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1 EP Only! For Item Lock and Item Unlock!

Recently, the item lock/unlock feature has become a hot topic issue in Eudemons Online. Players have been quick to reply when asked to guess the prospective price of each item.

Figures are varied according to respondents (click here for details), some skyrocketing to as high as 1348 EP! But the truth is that these new items will actually be sold for only 1 EP. This will allow all players to enjoy the added security and peace of mind that comes from having an item locked and subsequently unlocked.

Thank you all for your participation and we hope that you continue to enjoy the game.

Transforming System Comes along with the Dark Valley on April 2nd

After long time testing, the transforming system in Age of Armor, the final version of the transform system is decided, and is ready to be released on April 2nd together with the Chapter II –Dark Valley.

On April 2nd the Dark Valley will welcome its first visitors, and when the three Instance Dungeons are broken through by any teams, all the Bosses in Age of Armors will loot transforming modules, as well as weapons and skill chips which are specially made for transforming system. The styles of transformation are different due to the race, the Nature Human will transform into vehicles, the Enhanced Human can transform into Beast type, and the Neo Human has the ability of transforming into Aero Fighters. Choose the fittest one for your own type, and help this world out of chaos.

Free Exciting Romantic, Age of Armor will grant you the ability of transforming; can you help this world out?

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Reflect upon the colors of life .I.

Reflect upon the colors of life .I.

Elf Online ( is an inclusive society tinted with various colors. Different colors seem represent different styles and tracks. Which true color do you belong to? Look into them and know more about yourself.

Red: Passion and Enthusiasm
It’s a color belongs to the perceptual one who is full of passion and energy all the time. You may sometimes go too farther to please others for the spur of the moment. But it doesn’t matter, you will rebound back soon and stick to the original temper.


Blue: Dispassion and Self-possession
General speaking, the first impression of you may be, obedient and logical. Prudential character makes you wordless but active. You are helpful and warmhearted.

Green: Peaceful and Plain
You may have neither a clear-cut character nor strong charisma, but you obtain an optimistic life view, that is, plain sailing and count your blessings when in adversity.

White: Innocent and Imaginary
Pureness as snow and isolation from the reality make you live in the world of egoism. You pay no concern to the external of chaos and dream away for the illusion.

More colorful information about Elf Online please visit
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Angels Online: Pet System Further Introduction

One of the highlights of Angels Online ( is the unique Pet System which has attracted many players since it was first announced.

Players can ride various cute animals such as turtles, pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the world. During battle, their pets will not only help them to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful.

Today the Angels Online team from IGG is going talk to you in more detail about the Pet System such as Abilities, Pets of different levels, Pet upgrades.

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Tales of Pirates: Special Celebration Events

Tales of Pirates (, a 3D MMORPG from IGG (, will release a series of events to celebrate the release of TOP and Easter.

Here is a brief introduction:
Easter Eggs
The TOP team will continue to offer surprises for players during Easter and Released of Tales of Pirates. TOP GMs will wander around the three main cities and leave Easter Eggs randomly. If players are lucky and smart enough, they can obtain Easter Eggs and even mysterious Pet Eggs.
Hide and Seek
TOP players haven’t played Hide and Seek for a long time we’re sure. Well, now, Hide and Seek is back! The TOP team has also prepared abundant rewards for the sneakiest players.
BOSS Exposition
Although it could be unbelievable, many of the fearsome BOSSES from Tales of Pirates will come. It is an opportunity for players to obtain rare treasures and show off their courage and abilities.
Players can continue to enjoy the Hexathlon which offers an entertaining means of leveling every weekend.
Triple Experience
In order to celebrate its 1st anniversary, the TOP team is offering triple experience for players.
Friend Space
Many players have made good friends because they met in the game world of Tales of Pirates this past year. However, all good things must come to an end. Also this year, many comrades in arms, brothers, lovers, masters and apprentices have parted ways. Friend Space offers an opportunity to reunite these separated players again. Players can log into the Friend Space website on the official TOP website and write their wishes. Then they may be able to find their parted friends.

For more information about these events you can visit the official website of Tales of Pirates:

Dekarrn Open beta starts on April 2nd

In a world enlightened by two moons the battle between light and darkness is about to start…
Are you ready to join the war lasting for millennia?

Dekaron is now ready to step into open beta phase: be ready for it on April 2nd!
Choose your warrior, enter Trieste and help the resistance to win the war!

Run to register to GameTribe! The battle is waiting for you!

Four New Eudemons for Easter!

To celebrate Easter and requite your great contributions, four new eudemons have befallen to Cronus under the will of God. They are:

  1. Vanquisher (Warrior Eudemon)
  2. The vanquisher is a powerful melee combat master, capable of dealing out grievous physical damage.


  1. Scrunch (Warrior Eudemons)

These pack a powerful punch. But perhaps their deadliest weapon is their disarming beauty, which can cause enemies to underestimate them.

  1. Valkyrie (Mage Eudemons)

Versed in black magic these Eudemons are more than willing to unleash havis upon their enemies.

  1. Sizzle (Mage Eudemons)

Armed with the ability to fry their enemies with destructive magic, these Eudemons are forces to be reckoned with!


All four Eudemons are available in the shopping mall next Monday (Mar. 25th), and you can also hunt Vanquisher and Valkyrie eggs by killing monsters! Besides, they all can be appointed as Knights of the Round Table, in the name of Arthur and the will of God!

Angels Online: Surprises in March

With many captivating events going on smoothly, Angels Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG, has attracted more players. In order to give something back to their players’ for their continued support, Angels Online team will be holding some fun-filled events.

Event 1: Lad Jack and Hen

Event Time: From the server maintenance March 20th to the server maintenance April 24th .

Event Background: [Lad Jack] has a hen which can lay an egg every day. However, the hen became weak after an illness and was unable to lay eggs any longer. Lad Jack had to come to the Angel Lyceum and ask for help. The doctor said the hen was malnourished. Hence, Lad Jack hopes that players can help him bring [Feed] for the hen. For more information about the event visit them at:

Event 2: Double Experience

The release of the Double Exp event has been warmly welcomed by players, so Angels Online team has decided to extend the event. During the Double Exp event this weekend, players who belong to the Production classes will be able to obtain 2x Exp when collecting materials, and at the same time their collection and production speed will be increased. For more information about the event visit them at:

Wonderland Online: Easter Egg Hunt

Wonderland Online (, a new MMORPG from IGG (, will be holding a special event—-An Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate the coming Easter. Details of this event are as follows.

Event Content: The Wonderland Online team says that 4 pictures of Easter Eggs have been drawn and hidden on 4 posts in the Wonderland forum ( Players can find them if they are careful enough.

Event Duration: From March 20th to March 25th

The top 10 players who have found Easter Eggs will obtain 500 Karma.
11th to 20th place players who have found Easter Eggs will obtain 300 Karma.
Other players who have found Easter Eggs will obtain 100 Karma

Ask for more information about this event can visit:

Zu Online: A Precious Chance

In celebration of Easter, the Zu Online ( team will be holding the “Caskets Exchange” event. During the event GMs from the 3 factions in the game will exchange Caskets with players.

Event Location: Lotus Palace of Holy City (220, 10)

Event Duration: 9:00pm-9:30pm, EST (GMT-5) March 23rd
9:00pm -9:30pm, EST (GMT-5) March 24th

Event Rules:
1. Form a line waiting to exchange Caskets with the GMs
2. 5 Fortune Caskets = 2 Rich Caskets
3 Rich Caskets = 1 Ace Caskets
3. The 3 GMs’ names are F1, eM, and LemonTree.

Official Zu Online Website: