leveling game experience this is not for you.

Graphics: 5/10
Game play: 3/10
Some God aweful music in the background: 0/10

New Content

Ntreev USA, Inc. announced today that Trickster Online: Links to Fantasy has recently released new content for their popular 2D fantasy MMORPG.

A brand new mini-game like feature has recently been added to the game. The new feature, called Gacha, allows players to collect unique in-game items that are otherwise not available, either in-game or through My Shop. To play Gacha, players must purchase Gacha Coins through My Shop, then they can click the new Gacha tab in the My Shop window to begin playing.
A new, permanent quest has been added to the game. The Card Girl Quest is a multiple part quest meant for players of all level ranges. Players must find Card Girl in one of her eleven locations and solve her riddles to receive quest rewards, including TM Exp.

With the release of 2nd Jobs for Trickster Characters, more and more new Skills are being released. With this most recent release the focus has been made on the higher level players (Lv 100+). One of these new Skills allows a character to morph into a beast, with a completely new appearance and prowess. This release also marks the coming completion of the 2nd Job Skill release. The last of the 2nd Job Skills is scheduled to be released very soon.

Since its release from Closed and Open Beta and now in its full commercial incarnation, more and more content has become available for Trickster Online. To continue this trend that has already included a website, forum redesign, the release of My Shop, My Camp, 2nd Jobs and more, Trickster Online will be updating the massive amount of content already available on a new regular schedule. New additions to all things Trickster Online will be made now on a bi-weekly basis. This new content will be announced on the official website as well as in the Trickster Online Newsletter.

Hardcore Set Proxy for VCO

Only the game with top quality could attract true players. Voyage Century ( is highly popular by massive players since its final has been launched, not only for the first-class 3D technology and considerate live support service, but also the stirring announcement of forever free operation rule.

Player of ID Pirate191 is one of the loyal VCO fans. He said, he had noticed this charmed 3D nautical game since VCO Alpha Test, but due to the network operation problem he was limited to play VCO. He was so fascinated by this game but not able to play it fluently, which worried him a lot. Recently he got a way to solve the problem caused by network operation problem. With the help of his friends, he newly set a proxy on his own exclusively for playing VCO. After continuous testing and efforts, now he can play VCO fluently without any lag and block even when hundreds of players PK in Siege War together or walk forward in the hustle and bustle of Seville Port He also said, VCO is a so amazing game that he can’t ever imagine with delicate picture and profound voyage culture. The amount of players who use his proxy to access VCO has reaches 20 so far and this number keeps coming up. These players are also bothered by the problem of network operation and they are thankful for the efforts. It is advisable that other players who also have this kind of problem could try to set a proxy.

As one of the Highest Ranked MMORPGs ranked on, VCO has attracted more and more players to come and enjoy. Not to mention the progress accomplished in the way, we believe that in near future VCO will continue to improve our game quality and service passionately.

New Robot-Themed Online Game is Coming Soon

Still remember the Transformers? Now, the Armored Transformers return, in our new game < Age of Armor >! The robot-themed online game based on the wars between Earth United Government and the Republic of Aesir, is receiving unprecedented warm welcome in China. Tremendous fans swarm into this game, enjoying the exciting fighting with great happiness. The English Version of Age of Armor is coming soon in North America and Europe, while the English official website has been launched, waiting for gamers’ visits.

New Daimonin 0.9.7 Release

We are proud to announce today the new major release 0.9.7 of our game!
You will find us at

This release features
– group playing
– instance maps
– new talk interface
– complex quest system
– several times bigger game world
– over 50 new monsters
– more and better animations
– many hundred new objects
– map wizard system
– complex map editor
– VOL/GM volunteer system
– new spells
– DPS/THAC system
and much more including many technical changes

A direct download is here:

Myth War Online: First Drawing Contest Result Announced & Event Idea Collection Activity Launched

First Drawing Contest Result-
The first MWO Drawing Contest was successfully closed on May.22nd. It’s such a huge success not only because of the plenty of wonderful works the official received, but because of tons of piles of positive commentaries from the viewers. The evaluating process proved to be so hard. Take a look at the winner list at:
All masterpieces from these talented artists:
Event Idea Collection Activity-
Have you ever participated in MWO online events like Play-to-Kill, Survival Quest, Bounty Hunter, Item Exchange, Quadruple Experience, Reborn Rewards, Potion Sales and so on? I bet some of them are the first choice of many players. Is there any other kind of event you’d like to participate in MWO? Now take this opportunity provided by I.G.G., you’re welcome to the creative game-promoting designer by submitting any sort of online activities you can come up with. Don’t be shy, just to give it your best shot!
Time and Place:
This event will be held from 21st May to 28th May on the forum (
Rules, Rewards and Criteria:
Please visit the following link to know more:

VCO Teaches you Anti-deceiving

Trade between players in game becomes frequent as the game is opened for free and becomes more and more popular. Accompanying this, a lot of deceiving appear in game. Voyage Century ( ) now lists some conmanship here to reveal the cheats:

1. Digit
While purchasing large-denomination items from stall, players may misread the price and spend 10 times of the normal price in buying something because of the too many digits of price as well as the misguide of the vendor’s advertisement. For example, a compressed provision bag is usually quoted 1600000 but there may be players adding another “0” behind the normal price. In this occasion, if you are not careful enough, it will be very likely to be deceived. However, some vendors may also not input enough “0”. So be careful while purchasing items from stall.
2. Change Figures
There may be players purchasing expensive items by setting stall. But some of them may change the price and purchase quantity each other. For example, while purchasing treasure map pieces, this kind of cheats often show the price–60000 in the shop name but they set the price to 1 and quantity to 60000 in the shop actually. Then if you are a bit careless, you will be possible to sell those items at a unit price of 1 coin.
3. Pretend to be Other Player
Players can also trade with one another in game. At this moment, if any cheater created a character named the similar name with the trade target, players would be probable to give money or items to cheater.
Most losses caused by those ways of deceiving above are because of carelessness. Thus, as long as you are a bit careful while trading, you will be able to avoid the unnecessary losses.

Myth War: Blog Voting Notice & Second passel of winners in Bug Reporting

International Gaming Gate (I.G.G.) Myth War Group today announced the notice on voting for works appearing during the Blog Contest which started last month as well as the second passel of winners in Bug-hunting contest which was launched on the 11th of April.

Blog Voting Notice
After one month collection, the first group of works has come out. As scheduled, here we enter the second stage of Blog Contest-Blog Voting. It’s hoped that during this period, more and more people will get to know Myth War better by reading and interacting with these wonderful works created by MW fans. If you happen to be one of the participants, you probably want to know ways to make your blog more popular. For more details please visit the following link:
Second passel of winners in Bug-Hunting
In the hope of improving the quality of the game, IGG held a Bug- Hunting Event in its official Forum. This event will last for three full months (April, May and June) and the second passel of winners are just released by the official. Please head over to the following page to see if you’re one of them: