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Ashen Empires Goes F2P

Ashen Empires is a medieval fantasy MMORPG that enables players from around the world to interact with other groups and hunt for powerful artifacts. Players can gain knowledge in dozens of skills that keep the world functioning and cast magic spells to gain power. The game features dynamic quests that are scattered throughout the land, providing a world of endless possibilities to those who accept this challenge.
“It’s been our goal to end subscriptions since we became the first American MMORPG to introduce a token store,” says David Reese of Iron Will Games. “We believe that Ashen Empires is a must-play MMORPG for any fan of the genre, and now is the perfect time to try it.”
Current subscribers will be given membership time in the new VIP program which features many in-game perks, such as four extra backpack spaces, a shared account bank, personal pets, and bonus experience gain. VIPs are treated like real kings out of game, as well, with special offers and discounts as well as a free monthly grab bag of goodies from the token store.
VIPs can expect many more perks to come, such as VIP only art for the Dungeons of Dransik expansion. Dungeons of Dransik, also released today, features a free downloadable game editor called the Ashen Empires Content Creator. The easy-to-use tools in the Content Creator let players transform a blank canvas into exciting worlds with custom NPC’s, triggers, objects, teleporters, traps, conversations, and more. Players can upload their maps to the game servers then publish them for anyone to play and review.
Tokens, the micropayment currency used in Ashen Empires and the Pixel Mine Portal, were introduced in February of 2007 and can be traded or used to purchase expansions, in game enhancements, and other useful items.

Astro Empires 3rd Anniversary

The browser-based space strategy MMOG, Astro Empires, has celebrated its 3rd Anniversary since the official launch on the 20th of May of 2006.
A brand new server is expected to be open on the 30th of May. “Gamma” will be the 7th game server.
To celebrate the 3 years of public launch Astro Empires will be releasing soon two new features to the game, the implementation of additional languages besides the original one, English, and a brand new game layout, which is expected to bring new players to the game.
For more information visit the game’s website at

Stronghold Kingdoms MMO Announced!

Firefly Studios today announces a new kind of online game: ‘Stronghold Kingdoms’.
Live the life of a medieval lord in the world’s first castle based MMO.
Besiege the castle that’s never been taken, overthrow tyrants, bankroll your factions war effort, pillage your neighbour’s resources, peacefully raise sheep or do it all!  The choice is yours in a wide ranging simulation of medieval life, played out in real time against thousands of online opponents striving for power and glory.
A unique hybrid of web and PC based gaming brings online interactivity and community together with a richly depicted medieval world of thriving villages and dramatic battles. Build a kingdom over days and weeks. A mix of real time gameplay with long term planning, bring a truly novel twist to the Strategy genre.
A huge range of stats and rankings give every player something to aim for, whether it’s ‘Besieger of the month’ or ‘Apple farmer of the day’!
Join a medieval social network! Factions and elections, liege lords and their vassals, all provide a real sense of structured community.    
Whilst strong and well planned castles are at the heart of any lord’s domain, players can also specialise via a vast research tree.  Starting out as a humble peasant, each promotion brings research points to spend on becoming the best in as many  areas as you wish, trading, diplomacy, warfare,  farming and more, as the player seeks to control the local parish, county and beyond. As their power grows, players can eventually join in a country wide war for the Crown.
Classic Stronghold goes online in a world where players can, Build, Besiege, Pillage, Farm, Explore, Research, Vote, Trade, Banquet, Fight and much, much more. Many  unannounced and surprising game features will be revealed in the coming months…   

NinjaTrick: Ranking System Event

NinjaTrick, a Flash based Multiplayer Action game actually in Open Beta, just unveiled its new ranking system, which displays the top ranked players based on their success in Ninjutsu matches, and to celebrate we’re hosting a contest to reward the highest ranking ninjas with iPod Touches, iPod Nanos and iPod Shuffles.
From May 25, 2009 to June 18, 2009, aspiring ninjas have a chance to compete for gems, glory – and if they’re truly skilled – an iPod Touch, iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle!
Winners will be chosen based on the NinjaTrick rankings on June 18, 2009 at 2:00 am PST, (10:00 am GMB).
Visit to learn more!

