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Facebook As New Media For MMOs

Facebook As New Media For MMOs
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


One thing you just got to love about Facebook is that it’s not just a social networking site. Yes, compared to its predecessors, the site has indeed taken SOCIAL NETWORKING to a whole new level. Now people can upload videos, converse with a wide variety of people online, upload and tag photos, and… play MMOs? Come again?! Yep! That’s right! It would seem that social networking and massively multiplayer online gaming make a pretty good combination; in fact, getting people to play through Facebook messages seems to be more effective than through word of mouth. So what makes MMOs function so well in Facebook anyway? Let’s dive in and see, shall we?


And You Though It Was Just Quizzes and Comments

Heck even I was surprised after my friend invited me to Bite Fite, a Vampire vs Lycan web brower game now featured on  Facebook. In my opinion, promoting or having MMOs in social networking sites is a good idea, especially since people who are unaware of the game’s existence can try it out by simply logging on to their Facebook site. The best part about this is feature is that players are now free to try out different browser games in the comforts of their own personal page. There are tons of games in Facebook, and you can bet your arse there’s one for everybody. No installation required! Just log in, play, and enjoy. I myself have become addicted to their online poker game. Like I said, the site has more than just MMORPGS.


Just Quiz
Not just quizzes


Publish, Invite & Join

Need help? Is the Ice Queen too hard for you? Unlike other MMOs, you can actually request the aid of other people by sending them invitations which linkto your current situation. I’m not saying that people don’t regularly their email but after conducting a series of surveys, I managed to conclude that people tend check their social network pages more religiously than their email accounts. Come on! Would you ignore a friend in need? Baad friend… BaaAAAAd friend. Anyway aside from random invites, players can also publish their overall progress on their ‘wall’. It’s actually quite annoying at times, especially when your home page is flooded by updates like:


Publish Invite
Publish and invite


“Mandy has unlocked the A Valued Customer trophy. The Elders have bestowed Mandy with the gift of XP to share with their friends for a limited time.”


Free XP? I’m in! Apparently, each game has its own reward for new players, and since your friends are the ones earning it for you, it would be a shame to let these things go to waste. 😛


Graphics So Far

Alright, since it is STILL considered as a browser application, the graphics and visuals might not compete with existing client based MMOs, but seeing as how they are able to put Pet Forest in, I’d say there’s a bright future ahead of social networks (in terms of gaming, at least).


Graphics so far


Quality of games featured in Facebook

Facebook caters to different types of target markets. You have the girly teens who are mostly inclined to be expressive of their newfound styles so some snazzy model agency network game might pique their interest like Glamour Age (rival modeling agency espionage and virtual catfight, anyone?). There are also the “old school” choose-your-faction games like Pirates vs Ninjas for those who are still hung up on that idea. For the enterprising types, games that need micromanagement skills have sprouted like Restaurant City, Cafe Life and-God forbid I forget, Farmville. Speaking of ‘quality’ I was actually amazed at how beautiful Facebook’s games were. After reviewing tons of browser-based games online, I can say that I am truly impressed by the MMOs in Facebook. Not only does it exercise recruitment a lot better than browser games that allow players to send invites through email, it’s also aesthetically beautiful in every way. Unlike other browser games that tend to make you read a load of combat descriptions, these games actually have awesome pictures to show, as well as a beautiful interface that matches the theme at hand. Come on! POX NORA in the comforts of your Facebook wall? Doesn’t that scream QUALEETEE already?


Quality of Games
Quality of games so far


No Fear In Trying

Perhaps one of the reasons why people don’t wanna try games is that they get in the way of their everyday tasks. Some are not even aware of its existence, which in this case hinders them from trying out different games that they may potentially enjoy. Since the games are now featured in Facebook, you could say that players can now enjoy modern browser gaming while moving on with their mundane lives. Another thing would be the stereotypical outlook of games. The influence factor of seeing your friends play a specific game without you is actually a good way of making people play. Farmville would probably be the best example as I’ve seen countless people play it after seeing their friend’s virtual crops.




