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HeroSmash begins Youtube Search for Super Heroes!

HeroSmash Begins Youtube Search for Super Heroes!



Artix Entertainment is holding a unique contest for players to enter for a chance to be immortalized in the popular new MMORPG HeroSmash as NPCs. Winners will have their characters put permanently in-game as quest givers, shop keepers, trainers, spies, etc.


HeroSmash is a new MMORPG that Artix Entertainment released into the Beta phase on April 28th, 2011. In the game, Super Villains and Heroes battle against each other for control of strategic locations and items within Super City. Players can choose to become evil Super Villains or good Heroes and fight to ensure their side’s victory. One week into its Beta release, HeroSmash already had over 500,000 registered users. Today there are over 700,000.



The contest is called Who Wants to be a Super NPC? To enter, players must submit a YouTube video entry of themselves (or a gullible friend) dressed in a costume and acting as a super villain or hero. Costumes don’t have to be professionally made (but it’s ok if they are). Costumes can be made of anything safe and non-flammable including towels, aprons, aluminum foil, paper, and other household goods. All video entries must be under three minutes long and G-rated. Players may also enter in-game footage of their characters if they do not want to appear on camera themselves. However, those with the courage to submit live action entries will have a greater chance of winning.


“This contest is the craziest and most bizarre thing our online gaming community has done yet!” said Adam Bohn, Founder/CEO of Artix Entertainment, LLC. “We are continually in awe of our players’ fearless creativity and energy. We are proud to immortalize them in our game.”


For the first time ever, Artix Entertainment is offering players a unique opportunity to become a permanent NPC in one of their games. This contest is open to all current players as well as to new ones who want to test out their video-making skills for a chance to be immortalized in HeroSmash.


Artix Entertainment has just started selecting one new winner every Friday to become a permanent NPC in HeroSmash. This contest will be on-going and the developers have no plans of ending it for at least one hundred years!

Early Access: Eden Eternal Final Pre-CB Preview

Early Access: Eden Eternal Equipment, Fame, and More

By Darren Henderson (DizzyPW), OnRPG Editor-in-Chief

Jean Pan (NuttyKitten), OnRPG Guest Writer

Thomas von Wolffradt (Platypus), OnRPG Guest Writer



The time is here. In just 2 days Eden Etenal enters closed beta, and OnRPG will have beta keys to make sure all of you faithful readers of this series can experience Eden Eternal for yourselves. Over the past weekend, I had the pleasure of joining my writing team (NuttyKitten and Platypus) back in the Eden Eternal universe for some last minute pre-CB playtime.



We trashed world bosses, leveled many classes, abused each other in duels, and found our soulmates! So now we can confidently share with you an accurate depiction of Eden Eternal equipment, crafting systems, and how fame ties into it all in this final pre-CB preview of Eden Eternal!




Equipment in Eden Eternal is done in quite a unique way. As shown in the screenshot below, there are 2 sections of items for your equipment. The upper section is dedicated to weapons and general items usable by all classes; the bottom section is broken into arcane, light, and heavy armor and can only be used while related classes are activated. For instance, your light armor is only accessible while your character has the ranged damage or melee damage archetypes activated. This can cause a bit of a dilemma for players mastering two classes when collecting armor sets within the same archetype as some stats like ‘healing boost’ might be excellent for a cleric but useless on a magician.



Weapons on the other hand are surprisingly not class specific. In fact the only measures implemented in this game to encourage you to use weapons related to a specific class are class unique passives and skill requisites. The skill requisites are the most important mechanism as it will prevent a hunter from using powerful range attacks while wielding a dagger. Ah but if you don’t have a bow handy and want to level your archer class, you can still viably use the hunter’s crit and accuracy/attack speed buffs to cut down some enemies with your daggers!



For other classes, the skill requisite limiter is not as much of an issue. A great example of this is the cleric, who is capable of casting spells with both wands and maces. However, maces provide greater physical damage while wands provide greater magical damage. To the uninformed, the obvious choice would be to wield the wand for greater magic damage and healing skills. Yet on closer inspection, you will see that each class gains certain passives when using their recommended weapon.


In the case of the cleric, they receive a 10% cast time reduction, allowing them to take a good chunk out of their many spells that carry long cast durations such as cure. This can easily be the difference between life and death as cleric spells are easily interrupted once agro is drawn on you. With so many weapon types and off-hand items offering unique bonuses to each class, by the time players reach level 20 they will realize the hard truth that mastering every class equally is not an option.




So now you have the gear? It won’t keep you a step ahead of your fellow players for long, at least not without some help! There are three ways to improve your gear to legendary status in Eden Eternal.


Guard/Power Scrolls: These upgrade scrolls are used to fortify your best equipment. They can be found from quest rewards and while leveling. You must exercise caution when using these scrolls though as the greedy will be severely punished with the destruction of their prized equipment. You can fortify an item up to 10 times, with the risks and rewards rising with each step. Also it adds the ultimate MMO status symbol, making your weapons glow.



Enchantment Scrolls: Enchantment scrolls are acquired much the same way as Guard/Power Scrolls. These carry specific stat bonuses like Evasion +7 or Healing Effects +5. You can only have one enchantment scroll in effect on each gear.


Socket Gems: Sometimes gear you find or craft will have a few open circles at the bottom of their stats. These are for inserting socket gems. These can be purchased at high price but allow you the best option of customizing your gear’s stats to meet your needs.


Dyes: Have you found it too expensive trying to beat the rest in stats? Well you can always turn to fashion as your vehicle to bragging rights. At certain intervals in each class’ progress, you will unlock new costumes as a trophy for your strength. Each outfit has 3 sections that can be dyed.



With literally dozens of dye colors and cash shop fashions in-game, the options for customizing your look become near endless. Just beware the danger of random dyes so you don’t end up looking like me!



Fame exists in 3 forms in Eden Eternal, regional fame, general fame, and special fame. For the beginning stages of your journey, regional fame will be your only concern. Regional fame is recorded separately between each major map area in the world. By completing main quests and repeatable quests  for local villagers, you can build this fame up.



Eventually you can check with the local fame master (usually the mayor) to trade in your fame and a large chunk of gold to unlock epic orange loot. Generally this loot is focused on general items like rings and trophies, providing some passive effects that are unattainable by any other means. At later stages the other fame types come into effect, offering some pretty unique weapons and armor in the capital city of Aven that blew my nooby mind compared to my own pre-lvl 20 gears.




Titles are a nice little touch for rewarding players that reach certain milestones in the game. Besides being able to display them over your name, titles also come along with certain stat bonuses, usually specific to a character class’ abilities. Don’t miss out on the closed beta testing as there are certain titles exclusively reserved for players that reach set milestones before the end of closed beta!





Has that little pug caught your eye yet? I love how much utility pets offer in Eden Eternal! Besides just being cute and furry, they also offer to pick up all your item drops for you with extreme efficiency (and you get a pug for free early on in the game).



Later on you at level 25, you can begin to further train your pet to heal, buff, attack, or do cute tricks to impress your friends. An important side note: Hungry pets are hateful pets. Don’t expect them to aid you in battle without a full belly.



Certain classes like hunters have skill related pets. These pets are unique from the pet system and allow you to have both your class specific pet and regular pet out at once. Nothing says protection like walking around with a pug and a tiger ready to tank for your hunter.



Out of all the features in this game that Eden Eternal has made its own, crafting is by far the most outlandish and strange. Crafting revolves around something easily recognizable by MMORPG players at first, a blueprint. The blueprint outlines all the materials needed to craft your item, whether it is a weapon, armor, potions, or other oddities.



Once you have the blueprint, you will need to collect the materials. This is done through miner and farmer npcs. You must acquire maps for the miners and cultivation secrets for farmers in order to acquire said materials. This takes a period of time before you can collect the resulting materials. Monster materials are also needed and acquired through summoning scrolls, which summon a monster you must face at Aven’s Summoning Altar.



Once you have items from all 3 sources, you can trade them in to craft a blueprint. Then you will need to take the blueprint along with all the materials to a blacksmith, alchemist, or craftsman to combine them for the final product.




This process not only prevents the annoying MMO system of players endlessly cycling long tedious mat runs, it provides an excellent counter to inflation because these blueprints will suck your wallet dry!


The End is Only the Beginning


Even though OnRPG has covered Eden Eternal in four extensive articles thus far, I feel as though we have only scratched the surface of all this game is hiding. Charms, mounts, PvP, tricky world bosses, achievements, guild base types, soulmate love tokens, and so much more still remain a bit of a mystery to me despite all the hours our team has put into this game. But what would the fun be if we discovered everything for you?