7million: Beta 1.0 begins

Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, a leading producer and distributor of digital entertainment products, announced that 7Million has now reached Beta 1.0 status. This means that the urban MMO has completed the Closed Beta run, and is now accessible to everyone in the updated version.
Deep Silver and the developer team hope to test server stability and performance more thoroughly that way, and receive additional valuable feedback from newcomers to Paradise City. During the Beta 1.0, 7Million will keep changing and developing; of course, as before, every update will incorporate feedback from the players. The freely accessible version contains numerous further developments, such as a new login system that allows each player to have multiple characters, tools for the various mini-games, a reputation system for missions and social quests, and, of course, many improvements to missions and performance.
Interested gamers will find more information about Beta 1.0 and the client at
7Million is a free massively multiplayer online game, set in a modern world full of life, style, and spectacular heists. The freely explorable setting of Paradise City serves as a back-ground for numerous thrilling missions and as a meeting point for gamers from all over the world who meet and team up here with their individually created characters.
7Million is developed by Team Vienna and produced by Cliffhanger Productions.

Runes of Magic: Return of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom

With the new large Patch 1.7 “Return of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom”, Frogster will soon deliver additional new game contents for Runes of Magic. Among other things, this update enlarges the world of the online role-playing game with new expansion potentials for guild castles. Moreover, the instance “Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom” is extended by a high-level area with new boss adversaries. The release of “Return of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom” is scheduled for 3 June 2009.
With this update, guilds can, for collected resources, erect special buildings in their castle yard. Step by step, these guilds unlock more and stronger constructions from the technology tree. Thus, the workshop is available only after the erection of a school, and powerful rune towers are available to the guilds only if they have considerably advanced the expansion of their castle. All buildings grant the guild special bonuses, from enhanced riding speed through the potential to mine resources up to powerful defensive works, which are in turn tactical elements in the planned guild vs. guild wars.
Players at level 50 can now plan new trips to the “Ruins of the Ice Dwarf Kingdom” again. So far, the dungeon was conceived for adventurers at levels 35 to 40, but this update extends it by a completely newly designed area for high-level groups with new bosses and, of course, new rewards.
Furthermore, the content patch introduces Elite skills for the levels 40 and 45. Pet collectors can rejoice – permanent pets will become available with the update.

Pangya: Season 4 Coming This Summer

Ntreev USA, a leading online game developer and publisher, announced today that it will launch Season 4 of its popular online casual golf game, Pangya, in North America this July. The game was recently re-launched in the U.S. and includes content for Pangya’s Season 3.  With the launch of Season 4 this summer players can look forward to new content including a self design feature, new characters, new custom items and options and much more.
“Pangya loyalists have been excited about the launch of Season 4 for some time now and we are excited to finally reveal when they can experience it,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA. “With the recent re-launch of the game in North America we promised that players could look forward to many special events and new content updates-and we are keeping that promise with the upcoming launch of Season 4.”
Pangya’s Season 4 includes an all-new Self Design Feature where players can totally custom create a character’s outfit from head to toe.
Players will be able to choose from different pieces of clothing to make up an outfit and then can decorate the clothing with their own artistic flair.  In addition, players will also be treated to an all-new character, a pop-star known as Lucia, who is already a hugely popular character in the Asian version of the game where Season 4 is now live. Ntreev has also added a new security feature that includes an in-game safe for players to keep all their purchased items.  By putting their items in the new safe, players will not have to worry about hacking or loss of their valuable items. In addition, players can create custom items and give them as gifts to other players, and the gift will be embossed with the player’s name when it is delivered.
Pangya is a casual golf game that takes the difficult rules of golf and transforms it into an easy to pick-up -and-play casual golf experience that a player of any skill level can enjoy. Featuring simple and intuitive controls, Pangya allows anyone to easily play with other gamers and unlike other online games; players in Pangya are friends, not enemies! Players will be taken to 14 breath-taking locations where they can choose one of 8 unique playable characters.  Pangya offers players an extensive customization experience with thousands of possible combinations of costumes, accessories, equipment, golf clubs, power boosts and more that help them to become a pro out on the green.