Last Remarks

It is quite astounding how games managed to grow this far, now stretching their overgrown tendrils towards the world of social networks. To be honest, I wasn’t really fond of Facebook games, that is, until my friends started to spam my wall with invites to Castle Age, Farmville, and Bite Fite. I suppose I was wrong to have judged these games so quickly, as they are definitely browser games of the highest quality. Oh! By the way, I’m not sure if most of you will agree, but the whole idea of auto registration is definitely a big plus for me. Once you allow the application to access your wall, you’ll be taken directly to the game with your real name and wall picture as your ingame name and character portrait. I’m a bit lazy when it comes to in game registrations so this system really worked for me. Anyway, to sum it all up, Facebook is a great place for MMOs. It has an effective recruitment system, an easy registration process, and most of all, a bunch of players to play with. It ain’t called Massively Multiplayer for nothing right? And how exactly could it be more MASSIVE than through a social networking site? 😉


Last Remarks

OC Racing Review: Who Said Racing Can’t Be Simple?

OC Racing Review: Who Said Racing can’t be simple?
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Racing games used to be the genre where the player’s goal was only to be the fastest and the best among the racers. However with the sudden success of underground racing games like the Need for Speed franchise, looking good while winning has never been so important.


OC Racing tries to deliver the thrill of the race and the satisfaction of having the most pimped up ride out there into a browser game.


Think of it and it shall happen

I have to make it clear though that when I said OC Racing tries to deliver, I really meant the game tries to deliver. The thing though is that the delivery of the racing and customizing experience fails to give you the experience you expect. Let’s start with the customization, usually when you have a car customization feature in any racing game, you get the preconceived idea that you would get to see how your car looks like when you purchase and attach the part to you car’s body. In OC Racing, you don’t. What the game does is give you a number of the customized parts you bought for your car with the default image of the car beside it. So the customization relies heavily on your imagination and nothing else.




Race? What Race?

Your imagination is also heavily needed in terms of the game’s races. Unlike racing games you don’t   have control of your car when it goes to a race so it’s a stats game from start to finish. There are some random factors that the game takes into consideration but if you play your cards right you shouldn’t have to worry too much about losing to a carefully picked race. The idea of using your imagination and relying on stats and car capabilities seem to be a solid enough concept on paper, however, if you are a race game fan this doesn’t cut it. The game loses the biggest reason why racing games are sought for in the first place, actual human driving. However, the game in its entirety is not a total let down. It does redeem itself a little bit with other game features and it does provide at least a competitive atmosphere to keep you playing the game.




Game Features

OC Racing not only provides browser-based racing and car customization, the game also provides alternative means of enjoyment as well. The first feature that is an entertainment feature is the racing team creation in OC Racing. You can look for or create a racing team of your own in OC Racing. There are no requirements except 10 credits which is the  in-game currency. Racing teams in OC Racing serve only as an identifying feature for players so that they can feel they “belong” to a group.


OC Racing also has a licensing system that gives you the drive to play the game longer. With the lack of any player control, the way for you to earn your licenses is to earn credits. Under normal circumstances, earning your license by credits or by any kind of currency is a blasphemy to racing games, however with the limitations of OC Racing, you can let this one transgression slide. The game also has an “underground” system where you get to pay and trade for illegal products such as weapons, drugs, booze and cigars. I think this is an attempt for OC Racing to be “hardcore” but the emphasis on numbers makes this attempt fall short in terms of providing you the “underground” experience it tries to provide.




Another alternative for earning credits and provide you the “hardcore” feel of the Illegal Street racing lifestyle is the slot machines and dice games you can play in OC Racing. Personally, I do not see the point of including this into the game because it does not do anything significant save for an alternative source of credit.


The Good Side

With a lot of problems in terms of gameplay preference and even the delivery of any kind of experience to players, OC Racing has, in fairness to the game, a huge library of cars and parts you can choose from. This serves as the game’s saving grace, even though it fails significantly in the different aspects of gaming I can say that if you are a true car fan, you would enjoy the numerous car choices the games car shop has. Aside from the car choices, the cars are ranked in such a way that it would seem that the people behind the game did their research. The problem is that it may be quite possible that it could alienate some gamer car fans who are loyal to a certain car brand or make, there is a possibility that this could affect your view on the car categories and rankings. However I’m just nitpicking the tiny details that do not really affect the game’s overall fun factor.