This series should give you enough of an introduction to ensure you hit the ground running. And who knows what adventures you might find in this vast ever expanding world. Just be sure to bring some friends or make some new ones because Eden Eternal will eat you up and spit you out without proper backup. You have been warned, the cute looks of this game hide a vicious MMO with hordes of agro mobs waiting in ambush (not out in the open waiting to be pulled), and dungeon bosses ready to cut you down at the slightest mistake.

KARMA Online Interview: Now 80% More Zombies!

KARMA Online Interview – World War II: Now w/ 80% zombies!

By Michael Sagoe (Mikedot), OnRPG journalist



Developed in conjunction with Dragonfly, and published by Joymax, KARMA Online: Prisoners of the Dead is the newest installment in the KARMA Online series, a popular online first-person shooter series in South Korea.  Players will go back in time to World War II, where they must choose to side with the Axis or Allied powers and join the fight for global victory – with a zombie twist.



Mikedot: Hello there! Before we begin the interview, would you mind telling me a little bit about yourself for our readers?


Jae: Hi, I’m Jae-young Park.  I’m the LEAD GAME DESIGNER for KARMA Online.



Mikedot: Now the first question is an obvious one: There are lots of free-to-play shooters out there, so what makes KARMA Online so special?


Jae: We could name a whole heap of things that set Karma Online above and beyond the competition.  First of all it is developed by Dragonfly who is known for developing very high quality FPS titles.  In addition, we’re particularly proud that we’ve committed to keeping to the most authentic WWII weaponry.  This level of historic accuracy is something not often found!  But players of Karma Online: POD will also find that the addition of zombies and the fact that in the game it is as if WWII never ended mean that the experience is a combination of a WWII experience and a modern day shooter combined.



Mikedot: There are also lots of shooting games that feature a zombie mode of some sort. Is KARMA Online following this trend or does KARMA’s zombie mode have something special?


Jae: The difference is clear upon competing in your first zombie mode match: We don’t treat zombies like they’re stupid; if you want a challenging AI enemy, this is the game you want to play.  The zombies in Karma Online: POD are formidable enemies and the feedback we are getting from people who have tested out the Zombie mode so far is that it is really intense and exciting.



Mikedot: Besides zombie mode, what other game modes will be available?


Jae: While the game will have a total of 23 maps and 33 modes when it is fully launched, during Beta we will initially provide 8 maps and 9 modes.  Once the beta is complete, we’ll be adding in the rest over time as well as developing new content.



Mikedot: When playing as either the Axis or the Allies, will there be any major differences between them? Ex: Weapons, skills, power-ups?


Jae: Since this is an FPS game, it becomes difficult to maintain a balance if there is a big difference between factions, so each faction has similar appearances and skills. The difference in terms of appearance is that most Axis forces have bluish uniforms, and most Allied forces have reddish uniforms in a military style.


However, the factions develop characteristics according to the differences in characters and skills of each faction (This is the difference from other FPS games too). The Axis forces have many characters with skills based on strong firepower, and Allied forces have more characters with skills for fast movement and accurate firing. This is something that shows the individuality of the factions.



Mikedot: Speaking of weapons: What kinds of weapons will be available? Will they be customizable?


Jae: Players have to select appropriate weapons according to the structure of the team and the size and structure of the map, such as an SMG for close distance, an MG that is slow but strong, and a rifle that is extremely powerful for middle to long distances.


Also, thanks to the Karma inventory system where you can carry many main weapons as long as it does not go over the weight limit, you need to strategically think about what combination of weapons and armor you will carry.


The weaponry for Karma Online: POD is being revealed slowly through our Facebook and Twitter; so far we’ve shown nearly a dozen that will be available, but we’re keeping the total number a secret!  It will include rifles, handguns, grenades, and more of course.



Mikedot: How demanding is KARMA Online for the processing power of an average PC?


Jae: Players can adjust the game options to meet the requirements on their PC environment, so the game can run on PCs with both high and lower specifications.



Mikedot: How does the skill point system fit in with KARMA Online?


Jae: There are so many different types of skills that it is difficult to explain them all. One thing I can say is that it is impossible to develop all the skills when developing one character, so you have to be cautious about selecting a skill within the limit of 20 skill points.  I personally like the “assassin” skill, using a knife.


Mikedot: Tell us a little bit more about the game’s pacing.


Jae: We’ve combined a quick-paced environment with strategic thinking.  Play patterns change drastically according to level. You quickly have to adapt to that. For example, the bunker level has a lot of narrow passages so there are many short-distance battles, but the fortress map has many large spaces with a wide view so you will be doing a lot of long-distance battles. In addition, some upcoming maps will include both short-distance and long-distance battles.



