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World of Tanks Closed Beta Phase #1 Finished

World of Tanks Closed Beta Phase #1 Finished announced today that the first phase of World of Tanks closed beta test has been completed.


Over the seven weeks of testing the game drew attention of more than 70 000 players around the globe with peak con-current users number exceeding 4 000 players. Beta-testers spent 3.2 hours per day at the average on exploring the in-game world which comes down to 30 completed matches!


The first phase of World of Tanks closed beta test has been completed.


World of Tanks gameplay proved to be extremely addictive as during the stated period more than half a million battles were fought where 150 million shots were made to destroy 15 million vehicles.


The next phase of the closed beta test will be launched on the 1st of September.


“I would like to thank our beta-testers for their great work and all the invaluable feedback and data they helped us collect,” says Nick Katselapov, producer of World of Tanks. “We are going to use it to further polish and enhance the game. We had a number of features held in reserve during the first phase of the closed beta and we’ll be more than happy to introduce some of them as soon as the servers go live again.”

Vikings of Thule Interview: Vikings Are Real

Vikings of Thule Interview: Vikings Are Real
Questions by Vincent Haoson, OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Iris Andresdottir, Senior Producer, Gogogic



Vikings of ThuleVikings of Thule is an up and coming facebook-based browser game from Gogogic that puts you in the seat of a Viking in the medieval ages of Iceland. Your goal is to become part of the 39 authorities of the land. To know more about the game, we got the opportunity to talk with the Iris Andresdottir, Senior producer at Gogogic to give us the juicy info about the game.




OnRPG: Hello and thank you for giving us this opportunity to talk with you guys! With Vikings of Thule operating for nearly a year since its open beta last September 2009, how is the game faring so far?
Vikings of Thule offers a new experience within the Facebook ecosystem. It is an attempt to fuse a browser based MMO with social game mechanics and casual play patterns. This enables users to control how and when they play the game. We wanted to be careful with introducing the game so we could study the initial response to it. We basically wanted to make sure that the concept worked and made sense. That is why we have been slow to advertise it. After listening to our users we are pleased with the way the game has evolved over time. It has become one of the few really immersive Facebook-based titles on the market. It now has as a new single player quest system, which was added in response to player feedback, but initially the game focused on PVP duels, “empire-building”, trading and bartering with other players, along with the ability to arm and equip your Viking avatar. The dueling system is very popular and with the expansion we feel the game is ready to be heavily promoted. And of course we hope that the time spent on making the game better will pay off in the long term.



OnRPG: How large is the current game population and are you guys satisfied with the numbers you have right now?
In terms of Facebook numbers, the game currently has a small following, but we are very happy with the reception the game has gotten. From the very start, we had a hard-core group of players that have been really devoted to the game and this group has been growing steadily. So far the growth of the game has mostly been based on word-of-mouth. We haven´t really advertised or promoted the game until now. We don´t see a lot of games on Facebook that offer similar gameplay or artwork as Vikings of Thule does and the underlying numbers indicate that it will attract and retain a strong player base.




OnRPG: Are there any big changes to the game recently? Why or why not?
We try to base as much of our development efforts on the conversation we constantly have with our players. They wanted quests, more stories and something to do by yourself, so we combined these elements into our Quest System, which will support future quests with more content, mini-games and other neat stuff. The first quest is called “Vikings of Thule – Chapter 1: Slayer of Wyrms”. We would like to continue adding more quests, but the frequency and size of future quests really depends on player reaction. We have also redone the game’s main map to make room for new features and improve its overall look and feel. There is actually a long list of cool new things that we want to do for Vikings of Thule, including the improvement of our PVP system.



OnRPG: Why did you decide to make Vikings of Thule a Facebook game when some MMOGs of the same kind opted for browsers only?  
We have always been interested in creating experiences that are supported by some sort of meta layer that allows players to interact. We wanted to leverage the social nature of the Facebook platform to do just that. This makes it easy for us to allow players to play against their friends. You can duel against them or try to advance faster in the game than your friends do. You can loot their resources, so the more friends you have translates into potential extra resources for you. Additionally, the trading system in the game enables you to barter goods, resources and the in-game currency with your friends and other players. The game facilitates social experiences and interactions, both with existing friends and even new ones. At the end of the day, that is what makes the game richer, more immersive and perhaps a bit more meaningful. This is the reason why the integration of games with social-media platforms adds tremendously to the in-game experience.