The other thing you have to look at in OC Racing is the depth of the game’s customization. You can customize your car with actual car parts of minus the brand. This gives the game a sort of “authentic” feel that makes it an enjoyable gaming experience.



Overall, I must say that OC Racing is a game that is appealing for a short while however, the lack of the experience of being behind the wheel eliminates half the fun of the game. I must really say that it is a nice attempt to mix the underground side of illegal street racing to the idea of OC Racing however it fails in the delivery.


There are times when I ask myself if this game is a racing game that tries to add the illegal aspect of racing or that if it’s actually an underground racing themed game. However you look at it though, I can say that car fans would enjoy this game more than your casual gamer so if you are it would not hurt to try this game out.


– The huge car library can make a car fan squeal with delight
– The customization feels authentic up to a point
– There are other things you can do aside from racing


– Lacks the racing feel
– Races are a numbers game hereby making it boring and dull
– You don’t see your car customizations on your car.

Runes of Magic: Trick-or-treat Taborea style

Runes of Magic: Trick-or-treat Taborea style


With Autumn casting its long shadow over the world of Taborea, Runes of Magic is preparing to celebrate all things ghastly and ghoulish with a newly expanded Pumpkin Festival event. On top of Runes of Magic Halloween favourites, this eerie event will offer up an XL haul of goodies, adding the Lil’ Pumpkins Trick-or-Treat and Pumpkin King games.


The Lil’ Pumpkins trick-or-treat offers visitors to Dalanis plenty of treats and more than enough tricks. This daily quest sends participants on a hunt to trap five pumpkin spirits scattered throughout the city before time runs out. These pumpkin pranksters are more than slippery and players might see their well-laid traps come up empty.


Runes of Magic is preparing to celebrate all things ghastly and ghoulish with a newly expanded Pumpkin Festival event


The Pumpkin King will also be holding court in Dalanis. In this event, his majesty will challenge players to a quiz that will force gamers to answers a series of questions by wearing their emoticons on their sleeve. Top treats are reserved for gamers who can obtain a perfect quiz score, but consolation prizes are available for those who get tricked.


This year’s event features the ghostly games of years past, including Kaz Madness, Monster Parade, Trick or Treat, and the Colored Ribbon Exchange.


4Story Halloween Party

4Story Halloween Party

Tear through the cobwebs, pull out your brooms and ride them through the eerie night It’s Halloween in TLBB!


Terrifying does not begin to describe the spooky events taking place across the TLBB EU ‘Dragon’ server and October 27th, 2010, marks the start of the Halloween period that will have players adopting a more sinister approach to their TLBB gaming.


Terrifying does not begin to describe the spooky events taking place across the TLBB EU 'Dragon' server


And who says ‘evil’ isn’t fun.


Legendary Champions Interview: Be Your Favorite Mythological Character

Legendary Champions Interview: Be Your Favorite Mythological Character
Questions by Kat Miller (Sareini), OnRPG Journalist
Answered by Tim Adams, Associate Producer


Legendary Champions is a F2P MMO from Aeria Games. In it, you play one of six classes, from Blade Dancer to Arcanist, along with the ability to transform yourself into one of 60 champions from myth and legend to become a powerful fighting force for a brief period of time. Aeria Games were good enough to answer some of our questions about their game.


OnRPG: Hello, I’m Kat (Sareini) from OnRPG. Can you please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us a little about what you do?
My name is Tim Adams. I’m the associate producer for Legendary Champions, which is basically another way of saying “the dude who makes things go smoothly.”


Legendary Champions Centaur


OnRPG: Can you give us some hints about the storyline of Legendary Champions?
The storyline of the game is based around two of the most famous generals in Chinese history. Basically, they’ve called forth some of the greatest fictional and non-fictional champions of the world to fight on their side in a battle for ultimate supremacy. The game is loosely based on Three Kingdoms mythology but also includes some awesome characters from Western history and lore, as well.


OnRPG: How did you come up with the concept for Legendary Champions – that is, the greatest figures from history and myth coming together?
The concept for the game was based around a “Wouldn’t it be cool?” conversation.  I mean who doesn’t want to ride into battle on a giant war hippo as Erik the Red against the likes of Alexander the Great or Dracula?


