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Voyage Century: Latest Screenshots

The most advanced weapons yet, have now been released in Voyage Century Online ( in the new edition—Doom Treasure. Now four screenshots are available for viewing as below:

The strongest blade in the new edition—t he Double-edged Bone Blade and the male flame phoenix suit

The best battle-axe in the new edition— the Cutting Sky Battle-axe

The best gun and suit in the new edition— the Fatal Cross Gun, Male Dragon Scale Suit.

The strongest Warblade in Doom Treasure — the Giant Bone Warblade

For more screenshots, please visit the official site:

Myth War: New Year Activities

To celebrate the beginning of the New Year we have decided to launch a special holiday promotion. It will commence on the 1st of January and will last for about one month.

Ancient Egg Activity
Event Duration: from 0:00 PM 1st 23:59 AM 5th, Jan.
Contents of the Event: During this event the player must get ancient Egg and hatch it. Then they must follow a series of procedures from baptizing it to getting it blessed and so on. Only player with a level above 30 are qualified to participate.
Rewards: Christmas Pets, Deity Pet, Character and Pet Experience, Mystical Fruit, Gem, Essence and Armor of Dreams.
For more information, please click here:

Pet Fighting Month
Event Duration: every weekend from 5:00PM during January
Contents of the Event: During January, every weekend from 5:00pm,players can join in the pet fighting game with their pets in Desert City Hall.
Rewards: The final winner will be rewarded with 100 integrals and an Evil Egg.
To get more about the fighting details, please visit the official site at:

Get what you are Event
Event Duration: everyday from 4th Jan. to 6th Jan.
Contents of the Event: Players who use the Shape Shifting Potion for the announced pet and is the first one to find the hiding GM and join in their party will win the named pet.
Rewards: The pet that the GM has chosen.
Please visit our official site for the details of the event.

Angels Online: New YearÂ’s Gifts

As New Year is fast approaching, Angels Online ( team is preparing mystic gifts for all of our little angels. Those players who are above level 10 and who log into the game during the period from 0:00 am Jan. 1st 2008 to 0:00 pm, Jan.7th 2008 will find 4 surprising gifts given by the official.

IGG sincerely appreciate all players’ support for Angels Online. The amazing success of this game is totally down to the tireless support you have given us. Hopefully our gifts can go some way to express our gratitude. So here’s looking forwards to a New Year in the land of Eden and many more exciting adventures!

For more information please visit the official site at

Elf Online Open Beta Version Released

Elf Online Open Beta Version Released
Hapymmo is pleased to announce the release of the latest Elf Online client version yesterday.
Elf Online is a kind of 2D online game which exploited by Happy MMO only. It adopts the popular internet culture of “spoof” as its main style and possesses a subversive innovation system featuring trick and love, etc. All these funny elements make ELF Online a brand new game. It perfectly interprets a characteristic online game beyond others for players.

In the Open Beta version, Elf Online team has made proper change according to player’s suggestion during close beta.

New ingame event have been added to the game.
Christmas Events are available.
New trick items was added
New fireworks and Christmas background music was added
New rare pets available
Map names has been changed in to English
Some unmatched item name have been fixed
Some text error have been fixed

Zu Online: New Year Events Preview

IGG Zu Online Team ( will be holding a series of New Year events.

1. Robbers’ attack
Time: Jan 1st, 2008 — Jan 10th,2008
Content: A group of robbers have plundered the Earth God’s treasures. During the activity period, 10 robbers, with their leader, will turn up in the city from 8:00 pm every day. Players will be rewarded for defeating the robbers and recapturing the Earth God’s Treasure Sack and the Earth God’s Universe Sack.

2. New Year Gift
Time: Jan 1st, 2008 — Jan 10th,2008
Content: Players who have reached level 30 can receive a New Year gift box from Zilong: Saint. All they need to do is; right click the gift box to initiate the quest, complete it and obtain the reward. This can be done once a day only.

3. Join the New Year Kaddish
Time: Jan 1st, 2008 — Jan 10th,2008
Content: Players can receive funny headwear and wonderful candy from Zilong: Saint in Holy City or Desert City while in a team. Once a day only, though! (Wonderful candy can be exchanged for the Hearthstone at the Flight Master’s house)

4. Double Exp
Time: Jan 1st, 2008 — Jan 10th,2008
Content: Players can obtain the blessing of double exp from the Award Giver in Holy City or Desert City.