OnRPG: Why did you use Iceland as the setting for Vikings of Thule when other games opt for fantasy lands or worlds as a backdrop of their games?
Iceland has a rich history linked with the Viking settlement in the ninth century AD and the subsequent feuding and clan-rivalry that culminated in a civil war in the 13th century. This unsettled, untamed and resource-rich island on the edge of the artic-circle with its fiercely independent and hardy settlers is ripe for being featured in a game. We also draw heavily on Norse mythology so successful players will receive special favors, in-game items and riches from the gods.


Vikings of Thule


OnRPG: Does this mean players are playing as a Viking in Iceland’s Viking days? Is this part of the game’s immersing experience? Why do you say so?
The players do indeed play the role of a Viking-chief. The game clearly offers players the opportunity to really get lost in the atmosphere of the Viking era and explore the fascinating history and myths associated with it.


OnRPG: Wouldn’t the game be pretty limited if it is heavily rooted on a historical facts or information?
We actually feel that this gives the game a good grounding in a period and mythological universe that are rich with ideas and history. We don’t feel that this setting limits the game in any meaningful way. All games are set within some universe that conditions the gameplay, look and feel, but the real limitations are really with our imagination as we design the game. Perhaps we won´t give the Vikings guns to shoot with, but since they can fight or interact with each other with the assistance of the gods or the Icelandic mystical creatures called the ´Wights,´ there are a lot of cool things we can add to the game.  


OnRPG: Why is the game’s parliament only set to only 39 players? What exactly can members of the parliament do in the game?
The original Icelandic parliament which the Vikings founded in 930 AD had 39 district chiefs (´Godar´ in Icelandic). They were the leading chiefs of the day, so this is a historical fact that is reflected in the game. As in the original parliament, our 39 players on the Althingi are the most respected and brave chiefs in the land.


OnRPG: What do you hope to achieve with the implementation of the parliament system in Vikings of Thule?
This serves as a reward for the elite players. Unseating them may be hard but it is certainly worth a try! Going forward, we hope to introduce new ways of measuring strength and status within the game. Parliament might become more reliant on who you know, how you treat them and what you do. But at this point it is all speculative and nothing is set in stone. We would love to get more player feedback on that.


OnRPG:  Couldn’t it be problematic in the future where new players will find it hard to become a member of the parliament when they’re already too far behind the veterans?
In-game balance is obviously a key area to look at and that is why we have thought about different ways to compare and compete. We haven´t had a problem with this so far but will of course continue to look at this issue and others within the game.  Ultimately, we would like to get the players involved with how we implement any changes, additions and expansions.


OnRPG: Can you give us more details on the gameplay elements present in Vikings of Thule?
The game has multiple elements. At the start the player selects his or her gender, a name and a home on the island of Thule. The player can then invite his or her friends to play the game.


The main elements of game are the following
– A very rich and immersive PVP duel system that heavily relies on skill and allows players to directly engage with other players or their avatars, if friends happen to be offline.
– Management of your Viking ´Empire,´ each player can claim land and recruit his or her personal retinue of freemen, peasants, jarls, huskarls and witches. Each class of follower brings a unique set of benefits and costs.
– A dynamic trading system.
– In-game items ranging from clothes to spells and weapons.
– A robust Quest System that allows players to explore the world on their own.


Trading system 


OnRPG: What do you think is the game’s defining feature that separates it from the other MMOGs of the same kind? Why do you think so?
It is a true multiplayer game, where players are actually playing with other people while also enjoying the added benefits of social features that are seeded within the game. You can trade with your friends, duel or loot resources from them and boast about your exploits either by using the in-game messaging system or by using the ´Post to Facebook´ feature. We believe that Vikings of Thule offers users of Facebook a fully immersive experience not often experienced on that platform.


OnRPG: Is the game tailored to be more competitive or more social centered?
It certainly has elements of both. The more friends you have, the more resources and additional benefits the player will see. You also get more respect and resources for defeating these friends in duels. Even if you lose a duel, you are not seriously affected so we would have to say that it is slightly more socially centered than competitive.


OnRPG: The game’s battles seems to be using a variation of the battle system of trading card games, is this an accurate observation of the game? Or is it more rooted on RPG-like battles?
You are indeed right, the dueling system is card based. Players can obtain different offensive and defensive cards in the game and use them on the battlefield. As you can only carry a limited number of cards into battle, a player must be careful to have the right mix in a fight and strategically play them.


