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Final Fantasy XI – Full Version Update

By Mary Garcia (Vil), OnRPG Journalist

New quests and equipment await in the latest Final Fantasy XI version update!

A Moogle Kupo d’Etat: Evil in Small Doses

Final Fantasy XI’s second in a series of add-on scenarios, A Moogle Kupo d’Etat was released with the latest July version update. The story begins with the player’s moogle insisting on fixing the leak in his mog house roof. From there player and moogle embark on a strange mission that involves evil moogle mafias, curses, and other wacky happenings.

Like the previous add-on scenario, A Moogle Kupo d’Etat starts out with simple tasks targeted at lower level players. As the story progresses, the quests become more difficult, with the final battle requiring a balanced party of Level 75s. The reward for completing this add-on scenario is a customizable piece of head equipment. Players can select one of three head pieces, and augment it from a preset list of attributes. Fans of light, cute, and fun storylines will find A Moogle Kupo d’Etat an enjoyable entertaining storyline. Fans looking for a serious story will not find it here, but will still find the end reward worth completing.

Fields of Valor

Elite training regimes have been expanded to several new areas. Coupled with this update, players are now able to try their luck at augmenting their equipment above Level 50. Similar to the previous training regimes, players must first defeat a Notorious Monster to earn their prize.

Moblin Maze Mongers

ChaperixNew runes, as well as a new Moblin Voucher, have been added with the latest version update. In the new maze, players help train a goblin named Chaperix to be the hero of his gobbie village. Players must aid him in a variety of tasks, as well as train him. The award for defeating the maze is an augmented belt, with the attributes based on the type of training Chaperix undergoes.

Wings of the Goddess

New Quests
New quests for the ongoing Wings of the Goddess storyline have been added. Players once again accompany Lilisette in her adventures, where she learns the true nature of Cait Sith. Now she, together with Cait Sith, must stop history from being altered.

New Areas
With the release of the new quests come two new zones, Beaucedine Glacier [S] and Xarcabard [S]. New monsters can also be found in these new zones. Seasoned players will find these new areas challenging and interesting to explore. Campaign is also present in both zones, with some rather difficult battles taking place.


Campaign Unions
A new feature has been added to Campaign, called Unions. Unions are regiments, or alliances, that players can join during Campaign. Based on a player’s overall contribution to the battle, they may be eligible to cast lots on specific loot from the Union coffers. Rare items as well as Dynamis currency, can be won from these alliances.

Augmentable Weapons
A new quest has been added, similar to the Fields of Valor elite training regimes, where players can augment specific weapons. The weapon must first be crafted or bought from the auction house. Then, after starting the quest with a pixie, a balanced party of 75 must defeat a Notorious Monster. Players may try up to 5 times for augment attributes of their liking.

Job Abilities & Magic

Two new abilities have been added to Ninja. Yonin, alevel 40 ability, increases enmity and enhances Ninja Tool Expertise, white at the same time reduces accuracy. Yonin will also improve evasion and reduce enemy critical hit rate if a ninja is in front of the mob. This ability is ideal for ninjas who take the role of tank in their party. Innin, also a level 40 ability, reduces enmity and evasion, while raising accuracy, critical hit rate, and ninjutsu damage if the ninja is behind the mob. Ideal for the ninja that takes on a damage dealing role in a party. Using one ability overrides the other, meaning both cannot be used at the same time.

Two new blue mage spells have also been added: Sub-Zero Smash and Triumphant Roar. Both spells can be learned from the new monsters in Beaucedine [S] and Xarcabard [S].

Beaucedine Glacier

Player Event Support

The Player Event Support is a new service that allows players to enhance their in-game events. After a simple application process, players can customize any sort of event, from chocobo racing, to weddings, celebrations, get-togethers and the like. After designating where to place a moogle, a player can then set the moogle’s dialogue, and even alter its appearance. Players who wish to apply may do so through the Final Fantasy XI official web site.

Aces High II

Aces High II is a massive multi-player online combat simulation centered around the World War II air-war. It features accurate flight modeling of over 80 aircraft, vehicles, and boats from around the world. Become a pilot and fight against hundreds of real players, participate in special events recreating scenarios from World War II. Constant updates and additions keep the game fresh.
– Multiple arenas with unique environments offer different styles of gameplay.
– Start or join a squadron for even more fun.
– Learn from films you can record and view using the Aces High Film Viewer.
– In game voice support.
– Full, true 3D cockpits.
– In-game secure account management.
– Auto-update in the game for all updates.
– Auto-update for all new skins released for the game.
– Free offline practice and missions.
– Free 2 week online trial (no billing information needed).
Unique Customization
– Create historical skins for your plane.
– Design and build your own terrain with the Aces High Terrain Editor.
– The most flexible view system in the genre. Tailor it to your liking.
– Customize your commands on the keyboard and the joystick.

Product Review: Razer Diamondback Mouse

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

Razer Diamondback MouseThe Razer Diamondback is an infrared mouse that is sure to enhance your gaming skills. Its grip-friendly appearance is one of the best things about this mouse. Whether you’re comfortable with your hands flat around the surface or just gripping it in a claw fashion, the mouse isn’t really that picky when it come to the user’s grip. It still lets you feel like you’re in command without the discomforts of feeling odd when using a different grip fashion.

The 1800 dpi precision sensor is awesome for high resolution gameplay, with an easily adjustable sensitivity option that lets you take control further. The mouse has 7 programmable buttons that are separated by profiles. Since the Razer mouse saves these settings on its onboard (or should I say onmouse) memory, you can switch profiles in order to suit your preferred gameplay. In my opinion, the infrared sensor is more practical than the laser ones due to its oversensitive sensor that makes your mouse jerk around over slight movements such as bass rumbling. The mouse also provides the user with 55% less movement on the player’s side in order for the mouse to issue your desired command/movement. It means that you’re most likely going to be at ease when executing certain jerks for the mouse to move.

The Razer Diamondback lets you scroll around the screen in a smooth fashion. Gliding across the screen as a body-like extension does feel satisfying. All the buttons including the mouse wheel are all nicely positioned on the mouse. The mousewheel is also much bigger than the average mouse, making it easier to find (trigger) on certain occasions.

This mouse is currently being used in WCG (World Cyber Games) for maximum efficiency when it comes to playing RTS (real time strategy), FPS (first person shooters) and even on MMO tournaments in other events. Play like a pro! Own like a pro! Get one, and gain that unfair advantage. If they mutter around about the match not being a fair fight, then sucks for them cause they dont have it.


  • 1800dpi Razer Precision 3G infrared sensor
  • Seven independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity adjustment
  • Always-On mode
  • Ultra-large non-slip buttons
  • 16-bit ultra-wide data path
  • 6400 frames per second (5.8 megapixels per second)
  • 60-120 inches per second and 15g of acceleration
  • Scroll wheel with 24 individual click positions
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet
  • Gold-plated USB connector
  • Seven-foot, lightweight, non-tangle cord
  • Approximate size: 129mm (length) x 63mm (width) x 38.5mm (height)

La Tale Interview – The Newest Generation of 2D Games

Questions by Mohammed Afzal (MageMoa), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by La Tale Community Manager

La Tale is an amazing game, hosted by OGPlanet. The game offers us many unique features and great graphics for timeless action and fun! Ogplanet has managed it to update the game frequently and La Tale is still one of the most populated free MMORPGs.

I’ve always admired the game and I was curious how OGplanet had managed it to create such a huge population, so we of OnRPG decided to interview the Community Manager of OGPlanet.

Onrpg: Could you tell us a bit about yourself, please?
Hi, I’m the Community Manager here at OGPlanet for La Tale. I’m an avid gamer and MMO lover.

Where does the name “La Tale”, which means The Tale, come from? Why is the game called La Tale?
As you said in your question it means The Tale. Which tale though? Well that’s easy… yours! There are a ton of stories being told in the game world but the most fun and epic tale of them all is your own that you make yourself and with your friends. And, since it is an MMO, there are always a plethora of tales being told all at the same time.

Tales of Bears

The game gets frequently updated. Do you think you will manage to do that forever?
For as long as we can!  We want to keep up this trend. Players can eat through content quickly so we strive to always have something new for them.

What differs La Tale from other sidescrollers?
La Tale draws a lot of inspiration from mythology and world cultures. So the world itself is a very eclectic blend of these stories and tales. Each region is unique in its look and feel. To top it off player characters are extremely customizable. You want to be a zombie ninja? You can do it! Want to be a fairy princess with butterfly wings and ride a magic broom? You can do it! There is a staggering amount of customization that a player can do to their character. Not just for the way they look either. There is also a ton of different emotes that a character can use to really express their mood and how they feel.

We also have a very fun and easy to get into PVP system complete with rankings and PVP gear to purchase with your points acquired through fighting. Everything from 1 on 1 duels to 4 on 4 brawls.

Onrpg: Marriage has finally been released!  How can players marry? Is there any fee?
Players can get married after dating for a while. You ask the person out and if they accept you will then be a couple. Once you, as a couple, have enough Love Points saved up you can purchase a Wedding Ring and propose. After proposing the happy couple can send out an affectionate note similar to vows that the entire server will see. The Bride and Groom need to be wearing special wedding fashion for the priest to start the ceremony. Once they are in the proper attire a fun-filled wedding takes place.

What is the Affection System exactly?
The Affection System is used to determine how strong your relationship is to your partner or spouse. This bond is shown in Love Points. Married couples can spend their Love Points to get special couple only skills like summoning your partner or healing your party. It is also used to determine if you can propose and get married.

La Tale offers us tons of instanced dungeons. What is your favorite?
A lot of the dungeons are very cool but currently I am partial to the dungeons on Toad Island. They are a series of dungeons that are filled with riddles and puzzles to solve ending in a climactic battle with the sinister Tyrant Toad. The boss battle itself is lots of fun and the Toad has some very fun and cheeky dialogue.

Onrpg: Many players are complaining about a low experience rate. What would you like to say to them?  Will there be an experience increase?
This issue has been brought up many, many times. The truth is the XP rate in La Tale is actually on the high side compared to other regional versions.

Onrpg: Why can’t you use the nickname of a deleted character?
Database issues occur when this would be realized.

Under Water in La Tale

La Tale has a huge amount of pets, but there is a lack of free pets. Why are there not more free pets for players who cannot afford them?
A pet can make playing La Tale a more fun and enjoyable experience. With most pets, players can gain the ability “Autoloot” as well as other unique abilities each individual pet comes with. Pets are certainly helpful while playing but they are not required in order to enjoy La Tale.

Onrpg: Is the game not a little bit cash shop dependant in your opinion?
There is nothing in the Fashion Shop that a player is required to buy to be able to progress through the game and have fun. If they want to do it with a bit more style or in a cute dress then they can. Armor, weapons, and healing items are all available in-game without spending a cent. Most of the best items are created by the players themselves through the Crafting system or found on monsters.

You can gain unique items by digging. Could you describe this feature for us?
Yeah, digging can be pretty fun. There isn’t really much to it. If you feel like digging, then go for it. You never know what you might find!

Onrpg: What can you tell us about the recent events of La Tale?
One of our more popular events we’ve been running recently is our Dungeon Guide Contest. Players submit their strategies and walkthroughs pertaining to a certain one of La Tale’s dungeons and the staff here at OGPlanet will go through and pick out a winner. There have been some really fantastic entries. A lot of our players are very creative. We will be putting all the winning entries into a special guide section on the website so stay tuned for that.

Players love our caption contests and really like showing off their unique style in our screenshot contests that we have.  And while the video contests might not have as many entries as other events the videos our players create are very unique and imaginative. We also do a lot of seasonal events around holidays and are always looking at new ways to have players enjoy their favorite holidays in-game.

