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Priston Tale: Wicked Interactive Announces Halloween Event Plans And Packages For Priston Tale

Starting Today–Trick or Treat Item Drops, An Undead Raising Weekend Event and Special Item Shop Offers–In Honor of Halloween

Wicked Interactive, a North American MMO publisher, today announced its special Halloween plans for Yedang Online’s popular MMORPG, Priston Tale. Priston Tale is celebrating the spooky holiday with Pumpkin Candy item drops, an “Undead Raising” weekend event and special item shop Halloween Packages. All events start today, October 31st, and continue for one week.

Trick or Treat Pumpkin Candy Event
The “Trick or Treat: Pumpkin Candy event” in Priston Tale starts today, October 31st. Players need to be on the lookout for pumpkin candy dropped from monsters in the game. The pumpkin candies will hold special and unique items including Gold packages, Silver packages, Mana re-charging potions, Vampiric Cuspids, Sheltom Forces, Teleport Cores, Mana Potions, Skeleton, Chaos, and Inferna Crystals and more.

Undead Raising Weekend Event
The “Undead Raising” event begins today, October 31st, and will last for the whole Halloween weekend. Throughout the weekend Ghosts, Skeletons and other undead creatures will appear on irregular maps in the game. No one is safe! They can appear anywhere at any time. In high level maps starting from the Railroad of Chaos, Mini Dark Specters will wander throughout. And look out for some good loot as the Mini Dark Specters will drop lots of gold and sheltoms for high level players.

Halloween Item Shop Sales and Packages
In addition to the free events above that are open to all players, those wanting an extra boost at Halloween can go to the Priston Tale item shop for some special Halloween package offers and a sale on Costumes. All Awesome/Beautiful Party Costumes (those that last 7 days) are reduced from 2000 cash to 1000 cash and All Awesome /Beautiful Party Costumes (30 days) are reduced from 7000 cash to 5000 cash. The sale starts today and continues for one week.

In addition, a new Halloween Package will be added to the item shop starting today and will be available for one week. The package includes 5 random items and a 10% chance to receive a 6th item. It is priced at 2900 PT Cash.

The first random item the player will receive will either be a Vampiric Cuspid (Once used last for 3 hours) or Mana Recharging Potion (3 hours). The second random item will either be a Rebirth Scroll or Third Eye (1 day). The third random item: will consist of 5 of either the Chaos Crystals, or Skeleton Crystals. The fourth random item will either be 10 Firecrackersor 5 Teleport Cores and the fifth random item will include 5 of one of the following: Transporo Forces, Radient Forces, Murky Forces, or Devine Forces.

The sixth random bonus item is a 10% chance to receive either a Phoenix Pet (3 hours), or Aging Stone.

Chronicles of Spellborn: Lively soundscapes of a great adventure

Soundscapes trailer for The Chronicles of Spellborn showcases immersive atmosphere

Action and bloody combat is not everything – particularly not in an online-roleplaying game. Sometimes you need to lean back, take a walk in the forest, watch leaves falling down, listen to the birds or just stare at the skies above you. It’s atmosphere that sets a great game apart from a normal one.

To showcase the vibrant and bustling soundscapes of The Chronicles of Spellborn, publisher and developer are today releasing a soundscape trailer of the start region in the game called Hawksmouth. Sit back, turn up the volume, listen carefully and enjoy this one here.

The Chronicles of Spellborn will be released on November 27th in Europe and North America.

Voyage Century: Raiding Ships Show

Last time, the folks at Voyage Century talked to us about armed ships, this time they are going to be talking about different levels of raiding ships.

Generally speaking, a raiding ship does not have the same large capacity as a merchant ship, nor does it have the same high attack power as an armed ship. It is a combination of these 2 kinds of ships.

Level 1 raiding ship: Requires little material and money to build, and has a streamlined body. A unique feature of this ship is the lateen sails it’s equipped with, which enable it to maintain a relatively fast speed even when against the winds.

Level 2 raiding ship: Looks like a seabird flying against the surface of the sea. After being upgraded, this ship has an extra sail in the front, which offers it a bit more horsepower. Players with Level 2 raiding ships will definitely be able to explore more secret areas and to find the findings in the vast ocean.

Level 3 raiding ship: Players who have it must have a good understanding of the Treasure Hunter class, and also have found the findings near the newbie city. With its stability and speed, this ship is great for exploring the vast ocean. Sometimes it can also help you earn some money by running errands for a merchant fleet.

If you are a veteran player, do these little ships remind you of the old times? Take a trip down memory lane and take one out for a spin, you might be pleasantly reminded of how good they are.

To see the ships, please visit the Voyage Century screenshot gallery.

7Million Online

In 7Million players take the role of a clever gentleman thief executing spectacular heists. 7Million has no violence and combat to speak of, nor thousands of skills, tables and repetitive monsters. Instead it is all about the player, not some abstract character class. Success comes with speed and dexterity, resourceful tactics and clever planning.