OnRPG: As the last question, what’s in-store for players of Vikings of Thule in the succeeding months ahead?
We have just launched a new single player quest and, depending on the response we get from the players, we will probably create more quests or add to one that is already there. Apart from that we don´t want to give away too much. There is much more coming, so please stay tuned for more on our website. And if you want to try the game, head to Vikings of Thule on Facebook


K.O.S. Announces ‘Reload for Chaos’ Expansion

K.O.S. Announces ‘Reload for Chaos’ Expansion

September 7, 2010 has been announced as the launch date to ‘Reload for Chaos’, the expansion to the first person shooter, K.O.S.- Secret Operations.

“We are thrilled for the release of this expansion,” says Dae Kim, member of the YNK Interactive DONTBLYNK team. “The new maps, gear, game settings, and weapons will add the extra oomph in K.O.S-Secret Operations that will have players ‘killing on sight’ for days, weeks, months, and years to come.”

Reload for Chaos expansion consists of several game additions


Reload for Chaos expansion consists of several game additions including brand new content and several updated game features. Players are encouraged to visit the site to preview these game modifications in order to prepare for launch, so more details on each category will be revealed periodically from now until September 7, 2010.


To coincide with the K.O.S-Secret Operations expansion, events and contests will be running throughout the month of September, including a sweepstakes with GoCash, a bonus event with BilltoMobile, and in-game tournaments for chances to win newly added weapons and gear.

Aika Global Goes Into Open Beta

Aika Global Goes Into Open Beta

AIKA Global is officially here. The Closed Beta proved to be a huge success and shows that the world’s MMO fans are ready for Open Beta.


Players will now have boundless access to the game’s three PVP modes. There’s the Nation War option that can accommodate 1000 players battling another 1000 from another nation. Then there is the Castle Siege which is a weekly face off between different guilds of a nation to take control of the nation’s resources, not to mention the status boosts they obtain in winning. And lastly, there is AIKA’s Relic War. This is a continuing battle between nations; citizens hunt or steal relics that can be kept in their own temples to give out blessings to all the citizens of a particular nation.


The Pran is fully customizable when it comes to its personality, and appearance and it evolves from a little fairy, to a child, to a teen and then to a full-grown adult.


AIKA Global’s one and only Pran system will be something worth looking forward to. A Pran, one of AIKA’s races, will be the player’s loyal aide inside the game. The Pran is fully customizable when it comes to its personality, and appearance and it evolves from a little fairy, to a child, to a teen and then to a full-grown adult.


In order to ensure great service the game’s developers will remain hands-on through Open Beta and launch. Players can expect smooth and hassle-free game play. With low-spec technical requirements, almost anyone can play this game while enjoying top graphics for an MMO. Exciting prizes including a high-performance video card and an iPad are up for grabs in AIKA Global’s OBT so need we say more? Get started now!


*AIKA Global’s service will be available to countries around the world with the exception of The United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Russia.

Vindictus Interview: Amazing Artwork and Brutal Elegance

Vindictus Interview: Amazing Artwork and Brutal Elegance
Questions by Jonathan (Ardua) Doyle OnRPG Victim of Brutal Elegance
Answered by Chris Gyselinck, Assistant Producer for Vindictus


OnRPG: Hi there. Thank you for taking the time to talk to OnRPG! Could you introduce yourself to our battle hungry readers and tell us what you do for Nexon/Vindictus?

This is Chris Gyselinck, Assistant Producer for Vindictus and it’s a pleasure to be talking about the game today for you and your readers.


OnRPG: Vindictus it has to be said is not a happy world. But who needs happy when you have monsters to slay? That said, what can you tell us about the world we will play our skills in?

Vindictus takes place in a world loosely based on Celtic mythology. Groups of monsters known as the Fomors once had an uneasy peace with the humans, but have recently become blood-thirsty and attacking humans and human settlements with no readily apparent motivation to do so. The goddess Morrighan has promised the humans that if they defeat the Fomors, they will be given access to a paradise known as Erinn. This is the world our players will step into as they play Vindictus.


Vindictus Fiery


OnRPG: What sort of classes for players can we expect in our massive monster slayage?

During our Closed Beta phase, players will either be able to play as the Dual-Sword-wielding speedy character Lann or the Sword-and-Shield-bearing Fiona. Both characters have very unique styles of combat which will evolve even more as players learn which skills, combos and weapons fit best to their preferred way of playing. Soon, we’ll be introducing a mage character who has some truly awesome spells and we have even more characters to announce further down the road.


