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SWTOR: A New Hope to end 2011

Star Wars The Old Republic: A New Hope to end 2011

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away a new story is written and told in The Old Republic, developed by BioWare. SWTOR takes place 300 years after the events of the Knights of the Old Republic series and roughly more than 3,500 years before the Star Wars films. This long anticipated game by fans and gamers was released on December 20th and players got to step into their favorite faction to battle against each other in untold stories involving the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire. I was one of the lucky people to get in early and I will be giving you a closer look into my experiences so far.



I am a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and have played every released game up until now and watched the very known trilogy multiple times already. After the brilliant KOTOR series I had a lot of faith in the release of SWTOR, and I personally was not let down.


Why fix it if it ain’t broke?

This is a line most people have already heard and Bioware took it to heart. BioWare didn’t like to take chances and created their beloved game with the most common MMORPG controls in popular games today. Many people out there have been quite critical that they didn’t try something knew but from my experience what is there works wonderfully. In fact it feels more polished than most games to be released this year and quite a few that have been out for years already.



When creating your first class you get the choice between 4 classes in each faction; each of these classes get the choice between 2 advanced classes around the level of 10 when leaving your first planet. These advanced classes are both very different from each other and thus give the possibility to play 16 unique classes. I chose to start off as a Sith inquisitor and followed the unique storyline with great anticipation. Replayability is unusually high in Star Wars due to each class having their own path to follow. It’s odd to say story differentiates one MMORPG from another but this is exactly where Star Wars breaks the mould.



Because each class has a different background story and quest line you will have separate rooms and locations just for one specific class which the others cannot enter. My Sith inquisitor started off as a slave and had the dream to become one of the best assassins in the Academy. I joined up with my new master and other pupils to get the first mission so I could show my awesome skills in combat. Unfortunately my master didn’t like the cocky answers I was giving, and I immediately found out the importance of the choices you could make in conversations. Every player has multiple options to say in a conversation and sometimes you get the choice between light and dark. If you choose between light and dark you will earn special points that will affect your character and characteristic details. You will also unlock special gear, weapons and light crystals depending on what side you chose.




In this world of light sabers, lightning shocks and laser beams there is still discussion about whether the graphics are good looking or not. Now I am a real graphics person when it comes to online games and I really hate to play a game where the graphics are terrible and the gameplay doesn’t make it up for it. SWTOR is a game that isn’t made specifically for its graphics but for its gameplay and you can easily see that in the full release of this game. Even though the graphics aren’t top notch, they still shine and feel thematically appropriate. Because SWTOR is a MMORPG BioWare has chosen to lower the graphics down to ensure the game reaches the largest possible playerbase. More subscriptions after all ensures more content updates and greater enjoyment for all. Though I will note they paid special attention to detail when crafting the background in this game. You will see many objects such as planets or large spacecraft flying by and if the player gets to the planet Nar Shaddaa you will see a city that never sleeps.



To play this game you will need the following minimum computer specifications:

Star Wars: The Old Republic can be played on Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7.

Your computer should have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better, and an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or better.

Your computer’s RAM should be as follows: for Windows XP: 1.5GB, and for Windows Vista and Windows 7: 2GB. For PCs using a built-in graphical chipset, 2GB RAM recommended.

Your computer’s graphics card should be ATI X1800 or better, nVidia 7800 or better, or Intel 4100 Integrated Graphics or better.

NOTE: Minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM and Shader 3.0 or better support.



Many of you might have read my articles about SWTOR in the previous weeks and learned about the crafting possibilities and intricate economy. This of course is closely tied in with the companion system as you can choose up to 3 crew skills for your companion to assist you with. You can let all your companions run missions to earn you experience and gold as well as upgrade your chosen crew skills upon successfully completing a mission. Since you can only have one companion by your side while doing missions and quests you can let the others gather around resources or let them create items and equipment.



If PvP is more your style then you can do warzones alone or with your friends to earn experience and money. I myself got really addicted to these warzones since they require teamwork and some skill in order to win. After doing a few warzones I got to know 3 other players that were big fans of warzones as well. After a while we decided to group up (groups consist of 4 players) and join the warzones together to have a bigger chance of winning them. We didn’t know each other at all but yet it felt like we have been knowing each other for ages and we have only lost one single game out of 100 (editor’s note: Proxzor does not sleep) which is actually a very nice record. It earned us quite a few bucks to spend also and while doing PvP you will earn commendations and marks where you can buy items and equipment with to help you level up. This system is excellent for MMORPG players that normally shy away from PvP due to its inefficiency in building their character as the rewards for PvP are plentiful.