5. Surprising discount
Time: EST 8:00 am Dec. 24th, 2007– EST 8:00 am Jan 10th, 2008
Content: If you buy 100 points, you can get an extra 20 points for free.

6. Special promotion in Item Mall
Time: Dec 28th, 2007 – Jan 3rd, 2008
Content: The Item Mall will hold a special promotion for players.

7. Fireworks on sale
Time: From Dec 28th, 2007
Content: Fireworks will be on sale in Item Mall from Dec 28th. They are not only gorgeous, but also display greetings when they are let off. Don’t hesitate to buy them.

For more please visit the official website:

Angels Online: New Server Launch

The Angels Online ( open Beta test has already brought thousands of players to enjoy the adventure. And due to the outstanding response IGG will be opening a new server “Nisroc” on the 27th of December after the scheduled routine maintenance.
The entire Angels Online team would like to thank everyone for their amazing enthusiasm and wish everyone a magical Christmas and an enchanting new year.
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RAN Online Event: The Depressed Santa

Event Title: The Depressed Santa

Event Date:
19/12/2007 after Server Maintenance until 03/01/2008 before Server Maintenance

Event Storyline
HO~HO~HO~ Merry Christmas Everyone! Santa Claus is coming to Campus this Year!!

After knowing the news, all students are so excited and happy. They can’t wait to get their presents from Santa ^^ and have a joyful Christmas Day. Unfortunate happened! While Santa is away, naught little elves go out to play and they are now missing together with those Christmas gifts.

Gosh! The Santa was worried and depressed. Let’s help the heartbroken Santa to find back little elves and lost Christmas presents, so that everyone can enjoy their gift on this joyous season!

Tips and Hints:

Defeat the Christmas Elf which hides inside the (Fate Box) to get a Christmas Ticket [15D]

Collect 15 Christmas Ticket [15D] and exchange for Board Costume Box [7D] with Santa, who located at Market Place.

For more event details:

See What your Excalibur is in Elf Online

See What your Excalibur is in Elf Online

Edged tools and weapons in Elf Online are no longer shining with golden lights nor with grands. What you are expected to get may be a kitchen fruit knife, sanitary ware or even mummy’s cloth rack. Laught at their humble names? Please not, to your surprise, these are usually the “Excalibur” for players. Fighting with evil demon in your gilet pants and sandles. Yeo, every thing is possible in Elf Online.
Now, that’s have a quick look at these “Excalibur”.
For more details, please visit our official site

Myth War: XÂ’mas Discount Details

To celebrate 2008 New Year coming, Myth War official team ( will be holding some special discount for all players, and wishes you a merry Christmas and happy new year in Myth War.

Promotion Event
Event Duration: Midnight EST Dec 24th to 23:59 EST Dec 26th
Event Contents: From Midnight, Dec 24th to 23:59 Dec 26th, all of the goods in the Item Mall (Except for the “Buy One Get One Free” items) will be 20% off.
For more information, please click here:

Item Mall User Appreciation 2007
Event Duration: Time for exchanging integrals: The day after EST Jan 1, 2008. players can log into the official website on EST Jan 5, 2008 to find out when they can obtain the appointed rewards.
Event Contents: Besides obtaining points, players can also be appointed rewards if their total consumption reaches appointed requirements on 2007 (Midnight Jan 1st—23:59 Dec 31st).
Rewards: Aurora Lion, Chocolate, Devil Egg, Armor+13, AOD (Diadem of Serenity+3)
To get more details, please visit the official site at:

Angels Online: Item Mall Opening for Celebrating Christmas

Operated by IGG, the closed test of Angels Online ( began on the 3rd of December this year. And during these three weeks we have seen a steady increase in its popularity. It seems that there are many more Little Angels out there waiting to be discovered…

The Angels Online Item Mall has been formally opened on December the 20th, after the routine maintenance on the servers. In the Mall you will find exclusive Christmas sets, classical clothes and many other enchanting things. Players can enjoy unlimited shopping. But wait, now that the Pet System has commenced you will also be able to buy all kinds of cute and useful Pet Items as well.

We wish to send our Christmas wishes to all of our Little Angels and their friends and families. May Santa bring them everything that they wish for!

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