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Fung Wan

By Onrpg

Fung Wan is truly, in almost every way, a Dark Age of Camelot clone. Problem is: They do nothing as well as Mythic did with DAoC.

Visuals aren’t that impressive. Everything is modeled in 3-D, but they are painfully generic. Character models fail to excite, environments are less than thrilling, animation poorly done, and the enemies look just plain stupid.

Now I can forgive any game’s ugly graphics if the gameplay is good. Fung Wan’s gameplay is horrible. It takes unGodly amounts of exp just to level up. And the busted skill system makes character development hit-or-miss. Combat itself is yet again a rip from DAoC, and not fun at all.

The sounds are pretty good, but graphics and gameplay like this make it really hard to care about anything within the game.

I hope Phoenix makes some drastic changes before this game goes P2P. Because releasing the game as-is would be the equivelent of making people P2P ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ at a birthday party.

The 4th Coming -Updated

By Onrpg

The 4th Coming (or T4C) is a 2d/3d online rpg. Most servers are P2P (or Pay to Play) but I have found one that is not p2p at all. The server is called Xavus, and I have had nothing but fun while playing there.

I gave this a perfect score. There are tons of things to do. There’s a whole bunch of quests, and in those quests will determine rather you join the good/evil side. So after you’ve completed all of the “Good” quests on one character, you can make a new one and do the “Evil” quests. This should take about 2 years so you dont have to worry about being bored!
COMMUNITY: **** 1/2
Most of the community are very nice people. High leveled mages will “spell” you (Or charge you up.) All you have to do is ask. However, there are a few people that will just ignore you, but what would an MMORPG be without people like them? The staff is very nice and helpful as well and not corrupt.
GRAPHICS: **** I gotta say for an old game, the graphics are pretty impressive. I think they could’ve done a little better on the player models though, but I’m not one that believes that graphics make the game, it’s all about the gameplay.
SOUND: *** 1/2
The sound is pretty good, but it may get annoying after a little while. That’s cool though, because there’s a different sound for every type of area.
SKILLS/LEVELING UP: ***** Perfect Score. It don’t take an eternity for a new level (if your charged anyway) and there’s tons of spells/skills to choose from. You can get warrior skills as well as mage spells.
FEATURES: **** 1/2
Almost perfect! There’s magery, tons of quests, evil/nonevil, things to look forward to like Seraphing (getting wings) and there’s also player vs player combat. The only thing that’s missing IMO is things like Blacksmithy, Tailoring, etc. But it’s not really needed nor wanted.
OVERALL: **** T4C is a very fun game with a large and friendly community. I think you should all go get it now, and catch me ingame under Octavious. See you there!


By Onrpg

First, I cant really review this much, as its in closed beta. But from what I’ve read I will review this. This is a MMORPG, and has a price per month. You should get the first month free. First let me say, my favorite part of this that looks good is building a town. Then once that happens you can build walls and guard towers to keep the undead away.

Most of what you will be fighting are undead and elements. (more will be introduced)
There using the Intrinsic Alchemy engine for the graphics. The graphics look good so far. There is no PVP at all, its all PVM. (just a warning) People who build towns on the frontier will most likely have part of there town taken over by the undead.

Now, there are the races you get to choose at the startup screen. And races you can free then play as them. The most looked forward race to play is, the dragon. Of course, that as its down sides to. It will be harder to play in the beggining, as they count use weapons or armor, and they wont be able tof it in them places the other races can. Later on they will be able to morph into a smaller size, also dragons will grow and later on you will become an ancient dragon who can craft powerful items for your character to make him grow bigger.

Other races are Humans, Fiends, Dwarves, also being developed are. Elves, Dark-Elves, Goblins, Orc, Saris, Sslik, Dryads, Half-Giants and Gnomes

This is all for my review for now, I will post more for Horizons later. Over all this game looks great also sounds great, and the people in the closed beta like it. I give this a 9/10.

Nova 1492 A.R

Nova 1492 Arms Revolution is one of the most addictive games i’ve ever played. It has amazing graphics if you a looking out for games with cool graphics. This is a strategy game. You have to earn money by accomplishing quests, then use it to buy parts for your robot which you are going to create. There are different types of quest, and each of them will reward you with different things when you finish it. For example, the “Defend Your Base for 5 Minutes” quest will give you a lot of money once you finish it compared to other quests. You can also gain Luck by playing the “Kill the Enemy Boss” quest and use the luck you have earned to buy parts. If you are lucky, you might get a “star item” which has bonus statistics. You can also challege other people. Anyway, if you are into 3D robot strategy games, you should definitely try this game.

I have played this game for quite sometime and I still have not got tired of this game. One problem is that, it’s in Korean only, so you might have some trouble understanding the game.


By Onrpg

On of the most hardcore BBS Ever created. This game is a stand alone web browser game wich enable an unlimited number of players. Guild and rings are allowed. It’s really hard to start at this moment of the year, so wait until it restarts. This will happen anyway.

Pros: The graphic side of the game is wonderfull and the inimaginable quantity of items makes the game unique. There’s now a lot of servers and one nice thing about this is, that the goal is not only to beat up every players but to destroy tera. That means that if you aredare enough, you can try to litteraly destroyu the server wich would significate the end of the game ! That’s really interesting you’ll see.

Cons:The game is too hard to start after the few days of the restart. And this year, they changed a part of the interface wich makes it less beautifull. And thoses darn popups makes the game slow and frustrating. The tutorial are undescriptible !

Total. This game got a 8/10 from me ‘cos of the beauty that really kicks. It’s a real piece of art. But the game is not perfect. Even thoses it’s a must see in the domain of text-based.

Someone cannot claim beiing a good BBS player with having a simple idea of this game.