The team here at OGPlanet is always coming up with new ways that we can get our players more involved in the game and we’re always striving to come up with new and innovative events.

Is there anything you would like to see in La Tale?
Personally, I think La Tale has some really great artists working on it. So I always look forward to seeing what they’ve cooked up in terms of armor, monster, fashion and weapon designs. So it is always a treat to see new content. So to more specifically answer the question I’d have to say more of the same great creative and unique designs added into the game.

Artistic Toys Design

Could you tell us more about the upcoming updates of La Tale?
We’ve been tinkering with a few things here that we would love to get into the game. But at this time I can’t tell you what! So you’ll have to wait a bit longer to find out.

Can we expect any new titles from OGplanet this year? Could you tell us a bit about them without giving too much away?
Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say. However stay tuned to for all the latest news and info! 

Would you like to add something to the interview?
We have exciting things planned for the game this summer which makes it an excellent time to adventure, make new friends, and tell your tale. So we invite everyone to come check it out!

Thank you for your time!

Star Sonata Review: Only For Casual MMOers

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

Star Sonata is an isometric 3d MMO that lets players live the life of a space pilot (or supreme commander), and by that I mean fictional ones like those from Star Wars and Star Trek. No, you won’t be trekking around the place but it’s not like anyone can resist piloting a spaceship and moving around to explore the galaxy. The game doesn’t require much time for your character to progress. You could say that this game is perfect for random casual knacks of gaming.

The game looks like Spore (in its early stages) in outer space. You’ll be gliding across the galaxy with asteroid belts and everything. You’ll be doing missions on order to level up your character or in this case, your ship. Though you may think that this is all the game has to offer, might I say that Star Sonata is a bit broader than just duels in outer space. 

Nerds Unite In Space

Star Sonata lets players build their own colonies in order to increase their level of income. It really does feel like you’re building a real colony in outer space since you’ll need to focus on specific things in order to keep it going. Aside from the blueprints and materials, you, as this colony’s overlord must have an assurance regarding how feasible it would be to live in your colonial base. Certain things like the planet’s suitability for living and colonial accommodation may greatly affect your plans for colonization so do be careful on which planet you pick.

Can This Be Called Character Creation?

Sector EntranceUnlike other MMOs, the game doesn’t have much to offer when it comes to character creation. It however, strongly makes up for it by letting you choose your own build as your character progresses. Missions and even combat generate experience points that level up your character. Each level gives you some points that you can distribute on your desired stat (or skill). The point of the game is really simple: get the best ship and conquer the universe (or maybe I just exaggerated a bit). Other upgrades can be unlocked through skill purchase, and your ship may even change its shape as you continue to distribute more points. It’s more of ‘growing into the character’ rather than basing things on archetypes. Since this IS an MMO, cash and other currencies are acquired through conditions. This means that you’d have to focus on your colonies and bringing down enemy units if ever you’re itching for more cash. 

Graphics and visuals

The graphics are outdated but they are still impressive, since making it better would be irrelevant for this type of game. The ships are composed of a couple of gradient shapes that are particularly molded into the form of a ship. The blasts and rays are merely just blurry white lines with the outer-glow effect, which is no different from the ones we see on TV. The game does serve as eye candy every time the screen gets hogged by laser lights and awesome explosions. The elements bode well together, especially during those ‘beamy’ space wars. When you look at the entire thing as a whole, you’d know that nothing would ever seem to be out of place. Outer space is mostly dark so I don’t think that that much graphic detail would be required, unless you want to see a highly rendered star which won’t really help much. Exploring the game and seeing new elements is pretty satisfying. You definitely won’t be disappointed at what this old sucker’s got to offer.

“SIR! The Ship has taken a heavy blow! We have to turn it around!”