The game offers a number of new game mechanics and content and a fresh setting within the MMOG genre. Every action in the game is resolved by playing one of several various mini games – from cracking a safe to dueling other players. 7Million offers a world that looks beyond levels to things like reputation, coolness, leadership or popularity, defining the player as much as the character.

Be it top-secret spy missions, a search for a missing person or the spectacular heist which brings the world’s most valuable diamond into the character’s hands, Paradise City offers a wealth of opportunities for players. But there is more: Duels with other characters, regular tournaments and specially designed social quests guarantee that there is always enough to do for any player type.

The game takes a light-hearted approach to the genre, occasionally poking fun at genre stereotypes. And even people who normally cannot afford the time to play an MMOG will find the opportunity to play – many missions can be played in sessions of below 15 minutes alone or with a friend – even just dropping in for a quick session can be rewarding.

The game can be played for free even to the highest levels. Players may buy tools, accessories and clothes to help them succeed in their endeavors or just allow them to create their own individual attire. True enthusiasts may want to join the VIP Club for a monthly fee, which allows them to enjoy some special perks.

In 7Million community means more than just a chat window – it is part of the game experience. The specially designed social quests are missions that can only be solved by interacting with other characters. Furthermore there are attributes which will be determined as much by a player’s actions as by what other players think of him or her. And of course players may band together to form gangs and help each other master the challenges of Paradise City.

Splash Fighters International

SplashFighters is… Whether you have five minutes or five hours, whether you’re a beginner or a master, SplashFighters is an online no-holds-barred 3D action game for everyone!

SplashFighters is an online 3D fighting game. You’ll need lightning reflexes, for not only can you be attacked from all sides, but from above as well! Players can choose from 100,000 different fighting styles. Accessories are added to offer even more variety!

Up to eight people can play over the Net. Even if your opponents are strong, you still stand a chance if you make use of items!

You can change your character’s appearance at any time with the editor. From body parts to the duds your character sports, you have complete control over your character’s image!


Zu Online: Level 6 Epic Item Sets

Zu Online version 1.5.06 has seen its popularity explode with the release of many new features, especially Level 6 Epic Item Sets. Players are now able to create Level 6 Epic gear using the related materials gathered from fighting BOSSes, Fortune Caskets, and more. Level 6 Epic gear not only has awesome stats, it also shines brightly all the time.

Sun Warrior
Truth Set
Many years ago, an apprentice Sun Warrior had an epiphany to be a great master. He thought about the power of Buddha which blazed like the burning sun. Ten years later, the Chief of the Sun Warriors dreamt about the apprentice. He was wearing the Truth Set and surrounded by white light. He said he had obtained the power of Buddha and he would leave the power in the Truth Set for future generations.

This pestle is imprinted with the face of an enraged beast. It radiates the light of fire and ice. Even the toughest devils dare not face it. That is why it is considered one of the best weapons.

Glimmering Set
There was a strange beast that lived deep in the sea by swallowing hellfire. It was constantly surrounded by a green fire that boiled the surrounding water. Ordinary people would die at once when getting close to it. One day, a talented Moonmaiden killed it and made its skin into the Glimmering Set.

Flying Moonblade
The Flying Moonblade is an azury sharp blade like a bow. It was made from the feather of an azury peacock in the sky.

Trinity Set
The Trinity Set is made from the blessed trinity fire and enables the wearer to be pure of heart and free from desire. However, it also grants the wearer the ability to know everything in the world and the sense of justice to fight the evil in us all.

Tri-Core contains heaven fire and the power of immortal beings.

Bead Fairy
Aura Set
There is an empty desert beyond the earth. Above the desert, there is colorful aura. The auras are indistinct but they lie across the heaven and earth. A patient Bead Fairy gathered the auras day by day and transformed them into lines with the power of her soul. At last she wove the lines into the Aura Set. By wearing the set, the wearer is protected by the auras gathered from the empty desert which keep devils away.

Sea Bead
Rumor says the Sea Bead was made from the tears a Bodhisattva dropped to the North Sea for the disasters in the northern zones.

Setting Sun Set
Only one, who feels cool when being burnt by the fire of the setting sun, is able to finish creating the Setting Sun Set.

Souled Scorpion
The flag of this weapon is made from ghostly ape bones and the handle is made from venomous scorpion tails. It is so poisonous that even the strongest devils dare not approach it.

To see the armor sets, please vist the Zu Online Screenshot Gallery.

Enjoymmo Games: Halloween Celebration

Halloween is almost upon us, keeping this in mind we have decided to join the fun! On the one epic day every year where ghosts and ghouls come out to play, Enjoymmo Games has chosen to keep with Halloween tradition by releasing Special events for Magic World Online, Phoenix Dynasty Online, and Legend of Golden Plume. Each game will have different events at different times so check out the schedule below and come join us!

Magic World Online:
October 31st – All day
We have modified the Level 1 Pandora Box to give out Transmutation stones at a higher rate, allowing players to turn into NPC’s and Monsters alike.

