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RAN Online: Peace! New PVE Finally on

Hello there players!

Don’t you just hate it when people are always prepared to PK you when all you do is just levelling? Don’t you just hate it the fact that they always try to get some items from you by killing you?

We’re pleased to announce that myRosso is going to open a new channel, a Non-PK channel (PVE), on 1st of November 2007! No more worries when you go for levelling next time. Just go anywhere you like without having to figure when the PK time is! Best news of all is, you don’t need to start all over again, and you start off where you left off in the PK channel! PvP/ PvE Role Playing Optional are available.

So, what are you waiting for? Invite more of your friends to come along, enjoy the fun and best of all, play and share together here in RAN Online!

For more details, please visit:

RAN Online Team

Tales of Pirates: Credits for the Legendary Black Dragon Torso

The Black Dragon Torso is one of the greatest items in Tales of Pirates Online ( Now as an extension to the well received “Reputation for Bonus” activity which is still going on, ToP officials have made the mighty Level 75 Boss Equipment available for hardcore players to use their reputation to exchange for it!

Black Dragon Torso is the most important part of the Black Dragon Set. Normally, if pirates want to obtain the Black Dragon Set, they need to untie 20 power seals, including the Flame seal, Wind Seal, Thunder Seal, and Ice Seal. These seals are near the horrifying Black Dragon Altar. The Black Dragon Set not only looks terrific, but also greatly improves attributes and abilities. Once players get the Black Dragon Set, their skills’ power will be improved greatly.

And now, for three lucky players, they can use 19999 reputations to change for it!

For more details about the Black Dragon Torso and the “Reputation for Bonus” activity, you can head over to the ToP official website at

Myth War: Good Idea Zone Open

In order to perfect this classic game, Myth War Online ( has set up a whole new place on the forum for players to share their creative ideas and suggestions, as well as any problems they have with the game.

The GM online activity collection has begun. Players who have wonderful plans for activities can post them in the new zone. Once the suggestions are adopted, players can win a mysterious present.

For more details, please check out:

Halloween Surprises from Zu Online

Ever since the most popular online game of 2007 started its alpha test, we have received many good comments, and are deeply impressed by our players’ enthusiasm. The number of players online has climbed significantly.
In order to return the players’ support and celebrate Halloween, we have prepared a big present for our players. We will give out 100 Gold glowxtals to all players in Zu Online at 02:00am EST (GMT-5) on Oct 30th. (1 glowxtal can be exchanged for 10 glowstones), so players can go to Holy City or Desert City to buy pet eggs from the Pet Master. Those pet eggs include primary eggs, secondary eggs, and advanced eggs and their price vary differently. In order to make your pets grow healthily, you need to buy pet food and pet equipment from the Pet Master. Once you have pets accompanying you, you will find lots more fun in game!

Stay tuned to for more information.

Official Forum-

Who Will Bring the End to the Chaotic World

Future war, experience now! Age of Armor, a chaotic world of future; now seek for a great leader to end the chaos, Earth and Mars, Human beings and super human beings, are all involved in the Armageddon.

In those main war areas, regional conflicts are still on, assassinations and robberies, small group of army assault the cities, things are getting worse and worse, no one here now can control the situation, because they are gifted mech- warriors, they are born to be talent pilots, and born to be fighters, however, they are in need of a great leader, a leader who will bring them to glory, a leader who will end the chaotic age of the universe.

There are already some famous leaders here in the Age of Armor, and they have set up their corps too, they fought, they collecting resources, they are making progresses, but they need more alliances and more enemies; do you want to fight aside or fight against them? Do you want to show your talent in the future Robot war? Do you want to bring new order to this universe?

Be the chosen one or be nothing, you decide it.

Age of Armor, to domain the universe, are you ready?

For more details please visit the official site:
For more friends, please visit the forums:

Tales of Pirates: Costume Design Contest Results

Tales of Pirates ( Costume Design Contest has just ended successfully. Many entries were received and IGG has said that they were very impressed with the players work.
We are happy to have the honor of displaying and sharing all these players hard work.

First Prize:
Blue Dust (Lance) by kryzad

Second Prize
1. Oni Warrior Set [Lance, Ami, Carsise] by Unggs:
2. Mirmidon Armor Finished by Kenshincsv

The players mentioned above will receive their rewards on Thursday. IGG welcomes the rest of you to visit the TOP Media Overview ( to enjoy some of the other inspired designs!

“Seal Online” Closed Beta Testing

Orange County, CA (October 25, 2007) — Today at 5:00pm PDT, servers will open at
YNK Interactive to welcome chosen registrants into the popular MMORPG (massively multiplayer
online role-playing game) for the PC, Seal Online. Until now, the game has hosted
variants in Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and Thailand. But beginning
today, English-speaking fans will get to enjoy the game as well as approximately ten thousand
beta testers converge on the land of Shiltz.

Seal Online launched in February, 2002 in Korea and has since spawned versions in six
other Asian countries. With nearly four million users it has become a mainstay on the charts.
Not a typical MMORPG, Seal Online combines the adventure of searching for riches,
completing quests, and joining with friends worldwide along with a unique “Fame System” (an
increase in reputation based on heroic acts which allows the player to access special items and
bonuses) as well as in-game coupling of characters.

Seal Online will be free to play, with the option of purchasing in-game premium items to
broaden the user experience.

“We are very excited to launch the English version of Seal Online,” said Jun Lee, CEO
of YNK Interactive. “We have taken great care to ensure that the localized version is faithful to
the original.”

YNK Interactive has also announced that there will be “special surprises and spontaneous
events” throughout beta testing, which will run from 5:00pm to 11:00pm PDT on October 25th
and 26th, as well as from 5:00pm on October 27th to 7:00pm on October 31st.

Big Rewards from Zu Online

Since the Zu Online Alpha Test launched on October 25th , IGG has received tons of positive feedback. In order to thank their players, IGG will hold a “Big Rewards” activity this weekend. The Alpha Test Server will be brought down for maintenance at 2:00 EST (GMT-5) October 27th , and they will give their players in Zu world a big surprise, which is 30 gold when the server is back online. To explore the fascinating world of Zu Online please click

Battle Frontline, Ready for Battle

Time to pay a visit to your enemies; do not forget to give your visitors a warm welcome.
First PVP Zone, Battle Planet will release on October 26 2007! Soldiers, get ready for battle!
Remember, this is a PVP zone, it is a Kill on Sight style area, no matter what kind of quest you are completing there, make a party to go, besides, Do neutralize every red names that showed on your screen, remember, your enemies are with same intelligence with you, they may assault you or they may form troops charge you and your teammates, you are on the enemies’ land. However, they will also pay you a visit too, and you can also prepare them a big banquet for welcome, make sure you can use the fittest tactics to complete your quests or stop your enemies from doing so.
Battle planet, tactics before actions, it is the time to test your leadership now!
Age of Armor, wonders come everyday. For more information, please visit the official site:
For more Companions visit the BBS: