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Guild War Trailer Making Contest

TQ is having a Guild War Trailer Contest to allow the players to show their creativity, boast their guild’s strength and highlight the action and adventure involved in guild wars.

The best video will receive an I-pod Nano and DB’s. The top 20 players will receive prizes with the top three being awarded special prize packages.

Additionally, a section of our forum will be dedicated to this contest so that players can discuss video related topics. Please go to to view this page.

For more details about the contest, please refer here:

Good luck and we await your submissions.

June 4th update: a new PvP map to enjoy and new powerful items!

Infinity fans need more challenge? We offer more challenge!

We will release an update of your beloved game Infinity Online on June 4th. This will include valuable items and a new map to fight in, Koel Arena: ring out mode, no limit, pure PvP!

On sale in the item shop, you will find:

  • Hellgaim’s treasure box: this new item give you the chance to get a piece of unique armor (Plate, helmet, shoulder pad or ankle pad). You can buy a general box or a character dedicated one.
      • General boxes can drop a piece of Silver (4 rune slots), Gold (5 rune slots), Dark Iron (6 rune slots) or Crimson armor (7 rune slots) for a random character.
      • Dedicated character boxes can drop a piece of Silver (4 rune slots), Gold (5 rune slots) or Dark Iron (6 rune slots).
    • Silver armor: The Silver set of armor (4 pieces sold separately: Plate, Helmet, Shoulder pad and Ankle pad) will be also available directly from the shop.

Eleventy-Seven Morsels

Turbine, Inc. and Codemasters Online today announced the launch of Eleventy-Seven Morsels, the third mini-game on  Registered participants can challenge themselves and their friends to earn special deeds that unlock unique rewards including exclusive videos, images, and in-game items that will aid them on their journey when The Lord of the Rings Online™: Mines of Moria™ launches this fall.

Based on an ancient board game, Eleventy-Seven Morsels is a Hobbit game, and everyone knows Hobbits like to eat! The game pieces are edible and each time a player starts a move, they suddenly have one less playing piece, conveniently saved for later in the Hobbit’s snack sack. The game is easy to get into and fun to play, but may take time to master.

There are two versions of the game that can be played. A coin flip determines whether the goal is to get the highest number of morsels in your snack sack or in your scoring bin.  Play proceeds as each player takes turns picking up the morsels in one of the pots on their side of the board and distributing the morsels, one at a time, in a clock-wise manner into each of the subsequent pots around the board.  The game ends when either player has nothing but empty pots on their side of the board.  At this time, any morsels remaining on the opponent’s side of the board are placed in the opponent’s snack sack.

“World of Kung Fu” Martial Arts Online Game from VestGame Entertainment Kicks Off Free Item Giveaway for New Players.

Three World of Kung Fu novice cards will be awarded to all players registering a new account with World of Kung Fu, the free-to-play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) set in ancient China. Novice cards can be exchanged for in-game money and items that will make it easy for new players start their journey in the World of Kung Fu.

[Shanghai, May 30, 2008] – It just got a lot easier to start exploring the World of Kung Fu, a virtual world based on the traditional arts and mythology of ancient China. Anyone who registers a new account will receive 3 novice cards that can be exchanged for in-game money as well as for a host of incredible items. Existing players with characters below level 18 are also eligible to receive a free novice card simply by asking one of the friendly World of Kung Fu GameMasters.

Novice cards can be exchanged for a slew of fantastic items including:

Novice Lion Toy – Rise from the dead!  This allows you to revive your character when you die.
Novice Teleport Stone – Handy way to teleport from various locations around the World of Kung Fu.
Novice Iron Tool – Powerful tool needed to collect wood, ore, and herbs.
Novice Experience Charm – Gain an extra 20% experience for 1 hour!
Novice Tai Yi Pill – The most powerful healing in the game; allows full hit point restoration.
Novice Earth Temple – Spontaneous travel to any previously visited city from anywhere in the game: a real time saver.
Novice Renovation Hammer – Repair your broken weapons and armor in the field rather than having to visit a smith. Allows you to get back in the action fast!
Every free novice card is unique. Each card can be exchanged for 2 or more items plus in-game currency. More information about how to exchange your free novice card for items and cash is posted on the World of Kung Fu website at

Zu Online: Draw Your 777 Dollars

Between May and July this year, the Zu Online ( team is offering all Zu Online players the chance to win 777 dollars.

Event Details:

From May 21st to July 15th log into the appointed servers and accept the ‘Rewards for Inner Cultivation’ quest from an Award Giver. When you complete the quest, you will be rewarded for your efforts!

If you are Level 1, you can talk to an Award Giver to take on the ‘Rewards for Inner Cultivation’ quest and then complete it by talking to him. Afterwards, you can talk to him again to accept the ‘Rewards for Inner Cultivation 1’ quest. When you reach Level 10, you can finish the ‘Rewards for Inner Cultivation 1’ quest by talking to an Award Giver.

You can talk to an Award Giver to take on the next stage of the ‘Rewards for Inner Cultivation’ quest only after you have finished the previous level.

The official Zu Online site:

Tales of Pirates: Events for IGGÂ’s Second Anniversary

In order to celebrate the IGG second anniversary, ToP( will be holding a series of events offering all players a chance to enjoy the Olympics in Beijing this summer. Come on and join us!

From June 1st to July 15th, you can take part in the “My Olympic Games” event if you login to the TOP official website and register for an account. All participants have a chance to obtain an Olympic ticket.

Meanwhile, a series of events will be held for all players to enjoy. For more information about the events visit:

Wonderland Online: Avatar & Signature Design Contest

Wonderland Online ( is a new adventure island game brought to you by IGG. One of the most important aspects of WLO is its vibrant player community. These players form bonds of friendship and camaraderie discussing strategy and exchanging tips and tricks in the forum. The best way to be instantly recognizable in this community is to have a unique Forum Avatar and Forum Signature.

Description and Rules:

1. The design of the avatar and signature can be done in any style, but it must be transferred to the computer if done on paper. Styles can include but are not limited to hand drawing, water color or using art software like Photoshop.
2. Works must be related to the game and not concerned with politics, violence or sex. Qualifications can and will be cancelled if this rule is violated.
3. The size of your work must be: Avatar: 90*80 / Signature: 500*100.
4. All works must be original and sent to the appointed event address in the form of an image. Select “Avatar & Signature” as the post’s subject.
5. must be featured in the work somewhere.
6. The final results will be based on player’s votes and IGG officials opinions.
7. Winner’s works will be displayed on the IGG official website for a week.
8. IGG reserves the right to ownership of all works.

Event Location: Event Zone

Event Duration: June 2 — June 17 (GMT-5)

Judgment day: June 18 — June 22 (GMT-5)


Most Creative Award: (3) 7,777gold
Hawaiian Man Voucher
(It can make a Hawaiian Man become your companion)
Most Artistic Award: (3) 7,777gold
Hawaiian Peri Card
(It can make a Hawaiian Peri become your companion)
Excellent Award: (20) 777gold
Dark Chocolate (Increases the pet’s amity slightly)

For more detailed info visit the official website

Patch 5026 Released To Fix Server Instability

We are pleased to announce that Patch 5026 has been released on May 28th, 2008.

Note: Before you install patch, please make sure that you have completely exited the client, or you will fail to update the client successfully.

Download link:
Patch 5025:

Highlights of Patch 5026

To fix the problem of server instability, the account servers of Constellation, Celebrities and Wonders groups have been upgraded.

ChildrenÂ’s Day In-Game Promotion on June 1st

SmartCell Technology is celebrating International Children’s Day on June 1st by offering Shadow of Legend players the chance to receive ten FREE “bonbons” in the game.

The bonbons are items that you can use to recover your character’s health and mana up to 60% – something most players need during dire situations in combat.

Here’s how you can obtain your “bonbon”:

1. Log into Shadow of Legend on June 1st.

2. Find the “Event Envoy” NPC at either of these coordinates. Depending on your camp, your coordinates will be:
Union: Sanwennesia (721, 1157)
Chaos: GreyRock Castle (393, 907)

3. Speak to the “Event Envoy” and you shall receive your ten FREE bonbons.

4. The bonbons are bound, which means they cannot be traded or sent through your in-game mail.

Don’t miss out on this one-day only event! In the meantime, SmartCell hopes you’re enjoying the new update.

– The SOL Team