The game’s controls are easy to get used to. It’s actually more of the primitive tank controls which consist of: left, right, and forward. A bit confusing at first, but you’ll grow into it as time progresses. You can also control (or command) a series of vessels that will aid you on either your missions or enemy combat. There’s still a limit in launching these NPCs but the numbers are probably good enough to satisfy your urge for more spacewar goodness.

Be Aware Of…

The game runs on a persistent world and a lot of players will be there to either help you or destroy you. The community is pretty decent, making it a lot better to indicate that this is indeed an MMO game (note massively multiplayer online). The in game possibilities are still quite profound, so you really have to think well before you go around and build your colonies. Although the control’s learning curve is quite short, some of the game’s elements are still hard to figure out. The game doesn’t offer many tutorials so you might as well jump in and hope that you get used to it before you get blown to space dust. 

Star Ares

Working with other players is more mandatory than optional since the game does have a certain ring when it comes to difficulty. Other than the need to have someone explain the basics, you’d probably trek around with these people in order to build your character to perfection.

It’s time for a ship check! – The verdict

First of all, I would like to recommend this game to anyone who appreciates casual gaming. The game has a healthy community that will let you enjoy the game further. As far as graphics would go, I’d say that the game looks pretty decent but not as good as the most up to date games. The sounds are terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE), you’ll be hearing nothing but sounds generated back then during the DOS games era. The controls are ok but the game’s learning curve is pretty long, so I guess you should be thankful that other players can tutor you online. Some of the features tend to help you out by functioning on their own. The AI vessels will try to protect your base from enemy attackers regardless of your orders, while the errand units do tradeoffs in order to ease your workload. I think it’s a good idea that the game doesn’t let you handle too many responsibilities. I guess this makes up for the game’s lack of proper tutorials.  The game is good and is much better than any other game that shares its genre. If you’re looking for a space adventure, then this game is definitely for you.

Alien Systmes

Weekend Event – War of Ursa Major

Date: August 29 to August 30
Time: 1hr per Round, 12 Rounds per Day (1:00~1:59 3:00~3:59 21:00~21:59 23:00~23:59)
Reward: Energy Capsule, Alliance Material Pack, Zero Point (bound)
Requirement: Above level 60
Key Item: Honor Emblem (Open to get some zp[bound]); Energy Capsule (Fully restore HP rapidly)
Key NPC: Sanchez, Steel Warship (347,784; 512,822; 455,864) Appears only at event time
Justice fought against the Devil centuries ago, and the war between them has yet to come to an end. You can see the struggle still raging on, even to this day.
Recently, the Earth Alliance has received a military report from one of the battlefronts, that the enemies of the space force will launch an attack against Ursa Major very soon. As an allied partner, we must go to the aid of our friend.
To prepare for the battle, Captain Sanchez has been called back to the Warship to arrange the army. We hope as many pilots as possible can join this battle, and Sanchez will prepare our soldiers with an Alliance Material pack (have chance to open an Ultra) for each successful return from the battlefield.
This weekend, a representative from Ursa Major will come to the Warship and ask for your help. After you talk with him, he will present you with some ZPs(bound). But, same as the enemy, they are good at disguising themselves. They even allowed the local raiders to steal the Honor Emblem from us. We’ll need you to hunt them in all zones and retrieve the emblem. As a reward, you will gain some ZPs(bound)!
Note: Each player can only take part in the War of Ursa Major Event once a day.

Zero Ursa Major Battle

NeoSteam – gamigo Launches the World’s First Steampunk MMORPG!

