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Generals: Art of War

Build your base, train your armies, and fight the good fight in Generals: Art of War, by Apex Point LLC. This free-to-play, browser based game puts you in command!

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes – Players may purchase speed up boosts as well as resources to give them a distinct advantage in gameplay.

Key Features:

Strategic Combat: Control your armies in battles carefully to get the best strategic edge.

Resource Management: Decide best where to allocate your resources and how best to use your time.

Space War Arena Leaves Spacedown and Arrives on Nintendo Switch

Playchemy announced today that Space War Arena is now live on the Nintendo Switch, via their eShop. Space War Arena is an action strategy game that offers tactical gameplay where players mix-and-match playstyles and units to bring intense space battles to life on the go.

Space War Arena is now live and I couldn’t be happier,” said Ed Annunziata, CEO and President of Playchemy. “Few things are as satisfying as when you’ve put a lot of time and effort into a game, and then see that time and effort pay off. We hope the players have a great time with Space War Arena and really get deep into the strategic aspects of it. We’ve got more coming for Space War Arena so stay tuned for more news and updates.”

Key Features:

Epic Space Battles – Enter a universe of exciting real-time space battles that are accessible, but deeply strategic. Think quickly and deploy the right units at the right time, manipulating their launch trajectories for added tactical depth.

Deck Building – Mix and match over 30 types of units and experiment with different play styles as you progress and take your squadrons into battle. Deal out and deal with nimble fighters, sweeping lasers, drone factories and atomic warheads.

Solo Campaign – Liberate the galaxy in pitched battle against AI masterminds. A solo campaign pits you against a variety of configurations and scenarios, charging would-be commanders to upgrade their fleets and become masters of all they behold.

Offworld Trading Company Receives Free Multiplayer Client

Offworld Trading Company

Stardock and Mohawk Games announced today that they now have a free multiplayer client for the real-time strategy game Offworld Trading Company. Those who enjoy the free multiplayer mode can also upgrade to the core version of the game to gain access to the campaign, daily challenges and skirmish mode.

The Market Corrections DLC features 3 new single-player narrative campaigns that focus on three different CEOs – Reni-6, Ilana Kamat, and Frank Dawson. It also contains 12 new maps modeled after various locations on Mars, including the pointed formations of Two Points Lakebed, the cratered land Mangala Valles, the deep canyon of Mangala Fossa, and more.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Brings New ‘Arcade Mode’ and Much More

Insurgency Sandstorm First Major Update

Insurgency: Sandstorm is proud to announce that they have reached 500,000 players, and with this announcement comes their first major content drop. In this update the “Arcade Mode” is released, which features a rotating cast of game modes, to keep the game fresh and exciting. This will lay the foundation for adding non-traditional game modes in the future. Things will start off more traditional though, with a classic Team Deathmatch mode, that removes faction restrictions on weapons and upgrades. This also will give more supply points to make selections with. The rules are simple: Build a load out and kill the enemy until you win. New modes are coming in the future though.

In order to shake things up a bit, five new weapons have been added to Sandstorm. Two new variations of the MP5 (MP5A2 and MP5A5) are new low-caliber weapons with solid recoil control. Two new machine guns also arrive, the M240B and MG3, which are high-caliber damage and a ridiculous rate of fire respectively. Finally, a new Security handgun, the PF940, features 9mm rounds and a massive high capacity magazine upgrade of 31 rounds.

Finally, there is a sale going on for Insurgency: Sandstorm, for 20% off on Steam. This is available until March 5th, so don’t miss out!

Galak-Z: The Void Deluxe Edition Comes to the Switch in March

Galak-Z is coming back to the Nintendo Switch on March 26th, 2019 with Galak-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition! The A.I. and physics-driven open-world action game, viewed through the lens of 16-bit graphics is coming back to life. Players control a rogue pilot named A-Tak, whose goal is to protect the Earth from an evil alien empire, led by The Baron. Players must enter the endless damnation of The Void, beat the Baron and his incessant onslaught and save the planet from certain destruction.

With endless gameplay, online leaderboards and the daily challenge system, Galak-Z: The Void: Deluxe Edition will bring the feel of anime space action to life on procedurally generated worlds. Stealth and skill are both necessary to defeat the more intelligent, powerful enemies. Outmaneuvering, outgunning, and outsmarting enemies that think like veteran pilots is going to be difficult but rewarding. In order to do this, they must master their ship’s sublimely-honed controls, blast enemies, unleash missile salvos, and even toss their opponents, mech-style, to their explosive demise.

See Key Features below:
  • The original, award-winning version of GALAK-Z, previously released on PS4, Xbox and PC
  • Endless gameplay with Online Leaderboards and a Daily Challenge
  • ARCADE mode with per-Mission checkpoints
  • Procedurally-assembled levels
  • Physics based combat simulator!
  • Advanced enemy A.I for intense dogfights!
  • Scripted missions and ‘roguelite’ structure
  • Resource-based, progressive weapons system
  • Inspired by 70s / 80s anime and arcade shooters

Mutant Year Zero Sees Free Update and Demo Version on PC

Mutant Year Zero Free Update

Funcom announced a free update for Mutant Year Zero, and it’s here alongside a demo version of the game. With the Demo, PC users can explore the early levels of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden. With the free update on PC, players can now tackle infinitely replayable maps, and leaderboards are available to compete on with your friends. This comes in the form of Stalker Trials, where players can take on new challenges in a zone, earning points based on skill and performance.

Stalker Trials also give you access to all characters, with all mutations and skills. However, you have to buy your own gear before setting out. Pripp the bartender is the key to entering these trials and will be scoring you. Progress is taken on the leaderboards, and it’s also noted that all-time top Stalkers will have an NPC named after them for other players to take down.  Extra points are also offered if you clear a map in particular ways.

This will also be a way to unlock more powerful weapons and items within the game. In addition, Mutant Year Zero is also available for digital download on Playstation 4 in Japan and Korea.

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Sees Large Closed Beta Update on Steam

Sigma Theory Closed Beta Update

Mi-Clos Studio released a large update for their upcoming spy strategy game Sigma Theory: Global Cold War today, which is scheduled for an April 18th, 2019 release on Steam. The update itself brings new and updated features, such as counter-espionage mechanics, interrogation options and a faction quest system.  Sigma Theory’s update will also add some visual polish and plenty of new agents. The Patch Notes can be found here. This will coincide with the fifth anniversary of their previous title, Out There. To celebrate this, a Sigma Theory community contest has begun (found at this link).

It is asking fans to imagine an in-game version of the current President of the United States: Donald Trump. This includes all of the “admirable qualities” he might have as one of the in-game nation leaders. The creators of the funniest mock-ups will be declared winners, have their portraits featured in the game and will receive a game pack – featuring a game key and a T-Shirt.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – Free Edition Coming March 2019

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition

Square Enix announced today that for the first time, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – Free Edition will be coming to Steam and to PS4 in March 2019. Beginning on March 12th, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – Free Edition will give players the ability to try out a limited roster of characters on a weekly basis. There will also be a variety of characters and weapons that are available for individual purchase. This will allow players to pick their favorite characters and keep them to play online (though a PS+ subscription is required to play on the PS4 edition).