OnRPG: If anyone has heard anything about Vindictus it is the words “Brutal Elegance.” Care to tell us more about it and what it means for the player?

Players can expect to have an entirely new gaming experience with Vindictus. “Brutal Elegance” refers to physics-based action in the game, combined with stunning visuals. Vindictus uses a modified Source EngineTM to enable interaction with the environment like shattering objects, hurling debris, binding enemies with chains, and piercing defenses with spears. This, combined with the amazing artwork is why Vindictus is introducing Brutal Elegance to the PC gaming space.


OnRPG: I do love game lore. Recently you’ve released another Lore trailer for Vindictus. How big a part will the lore play in the game or is it window dressing?

The lore in Vindictus is far from window dressing. In fact, players are immediately immersed in the story before even beginning the process of customizing their character. Beyond that, all of our missions help move the story forward. We don’t have any of the “kill 100 rats” type of missions that are relatively common in MMOs and instead focus on missions which help tell the intricacies of our legend in a very organic way.


OnRPG: The emphasis on playing with people pleases me personally, but could you tell us a little more about how grouping will benefit players to entice the solo-ers in the readers?

Because of the fast-paced nature of the action in our game, grouping up with others becomes an extremely rewarding experience. Although a player could theoretically attempt many of our dungeons solo, some of the enemies, particularly our bosses, can be absolutely brutal to fight against. Strategy becomes essential. Getting together with your friends and planning the best method to take out a 12 foot tall gnoll not only makes it easier to accomplish your goals, it’s also a hell of a lot of fun! We even have some secondary weapons designed for strategy in group play. For example, a player can use a chain to hold down an enemy while his or her teammates go in for the full-on attack. All of our combat happens in real-time, so every battle can play out differently, and when you add other players into the mix, that variety increases exponentially.


OnRPG: Solo or in a team, people still have to figure out how to play when entering a new world. What is the learning curve like for Vindictus at this stage in beta?

One of the beautiful things about the game is that it is very easy to pick it up, play it and have a blast the first time you launch it, but it takes some time to master. Anyone who has played an action game in the last generation or two will immediately feel comfortable with the basic controls and combos, but to become an expert at the intricacies of the various combos and skills definitely takes some commitment. Overall, I think Vindictus offers a rewarding experience to both the new players and to those who have put a lot of time into the game.


Vindictus Heavy Battle 


OnRPG: Vindictus is now in Closed Beta for North America. Can we European players expect to pitch in and help out soon?

Nexon Europe recently announced at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany that Vindictus is coming to the European market in the near future.


OnRPG: Source! An engine that has brought us so many quality games. Do its FPS roots help in creating the fast paced combat in Vindictus?

Absolutely. The Source engine has so many great features which help make Vindictus the most action-packed online game ever. Because of the engine’s incredible physics, players will enter a world with completely destructible environments. Just about anything you see on the ground, from boulders to produce, can be used as a weapon; armour can be destroyed and will be seen tearing and cracking and falling from a character’s body. On top of that, the Source engine allowed our development team to develop truly stunning visuals without making the game into a “system hog.”


OnRPG: My computer is probably about four years old at the moment but had no real trouble with the likes of Portal and Left 4 Dead (Other Source games). How do you think I will fare in Vindictus or should our readers be eying upgrades to their machines?

Like I said, and like you have mentioned, the Source engine is really great for creating beautiful games which can run on relatively low specs. I think anybody who can run games like Portal and L4D will be able to enjoy Vindictus. Of course, people with high-end PCs will also still be able to place the visuals of Vindictus alongside some of the more taxing games which they probably bought those PCs for in the first place.


OnRPG: While thinking about the technology behind the game, I had a minor moment of terror. If there’s one thing the engine is good at it is throwing curveballs our way. How is the AI shaping up for Vindictus and should I be ready to wade through waves of horrible critters?

I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises but, yeah, you can expect to come face-to-face with some of your childhood nightmares.


OnRPG: I’m overcome by a sudden urge to beat monsters into a stone pillar with my friends and watch the pieces rain down. When can we hope to get our hands on a launched Vindictus Online?

The launch date hasn’t been announced, but we’re looking to go live later this year. In the meantime, players can visit the official website and check to see if they’ve been chosen for our closed beta, which starts Aug. 10.