Atlantica Online to Be Published in Thailand

NDOORS today announced that a deal has been signed to publish their popular MMORPG title Atlantica Online in Thailand through a partnership with Southeast Asia’s number one online game provider, AsiaSoft.
In less than a year Atlantica Online has successfully expanded from Korea into North America, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, and now Thailand. The game is in open beta in mainland China as well.
“When we developed Atlantica Online, we knew we would be bringing the game to the global market and we took that into consideration in many of our design choices,” said Peter Kang, CEO, NDOORS Interactive. “That strategy is paying off for us as we see more and more new players from different countries embracing the game and enjoying the online experience.”
AsiaSoft is the largest provider of MMORPG games and services in Southeast Asia and was the first company to bring an MMORPG to Thailand. Their expertise in the space will ensure a smooth launch for Atlantica Online in the new territory.
Recognized as one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs, Atlantica Online has received critical acclaim for its quality, accessibility, and entertainment value. Atlantica features a unique turn-based fighting system and takes players on a journey around the world through mystical and historical lore. The recently announced addition of the Titan Server enables interaction among players from all Atlantica servers, creating the first true test to determine the best of the best.

Aion: Limited Edition Revealed!

NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), today announced the details for the Aion® standard and Limited Collector’s Edition retail products. NCsoft expects to launch Aion, its highly anticipated fantasy MMO game, in the West this fall. Aion has exceeded expectations and captivated gaming populations in Korea, where it won the prestigious Grand Award of 2008, and in China, where Aion garnered unprecedented numbers of paying players during its launch week last month. In Aion, gamers explore a celestial world of breath-taking beauty and epic adventure. Players create either winged Elyos or Asmodian avatars, sworn enemy races that discover a common foe: the twisted and depraved Balaur.
When Aion launches, players can purchase the Aion Limited Collector’s Edition box through multiple retail channels. The centerpiece of the Aion Limited Collector’s Edition is a 6 1/2-inch hand-painted figurine of the powerful Aiva, a female winged Asmodian Daeva. Aiva sports detachable wings and wields a removable axe. The Limited Collector’s Edition features several exclusive in-game items, including the Black Cloud Wings, which greatly enhance flight time, the Black Cloud Earring, which boosts health and mana while playing, and an exclusive title that enhances an avatar’s abilities.
Additional in-game items include two exclusive character animations, called emotes, as well as a special dye color to customize player avatars’ equipment. Opening the box uncovers two dual-sided posters depicting maps of Elysea and Asmodae, the home regions of the two player races. The Aion Limited Collector’s Edition box also contains the official Aion soundtrack by composer Yang Bang-Ean (known as Ryo Kunihiko in Japan), the Aion game client on two DVDs, a quick reference card, and a game manual.
Aion’s standard version first production run is packaged in a premium SteelBook metal case, which includes the game DVDs, a user manual, and a quick reference card.
In Aion, players experience the thrill of flight as a strategic and integral part of gameplay that touches combat, quests, and exploration. In addition to unprecedented character customization and unmatched visuals, Aion invites players to soak up its breath-taking world through exploration of more than 1,500 quests, intense visceral combat, and a deep crafting system. For the first time in an MMO, Aion introduces a new game system that pits players against each other and their environment simultaneously in an otherworld zone called the Abyss.
The Aion Limited Collector’s Edition will sell at an anticipated price of US$69.99, while the Aion standard edition will sell at an anticipated price of US$49.99. Both retail packages include 30 days of game time. After 30 days, a monthly subscription fee of US$14.99 for the game service will apply. Other pricing options will also be available. Pre-order purchases, available at retail stores June 9, can be applied to the Aion Limited Collector’s Edition or the standard edition of Aion. Details about pre-order benefits and subscription pricing options for Aion will be announced at a later date.


CrossFire is a team-based FPS title by Z8Games. With the new Crossfire 2.0 update, this game features updated models and textures, new characters, new weapons and more.


New characters: Classic soldiers have been remade with a level of detail never seen before.

New weapons: Weaponry such as the Knight SR25 Ares CQB, M4A1-S Ares Dual Mag, M37 Stakeout Ares Slug and the MP5-S Ares JHP will feature enhanced gameplay and increase the chances for survival.

Player Profiles: Show off your achievements and accomplishments to all of your friends with the renewal of the Profile pages.