Phoenix Dynasty Online:
October 31st – 9:30pm and 10:30pm (PST)
GMs will appear in Phoenix Village, sending free pumpkin hats as the gifts for Halloween; all the players coming to the site will receive the gift. In addition, we will double the item drop rate in the following week to your gain!

Legend of Golden Plume:
October 30th – November 1st (PST)
Collect as many candies as you can. During the event time, all monsters will drop Jack’s Candy and Jack’s Cookie at a certain rate. Every 5 minutes, you have 30% chance of meeting with a “Trick-or-treater“. Give him his favorite candies or cookies, and he’ll give you a big surprise, or he is going to follow you everywhere until you enter Golden Plume City.

Myth War II: NPC Manual #2

After talking about NPCs in the Sky Passage, today the Myth War Online team has decided to make a comprehensive introduction to NPCs in Woodlingor where the real adventure begins.


Built on the legends of the nature-loving elves, the city of Woodlingor has the same peace and tranquility and amazing eco-attractions. Many species of plants bloom under the full sun. Here you can find places to buy gear, store your valuables, relax and get juicy gossip and approach the local government. There are more than 30 NPCs here. Woodlingor is governed by a five-member council with members elected at large.

Ilunga: Lansquenet Official
Rarus Continent residents are inclined to think that Ilunga is a war-loving psycho because of his obsession with extreme fighting. Over the past 900 years, he and his army have never stopped fighting to fulfill the dream of imperial rule in Rarus Continent. He, with his knowledge of the killing arts, fatal spells, black magic and robot application, has killed all those in his path. Among all NPCs, such a man like Ilunga that specializes in martial skills and spell casting is rare. It is said that he is cracking a proficiency acquisition book to learn skills used to open the legendary Pearl Gate.

Function: Give players more skill-based challenges.


Cardillo: Whisperor
Rumor Scrolls, those bits of parchment spreading rumors of deeds done are a unique feature on Rarus Continent. Whisperors are the legal owners of these scrolls. Cardillo is the only Whisperor in Woodlingor. However, reveal his real identity to discover he is the president of the Shapeshifting Development Association. Shapeshifting potions they developed gave him a human avatar.
Function: Helps players spread rumors.


Melinda: Nurse
As the best health care expert in Whisperor, Melinda will strike you with her impeccable taste and sharp insight. She may not be the most gifted, but her exceptional diligence has helped bring out her talents. She believes she will be paid well for her hard work.
Function: Restores players’ HP and MP.


Ignis: Hunter
Ignis is famous for his ugly-looking scar received while in brutal combat with the Beastmen army during a hunt. He used a veil to cover his scar but ended up with more attention, so he has given up on trying to hide his scar.
Function: Gives players quests to train pets.

Elder of Faith: Cervantes
Cervantes works in the Elders Zone and is one of the 13 Oracle Messengers. He knows everything about almighty spell power. Although he hates to fight, he has mastered the secrets of boosting combat potential which is a way to be reborn.
Function: Gives players plot-driven quests.

NCsoftÂ’s Lineage II Expansion Dramatically Speeds Up Character Progression

Gracia Part 2 adds new hunting grounds and continues significant improvements to character advancement

NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, today announced the release of Gracia Part 2, the newest addition to the popular Lineage® II franchise. The expansion is free to all Lineage II subscribers. Building on systems introduced in the first Gracia expansion, this update helps players advance their characters and achieve their goals faster than ever before.

Gracia Part 2 offers a variety of new challenges to players of all levels, including the Labyrinth of the Abyss, a new section of the Kamaloka hunting area. The Labyrinth of the Abyss is a multi-tiered cavern where players in a private party battle through monsters and bosses to earn valuable rewards and experience.

This update also introduces Kratei’s Cube, where players simultaneously fight against monsters and each other for bragging rights and special items. Contests run every half hour, twenty-four hours a day. Here players work through a maze of interconnecting rooms, slaying monsters and players alike in hopes of achieving renown and glory. Kratei’s Cube is the first solo player versus player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvE) arena in Lineage II.

The popular Vitality System, which allows for faster character progression, has been enhanced with the Vitality Replenishing Herb. Taking the Vitality Replenishing Herb, which some monsters drop when defeated, will keep the player from expending their current Vitality Points. While under the influence of this powerful herb, players even regain Vitality Points for each defeat. Now players can advance their characters significantly faster than ever before.

“The Gracia series of updates add features that literally change the way Lineage II is played,” said Sam Han, producer of Lineage II for NCsoft West. “We are polishing the player experience, enhancing character development and increasing the fun factor significantly for our players. The community feedback on these changes has been overwhelming, and there is still more to come.”

Gracia Part 2 is a continuation of a three-part story about Gracia, a forbidden land where players face their innermost fears through a series of inter-dimensional and dream-like areas.
Lineage II is known as the gaming market’s premier player-versus-player (PvP) online role-playing game, with a customer reach of more than 19 million players worldwide.
The Lineage II 4th Anniversary Edition pack is now available at retail.