Mikedot: Voice chatting has become a very integral part of FPS titles. Will KARMA have a voice chat feature?


Jae: Unfortunately, the Voice Chatting feature isn’t available in KARMA Online.  Actually, there are a lot of voice chat features outside the game, which a lot of FPS players already use.   Since a lot of players already use these programs on their own,  which they feel comfortable with, so supporting this feature in the game itself might not be in great demand.  We’re looking into this and considering implementing the feature in the future, though.



Mikedot: What kind of matchmaking features will be available?


Jae: The basic structure is 8:8, but there are slight differences according to map.  We can also say the matchmaking system will call up allies and foes of similar levels.



Mikedot: Lastly: When will public beta testing for KARMA Online begin?


Jae: Closed Beta will begin in June, with open beta testing to follow this summer.  We find the best way to communicate all of our plans for the game with the growing community is through our Facebook or Twitter so we highly encourage people to follow us there!



Mikedot: Is there any other comments that you would like to add?


Jae: Bringing Karma Online to the global audience for the first time has been an exciting and challenging process.  Every time we find these players out there, questioning and waiting for Karma Online, we feel so grateful and lucky.  Every concern is precious for us and it makes us push ourselves harder to perform better.  We’re really thrilled to introduce our game to the global community and the huge responsibility is very welcomed!



Mikedot: Thank you for your time!

Farmerama Review: Farmville Extreme

Farmerama Review: Farmville Extreme

by: Kei Beneza (DivideLife), OnRPG Journalist



Farmerama is a social MMO game similar to Farmville. The game is heavily played, and gets around 400,000 players online on a daily basis. The object of the game is simple, own a fully productive farm complete with animals, plants and various veggies. This however, is no easy feat, as much like any farming job, you will be plowing fields, waiting for seeds to mature, and adjusting to various weather effects before your crops reach tiptop shape. Farm game players are sure to enjoy what Farmerama has in store for them, with a great HUD, easy to learn interface, and a nicely animated background.


Making Moo-ney

I’m going to assume that you have not played farm games. Once you get your farm running, you will be harvesting crops and relying on your animals for cash and experience. This helps the overall rotation of your materials and budget, constantly expanding the farm with more crops and more animals to strengthen your income. I honestly don’t know what makes these games so addicting, but I would be lying if I say that I didn’t enjoy it. I guess taking care of virtual Chickens and nonexistent crops are somewhat—–fun!



Farmerama also has a ‘questing’ system in the form of orders. While some require a pack of different veggies, other orders require items and crops that are not available to you yet, making you work double-time to increase your level and income, thus unlocking the supposed order.


Take It To The City

As fun as it is to farm in a virtual world of animals that look like Shaun the Sheep, farmers will also have to leave the farm in order to buy seeds, show off their farm, as well as expand it. This is done by visiting the City, which apparently is just one click away (how I wish it was really that easy). Some of the features are exclusive to premium subscribers, but gamers who are playing the game for free can still enjoy it without having to pay.



Premium Power! Power! Power!

Yes, apparently every free to play game out there must have something to fund it with. The game does have a premium subscription, and it speeds up farming and reaping by a mile. They also gain access to ‘insta-farming’ utilities that sort of acts like a bot that instantly plows, seeds, waters and takes care of the farm for you. I would consider it the lazy way out, but if you REALLY want to have the best farm around with minimal effort, then this form of membership is for you.



The Verdict

Much like Farmville, Farmerama is a farm game worth playing. I personally enjoy these types of games while working, especially since it allows me to pass time and reap crops without having to wait for countless hours doing nothing. It’s a great game, but lacks a bit of player-to-player interaction. I would suggest linking the game to your facebook account, as it allows you to invite other users without difficulty. Never farm alone!




-Good visuals

-Easy to learn

-Just plain fun for everyone

-literally everyone can play

-It’s on facebook



-gets repetitive in the long run

Chronicling the War of Legends

Chronicling the War of Legends

by Mitch Baylosis-Benesa (Syllica), OnRPG Journalist



In past couple of years, we have seen a proliferation of browser-based games especially in the strategy genre. For someone like me, this screams a challenge: how productive can you be in an hour? You focus on work, you chat, you think of your growling stomach, you try to beat that looming deadline, and you have duties in between at your palace. Uh-huh, I did say palace. War of Legends is one of the real time strategy browser-based games that is a welcome break for anyone who is bored or needing a somewhat, uh, productive distraction from life’s mundane activities. If you are a masochist for stressing over virtual politics and internal affairs on top of your real life work, then a tactical game like War of Legends should work well for you.