OnRPG: Thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us!

Thank you! See you in the game! 

Quake Live Review: There’s Still a Place for Old School

Quake Live Review: There’s Still a Place for Old School
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


Now who doesn’t remember Quake 3? Released in 1999, Quake 3 was embraced by FPS players everywhere, spawning countless tournaments around the world. Who didn’t like Quake 3? The game was more than just your regular FPS in my opinion, with rocket jumps and other cool stuff that is not delivered by most FPSes. Quake 3 will definitely hold a place in our hearts– but why stop there? Introducing Quake Live, an MMO game that lets players relive their Quake 3 memories in the comfort of their web browser (or so they say). When I first heard about this game, I knew I had to try it out. The best part is that the game is free-to-play so I guess you don’t have to pay for a shard of nostalgia, but is Quake Live really as good as its client based predecessor? Let’s see…


Is It Really A Browser Game? Maybe

Upon registering your account, you’ll be prompted to download the necessary plugins in order to play the game. It’s a quick DL, after which you are ready to kick some old school ass. The game still runs on a semi client which launches after you’ve picked your channel using your browser. Once you log in, you’ll be forced to take the in game tutorial in order for Quake Live to gauge your abilities. It’s more of a practice match in my opinion, where you will go head to head with one of the AI bots. There you’ll be taught how to execute mandatory skills such as the rocket jump. It’s up to you whether you want to quit on the spot, but it always pays to learn the moves used by pros.


Know Your Place
Know your place


Know Your Place

Once the game sizes you up, you will be paired with other players who are roughly at the same level. At least you can be assured that won’t get your butt kicked by pro the moment you jump in. Your skill level also goes up as you continue playing, so don’t be surprised when you suddenly find yourself in a pit of godlike players.


Various Game Modes

Much like the original, Quake Live also has a bunch of game modes to choose from. Though the modes aren’t as diverse as most of the FPSes today, they still provide the same Quakey feeling wehad back then. Game modes consist of: Duels, Team Deathmatches, Capture the flag, Clan Arenas, and other revamped versions of the four. The game also has tons of maps (around 24, I think), giving players more diversity as they pew pew all the way.


Game Modes Quake
Various game modes



Remember when you used to play via LAN connection? There’s a reason why I still miss it. One of the issues plaguing the system is, of course, your everyday lag. Since the game is fast paced, it’s quite hard to actually hit a running person when you’re lagging. Developers are currently working on a better hit detection system for the game, so I guess it’s safe to assume that this problem won’t be bothering us for long.


Not For Everyone

If you’re looking for a tactical FPS, then I suggest you stay away from this game. Quake, in comparison to fighting games, would be the one played on super turbo speed. Quake requires players to run around, especially since camping in one place won’t do you much good in this game (unless you want a rocket in your face). To cut things short, this is a game that requires a lot of agile movements. Matches also take no longer than 15 minutes (normally 10), so I guess that sort of gives you an idea how fast the game is.


Rocket Jump
Rocket Jump



It’s quite easy to play solo as the players rarely rely on their allies to save them from certain doom. Even if it’s Capture the Flag, players will not be able to communicate properly (and probably won’t need to, except if they have voice servers) as everything will be too fast for players to strategize. Once the round starts, a player can only depend on himself and trust his teammates to perform adequately.


If you want to play a game that uses the mundane crouch and shoot method then go play something else.



All in all, the graphics are similar to its predecessor. I can’t really dub this game as a browser game as most of the action takes place inside the downloaded client. If I were to compare it to games like War Rock (a pretty old MMO shooter), I’d say War Rock will most likely sweep the floor with Quake’s polygonal models; still, given that this is a classic, it’s quite refreshing to see those polygons explode into bloody pieces again.


The game is also easy to run, allowing low end PCs to get a piece of the action. Are we really surprised? I mean, the game was originally made for those low end PCs anyway XD. The graphics are still acceptable, but will probably trash to those who didn’t experience the original Arena.


The Verdict

I’m not sure if I’ll come off as biased since I really enjoyed Quake 3 Arena. The game really appealed to me, especially due to its free to play nature. It’s a great casual game for people who just want to have fun with gigantic guns and killer weapons that’ll rip your enemies to shreds. The lag really needs some work as I find it really difficult to confirm hits. If you miss the Arena, then this game is for you. As for new players who want to give it a try, it’s free to play, so don’t be afraid to play it! Hell, you might even love it 🙂


– Runs on low end PCs
– Accessibility
– Ranks


– Bullet lag
– Not everyone
– Ugly graphics for modern gaming.