If you are a big fan of the Star Wars franchise or you are just seeking out a RPG with a great community then Star Wars The Old Republic is definitely a game for you. I myself have been grown up with the KOTOR games when they first came out and BioWare really shows the same quality with SWTOR. This game has everything for every player to do and some of the planets are recreated in amazing detail. Every planet has its own scene and story and these are quite interesting to follow through. I’ve done every side quest I’ve come across just to find out what happens next with the residents of each world. There are also untold stories that you can find involving around some known characters from the KOTOR series. BioWare has made a great title to be proud of straight from launch, and I see this game having a bright future. To those who are already enjoying SWTOR, may the force be with you.



Graphics – 3.5 Although its up to debate whether the graphics stand up to the industry standards of 2012, I would say that what SWTOR lacks in graphical power it makes up for with great environmental aesthetics.

Controls – 4 The controls are nothing new in SWTOR but why fix it if it ain’t broke?

Features – 5 There are a lot of features that can keep you occupied for hours and they are put together so well that your experience bar progress will become an afterthought. Every player also gets his or her own spaceship where you can do several missions or just visit with your companions for some NPC chit chat.

Customization – 5 There are a lot of options to choose from, be it light or dark, classes choices, class upgrades, storyline decisions, companions, or just general character looks.

Community – 5 The entire team behind this game did a superb job building up a strong community pre-launch by listening to their requests and constantly updating it to match the general public. The end result is a superb mature community protected by chat bots that block out trolling and spamming on public channels.

Prepare for Wakfu Open Beta Beginning Next Week

Prepare for Wakfu Open Beta Beginning Next Week



Long time faithful Ankama fans will have much to celebrate with the ringing in of 2012. The nearly year long closed beta testing of Wakfu is finally coming to a close and new life will be springing back into the game starting next Wednesday when the game enters open beta!



Along with open beta expect plenty of additional content updates including:

Srams Shadow: This stealthy character specializes in sneaking through the shadows, backstabbing foes, and disabling them from counter attacking. Be sure to check out the trailer HERE.

Nation Completion: Expect Brakmar and Sufokia to finally reach completion, as well as enhancements to the beginning nation of Astrub.

Achievement Tracking: Get your bragging rights ready as you’ll now be able to unlock achievements and show them off.



Of course while open this is still a beta and there is much testing and tweaking still being done. Say so long to the Ecaflip and Rogue classes for a bit as they’re taken off the market in preparation for relaunches. Also Ankama was kind enough to share that the expected launch date of Wakfu will be in February so the beta testing is finally coming to a close for real!

Tales of Pirates II: The Grand Line Previewed

Tales of Pirates II: The Grand Line Previewed



The development team of Tales of Pirates II has embarked on the creation of a new version, “The Grand Line”, for the MMORPG. Players can look forward to a sensational gaming experience that will provide immense thrills and excitement. More than simply adding a mere instance, there will be a series of riveting quests that will allow players to hunt and explore for treasures galore, just the way a pirate should!

TOPII Pirate Lass


It All Began When…

In 1694 of the pirate world, the treasure-laden H.M.S set sail from Thundoria for Poseidon Temple Castle for its ritual worship. Alas, when the ship was navigating around Sorceress Coast, a storm came and sank her to the bottom of the sea, bringing down the trove of treasures along as well. For centuries, nobody had been able to find the H.M.S booty.



That is, until Gol. D. Roger. This notorious pirate located the legendary H.M.S treasure after much tenacious efforts and almost got his hand on the hoard, if not for one strange and deadly illness that engulfed him. On his deathbed, he proclaimed, “All my lifelong labor are charted on the H.M.S treasure map. I have torn it up and handed the pieces to only the most powerful pirates in the world, one piece per pirate. Who will be my successor and lay claim to the H.M.S treasure? Fight it out, me hearties, and may the best buccaneer wins!” And thus the five nefarious pirate lords whom Gol. D. Roger had given the clues to, engaged in epic wars to fight for the entire map piece. However, the battles only left them exhausted of strength and drained of life. They decided to call it a truce and went back to their own reign, each guarding a piece of the H.M.S treasure map.



Nevertheless, peg legs all over the world have not given up on this incredible treasure. The five pirate lords await those who are plucky enough to challenge and defeat ALL of them, so that the H.M.S treasure map can be pieced together once again. Peg legs all over the world call this journey to conquer the pernicious pirate lords and obtain the map in its entirety, “The Grand Line”.


TopII Swing



The 5 Pirate Lords

Instance 1: Gentleman Jocard

Hailing from the Sorceress Coast, Jocard is a black man who once led a group of rebellious slaves to mutiny. Now this pirate lord rules over the archipelago of islands in Sorceress Coast with his crew of ex-slaves, plundering and pillaging passing merchant ships, enslaving the rich whites and freeing black slaves.



Instance 2: Privateer Kidd

Kidd owns numerous merchant fleets plundered from Autumn and Summer Islands. Besides the apprehension of being pillaged, ships sailing in the straits of Deep Blue often have to be subjected to Kidd’s heavy taxes as well. His ability to instill fear on others is rumored to be unsurpassed.