Gamigo, one of Europe’s leading massively multiplayer online games publishers is pleased to announce the English commercial launch of the free to play steampunk MMORPG NeoSteam. After a successful beta phase, all can now join the epic battle between the mystical Elerd Kingdom and the technophile Republic of Rogwel. Players can register absolutely free, download the game and start playing immediately.
The Quest for NeoSteam
NeoSteam is set in an impressive, cool 3D fantasy world full of challenging quests and thrilling PvP-battles. Players enter an alternate reality where electricity was never invented – everything is instead powered by NeoSteam. Alas, the supply of NeoSteam is finite, dragging the two major powers to an inevitable war. Battles rage between the Elerd Kingdom and Republic of Rogwel over Rope Isle – the last available source of NeoSteam.
NeoSteam can be used to power a wide range of intimidating weaponry – from terrifying muskets to steampunk battleaxes. Once players have learnt the secret of NeoSteam, they will be able to take on all comers with weaponry they themselves have constructed! NeoSteam masters can build mighty vehicles and ride across the vast and varied landscape of the NeoSteam world – so long as the player doesn’t run into trouble…
Incredible Steampunk setting
NeoSteam combines the best of the MMORPG world – community elements, individual character development and legendary battles – with a unique steampunk aesthetic. “We’re overjoyed by the response we received during the beta, and we’re excited to offer this game to a wider audience”, says Kerstin Bock, product manager for NeoSteam. “NeoSteam is a great game, we’ve got great hopes the future. We once again look forward to seeing how players take advantage of the unparalleled freedom and plentiful opportunities that the NeoSteam universe affords them…”
NeoSteam Europe Released

Omerta Celebrates Relaunch With Twitter Contest

Omerta Game Ltd are celebrating a successful re-launch of its very popular online Mafia game, Omerta, by giving away a special in-game bonus via a competition on Twitter.
Within the first month of the re-launch, Omerta, the biggest free-to-play, massively multiplayer gangster game on the web, achieved a number of impressive milestones including over 100,000 new registrations
“We are delighted with how the playing community has embraced the new version of Omerta, with its cache of exciting new features. To have achieved 3,000 daily new registrations through the first month of the re-launch is a testament not only to the innovation we set out to achieve with the new version, but to the planning and execution by all involved with Omerta” commented Omerta Game Ltd C.E.O. Steve Biddick.
“We are proud to have re-launched Omerta with such a bang. The game forums have been a hive of activity. New family rivalries have been played out with over 5,000 deaths, largely as a results of the new weapons like grenades and C4 explosives adding extra impact to an attack. The introduction of new bodyguards has changed the gameplay totally. Wars are fought totally different, as no one can pre-empt the amount of bullets it will take to perform a kill” contributed Otto Adang, Lead Designer on the new version of Omerta (O3).
“Of the new bodyguards, Lee has proved very popular, as players look to him to firm up their defence to kill attempts, whereas the crooked ex-cop Joe is being used to reduce the amount of time players spend behind bars. And the introduction of the new bodyguards impacts on the player rebirths, as it is possible to carry over skills and objects after a player kill. But this is only the first month, and we anticipate new playing strategies will emerge. Being in a position to observe the new gameplay evolve is very exciting. It will provide inspiration for later iterations of Omerta” adds Adang.
To celebrate the success of the recent re-launch, Omerta will be giving away an extravagant bounty of riches through a contest on the popular social networking site, Twitter.
“We used Twitter successfully during the build up to, and following the re-launch of the new version to communicate important updates and bug fixes to our player community. We now have a healthy community of supporters spreading the word about Omerta. So it was only natural to reward them with a contest fit for a Don “said Craig Albeck, Communications Director at Omerta Game Ltd.
The riches being given away through the contest include a fat bonus of $500,000; 10,000 bullets to inflict some serious damage, and a Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Streamliner, a highly sough-after car within Omerta.
The contest will start on Monday, August 31st at 13.00 in-game time (Omerta Time), and play out over a period of 5 days. Each day, Omerta will select one of its dedicated language versions at random. Players from that particular version will have a 3 minute window of opportunity to tweet about Omerta using the #tag, #Omerta within their tweet. All the tweets that fall within the 3 minute window will be entered into a random draw. We will contact the winners via a direct message to their Twitter account.
Entrants will need to be registered on Twitter and follow the Omerta tweets. This can be achieved by following Omerta –
Check out new Omerta Screenshots in the Omerta Screenshot Gallery!