A King’s World


War of Legends kicks off with you choosing your preferred leader’s gender and then his or her class: the Warrior whose strength is invaluable, the Seer who specializes in defenses, and the Monk who can utilize the game’s artifacts. War of Legends has the same formula as any other browser strategy game: you establish a village, produce resources like food and copper, train troops, invade areas, and strengthen your area of responsibility. In this game, you aim to be the top “legend” of the game, “legend” being the name for a war lord. You establish a palace for your governance; you create buildings for warfare, and establish universities.



Never Neglect Your Education

Your tasks vary from basic kingdom building to expanding your territories. Aside from the usual military expeditions and exploration, you are also expected to respond to your citizens’ needs. You need to consistently check their loyalty and make appropriate decisions on how to pacify them should there be a decline that may lead them to abandon you. Your university is another thing that you shouldn’t overlook. Yeah, you’re probably hearing an echo of your parents’ voices telling you not to neglect your studies. You can’t escape it: this game will make you learn a lot of useful and beneficial skills for your kingdom like increasing your troop recruitment rate or cultivating of food.




War of Legends lets you perform two actions at once, so you can upgrade your garrison while some of your laborers build your market. The game also lets you explore different areas like Monoliths and Paradise as well as find treasures.



War of Legends’ player battles are turn-based and tastefully done. The environment looks appropriate for the Oriental setting and the key elements to the game are easy to understand especially with the helpful newbie tutorial. You can coast through this free-to-play game without having to pay for anything, but if you find yourself immersed in its game play (like I did since I’m also impatient), their premium packages will definitely be tempting.




–        Interesting player battle


–        Tasteful and stylish artwork. You won’t be led to this game just because some boobies are about to show



–        Same old thing has been done before


–        Can be slow moving

Aida Arenas Reveals Final Class: Ninja

Aida Arenas Ninja Unveiled



Game Bridger Entertainment has unveiled the fifth, and final, playable character class in its upcoming MMORPG Brawler, Aida Arenas. In his action-packed video debut, the Ninja shows off his nimble reflexes and flashy martial arts moves before diving deep underground to slice up some monsters with his dual short swords. GamerKraft is prepping Aida Arenas for a closed beta release in spring 2011. That means it could happen any day now!



As a master of speed and stealth, the Ninja can quickly enter the fray from the sidelines, launching sneak attacks and deadly finishers on unsuspecting foes before quickly escaping the scene like a true assassin. Never take your eye off a Ninja! Be sure to check out our Ninja Preview video here.

ACE Online Releases Tier 3 Weapons; Item Dissolution

ACE Online Releases Tier 3 Weapons and Item Dissolution



The latest patch for ACE Online has arrived. The new Item Dissolution system as well as the 3rd Tier of Slot Machine weapons!


For those out of the loop, ACE Online is a 3D space shooter that combines action and MMORPG elements. Developed by MasangSoft, ACE Online puts players in the role of fighter pilots and behind the controls of ships known as “Gears”. As the player battles in this intergalactic world at war, they will complete missions and engage other players in intense aerial dogfights.



ACE Online injects action and shooting elements into the traditional MMORPG formula. Players have complete control over their gear and must engage enemies directly in combat – relying on quick shooting and skillful maneuvering in order to survive. As players progress through the game, they acquire credits which can be used in the game’s item shop to purchase hundreds of customizable weapons and add-ons for their “gear”. Players can then fly their “gear” into immense online space battles as part of ACE Online’s “Nation Wars” PvP system. These RPG elements add a layer of personal customization and multiplayer strategy to ACE Online’s already action-packed gameplay.



Item Dissolution adds another layer of customization by giving players a new means of using their old junk or some of the other stuff that they pick up that does not have much use. Instead of selling them for almost no in-game currency, they can convert the useless items into Ion Particles which can be used to increase the capabilities of your PET as well as your healing items. As long as you can supply yourself with more and more particles, you can have an edge against the competition!


Also added with the new patch are the latest Tier of Slot Machine weapons! Always wanted to fight in style? These weapons offer another set of weapons for players to use in order to have their own unique style!