Instance 3: Mistress Ching

Mistress Ching may be blind, but this feisty lady owns an impressive pirate fleet comprising of hundreds of ships and is known to be a total terror to the fishing towns, robbing and pillaging in broad daylight. When she became a widow upon her husband’s death, she gained control over the entire pirate legion in Spring Town and engaged heavily in smuggling. Her sphere of influence spread far and wide to even the most remote villages. Ruling with an iron hand, the fearless Ching disciplined her men with strict rules and castrated any man who would commit rape.


ToPII Ship


Instance 4: Captain Sao Feng

Sao Feng reigns supreme in the Winter Islands. All primary sea routes in the Winter Archipelagos are under his rule and control. Notorious for his cruel methods of torture to his prisoners and slaves, this merciless pirate lord will stop at nothing to crush those who dare oppose him.



Instance 5: Captain Jack

The most powerful of them all, the name of Captain Jack often chills the hearts of even the bravest buccaneers. Few have seen his true face, for he often carries out the most dastardly deeds in various disguises. Ruthless and quirky, there is always an entire cabin filled with rum on his ship. Cursed by Davy Jones himself, he hopes that the legendary H.M.S treasure holds the key to unlocking the curse.

Dungeon Overlord: Enslave Your Useless Facebook Friends

Dungeon Overlord: Enslave Your Useless Facebook Friends

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Have you ever dreamed of ruling your own realm with little sinister minions that will do everything for you? Dungeon Overlord lets you take command of all sorts of minions that will help you conquer the world. These evil minions will help you forge a powerful dungeon realm and will expand your power globally. But keep your whip and gold handy, because good hired help can be hard to find and tough to keep. I got the chance to try out this game by NightOwl Games and this is how it goes.



You started off with a bunch of tutorial quests that help build up your realm with multiple minions. This is where you quickly and painlessly learn the ins and outs of the game. You will build many useful structures such as the Den where your minions will rest and sleep, the library to research new technologies and other rooms that will help you get some resources or more specialized minions. These quests will give you lots of experience points and resources to keep expanding and thus will keep you occupied for a while. Because this game is a real time empire building strategy game everything that you will make or research in Dungeon Overlord will take real time for it to finish. It will first start off in small numbers but the more you play this game the longer it will take for projects to finish. As is the case with most Facebook games, the wait eventually reaches hours before projects reach completion. Because of my busy life I left this game for a few days and when I came back my minions where on strike! What happened was I ran out of resources and they didn’t receive their payments so they went on strike until I had enough of gold to pay them back. Since gold will slowly regain upon the surface which you can pick up for yourself you can easily get your minions back to work and as any evil overlord will attest there never is a real issue with minions pretending to unionize.



After the tutorial is done you will have to go your own way and various choices open up the diversity available in your lair. You will still receive quests that will help you out but you can totally ignore them if you want. Since the quests give experience and resources I went on with them since fast accumulation of resources is vital to anything you do. The amount of resources you have are easily seen above your screen under the experience bar where you can also see your level. I had to upgrade my farm which took multiple minutes but I could speed it up. It is nothing new that empire builder RPG’s try to make money so you can speed things up, and like any other game you can also speed up your researches and building projects with Dungeon Marks. These Dungeon Marks cost real money and can be bought via Facebook.




Throughout the game you will unlock more and more content so Dungeon Overlord will keep you occupied for a while. Because this game is a browser game made for Facebook anyone with Internet Access (aka you) can play this game. Although slow in the beginning, Dungeon Overlord really picks up once your facilities are established, and I am currently hooked at this game. I believe it is a nice time waster to keep you occupied for several hours a day. It also features an anonymous and quite robust chat system which really plays into some awesome alliance systems, though I stuck mostly to the single player side of the game. If you like ruling your own realm and having minion slaves do your work I would advise you to try this game since it stands out nicely from the mobs of wanna-bes in the Facebook market.

Kultan Online

Sail into unknown seas in Kultan, a free-to-play MMORPG from Bigpoint. Set in a world where storms have kept the oceans unsailable for centuries, adventurers can now take to the seas, exploring the world in search of fame and fortune. Top-down and browser-based, this MMO features nautical combat and an expansive world.




Beautiful Graphics: Kultan is built on the Unity 3D engine, offering high quality graphics within your browser.

Three Factions: Choose between the Caliphate Almeerah, Tian Empire, or Republic of Gudtholm to lay your allegiance and declare your enemies.

Control Your Own Ship: Navigate through the world on your own ship, which may be upgraded and improved as you grow more powerful – or change to one of dozens of ship types.

Battle Against Others: Join forces with other players on player-versus-player maps, earning Honor Points for your prowess.