Freejack Starts Open Beta In October

Freejack Starts Open Beta In October


Freejack announced today that its open beta test will begin on Friday, October 1st, 2010 at 13:00 EDT (18:00 BST). Players that sign up for the open beta using Facebook Connect prior to the October 1st start date will be automatically entered into a contest to win an Apple iPad and other great prizes! The FreeJack open beta will be playable for both North American and European players.


Players that sign up for the open beta using Facebook Connect prior to the October 1st start date will be automatically entered into a contest to win an Apple iPad and other great prizes!


“Signing up for a free GamerKraft account was a snap before, but it’s now even easier thanks to Facebook Connect,” said Matthew Denomme, Marketing Manager at Game Bridger Entertainment, “signing up before FreeJack’s open beta start date of October 1st, 2010 will not only grant players access to the open beta for this innovative parkour racing game, but also automatically enter them in this exciting contest!”


All players that connect their GamerKraft and Facebook accounts, and follow FreeJack on Facebook prior to the FreeJack open beta start date, will be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of ten fabulous prizes including: a 16GB Apple iPad, Apple iPods Touch, Sony PSP 3000 systems, and Samsung 12MP digital cameras!

Combat Arms: Smile, You’re On Killer Camera!

Combat Arms: Smile, You’re On Killer Camera!


Players in Nexon America’s Combat Arms can now video record their daring exploits in the free-to-play online first person shooter and immediately download their videos to YouTube to share with the world. As part of the new content update called ‘Operation: Dredge,’ Combat Arms players can, with a push of a few buttons and an account on YouTube, capture video, store it, then upload it.


The video capture capabilities are imbedded into a player’s character information window. Prior to a fire fight, players simply set the video quality levels and format, enter the game, and with a press of a button, capture the destruction and mayhem that makes Combat Arms attractive to more than 4 million players. A quick upload later, and the player can show off amazing attacks, or a fantastic final kill to other soldiers, family and friends.


The video capture capabilities are imbedded into a player's character information window.


Operation: Dredge also brings a new map to the Combat Arms battle zone. The new map, Dredge, is an elaborate system of sewer tunnels below the city in which terrorists have planted bombs. The underground map brings combatants to close quarters, and provides ample hiding places to launch sneak attacks, plant bombs or duck for cover. Players can use a variety of modes in this map, including elimination, elimination pro, one man army, last man standing, capture the flag, spy hunt, search and destroy, and bombing run.


While stalking around the new map, players will notice an updated user interface, or Heads Up Display (HUD). Players are now able to completely turn off their HUD, which will help when capturing video. The new HUD shows off new kill effects and sleek new display features, such as ammo counts for weapons not in use and new map animations of fellow teammates.


As usual, Combat Arms is bringing a set of nasty new weapons to the already bursting number of items in the game’s arsenal. The new guns entering the fray are the family of FS200 weapons. The FS2000 is a bullpup model firearm designed to allow a grenade launcher to be attached. It offers enhanced convenience when firing, as empty cartridges are automatically moved to the muzzle. Players can also enter battle with the exclusive F2000, which is designed for the Special Forces and comes with a high-magnification scope and a cover that provides protection from debris

N.E.O. Online Releases New Map In Major Update

N.E.O. Online Releases New Map In Major Update

After operating for 6 months by now, PlayOMG has just completed a series of content update for N.E.O Online (US version). From permanent mall items, new map release, to translation improvements, N.E.O Online is more then ready to embrace players around the world.


One of the major update in response to players’ request is to adopt permanent travel backpack, bank contract, and permanent mount pet. Quest translation is also modified as well.


N.E.O Online released the new 'Elros' map


On August 26th (PST), N.E.O Online also released the new ‘Elros’ map along with two new instances: ‘Underground Shrine’ and ‘Ormigaruta’. Adventurers will face the challenge from the new evil union, Ant man, and mythical creatures never seen in Gaia before. By the joining force of Ant man, Lizardman, and Angry Moth Goblins, the ancient land of Gaia falls into the greatest danger ever.


In the coming season, N.E.O Online will prepare more events and content update. For players that have been expecting pets with healing and battle skills, your wishes are about to come true! Customization option will also become more versatile for character creation.