OnRPG: Were you looking for any particular things when you were selecting the cast of characters for the game?
When we were naming the characters we knew that we wanted the champions to each have a unique feel and an important place in history and mythology. For example, there is a giant werewolf champion, so we named him Fenrir, after the Norse and Greek mythologies. Another famous champion is King Arthur, although a slightly more modern version.  We figured if history had an interest in them as either warriors, or awesome fictional concepts for warriors then they deserved to be in the game.


Legendary Champions Character


OnRPG: Some of the characters featured in the game have appearances that differ from what people might expect from their historical portrayals, such as Beowulf with a chainsaw or Erik the Red and his mount. Is there anything you can tell us about how you chose the particular appearances of the characters?
First of all, I don’t think anyone would disagree with the fact that Beowulf wielding a giant yin yang chainsaw is really cool.   Aside from that we decided that a good approach would be to take the concepts of the characters as they are from history and then just embellish on them in order to fit the game world, which is pretty fantastical in itself.  The game is basically one big collection of super nerdy ideas about the heroes of days past.


LC Bear


OnRPG: On a similar note, for some of the historical and mythical figures in the game, you had several potential versions to choose from – Dracula, for example. How did you decide which version to use for each character?
The versions of the characters had to match the overall feel of the game.  At its heart, Legendary Champions is a faction versus faction PVP oriented game with DOTA elements.  We wanted the champions to look slightly realistic but also maintain a fun feel – so instead of the typical Dracula wearing a black cape with stark white skin, we chose to go with the stylish Dracula who looks like he could still kick your ass.


OnRPG: So far, you’ve revealed two of the player classes that will appear in the game – the Battlemaster and the Archer. Are you able to give any more detail on any of the other classes that will appear?
There are 6 classes total.  While I won’t go into all of them, I will give you a heads up on my favorite, the Blade Master.   The Blade Master is basically a whirl wind of death. It’s a melee DPS class that is also able to cast some really great party buffs.  One of my favorite aspects of Legendary Champions is that almost all classes have abilities that can help the group in some way.  


Legendary Champions Combat
Combat Screen


OnRPG: Will the various classes in the game follow the path of the “traditional” MMO classes – melee, ranged, healer, tank etc – or will the game be going in a different direction?
The character classes follow the traditional MMO standard in some way or another.  The major differences are that each class has skills that can help the party.  There are also hybrid classes like the Battle Master, which is a mix of melee DPS and group buffer. Or the Mender which can deal some serious damage while also being able to heal.


OnRPG: How necessary will grouping be in the game – will the various classes compliment and work well with each other, or will players be able to tackle content in the game without assistance from other players?
Grouping is a pretty big part of the game, however most of the quest content aside from the raids and elite boss monsters can be completed solo.   


Legendary Champions Boss Monster
Boss Monster


OnRPG: Is there anything else you’d like to tell us about Legendary Champions?
I would say though that one of the biggest features of the game is guilds.  Guilds play a huge role in the game, as the larger your guild gets, the more points you can accrue by completing objectives like killing monsters, finishing quests, beating bosses, etc.  These points can then be used to purchase guild skills which can act as a boon for all the players in your guild, for example adding +5% experience gain to all members. It’s pretty cool because guilds act as protection from other players in PVP, boons for raiding and hubs for socializing.  The features for the guild system are pretty in depth and I highly recommend that players get into the guild experience when playing Legendary Champions.

Kitsu Saga Unleashes Full Release, New Holiday Content

Kitsu Saga Unleashes Full Release, New Holiday Content


Aeria Games has proudly announced today that Kitsu Saga is now in full commercial release, with free, open access to all players, and the availability of an in-game Item Mall for premium virtual goods. Kitsu Saga, a colorful MMORPG that pairs players with wily fox spirits known as Kitsu on a quest to defend their homeland through magic and martial arts, is officially open to the public. Aeria is celebrating this milestone with a new content update, which adds festive new holiday quests and items to the game.


Adventure Awaits!


All Kitsu Saga players will have access to the limited-time holiday content for free, starting today. The cities and landscapes of Kitsu Saga have been populated by a plethora of pumpkins, which players can smash open to collect exclusive rewards. Four new quests have also been temporarily added to the game, which sends warriors into battle against fearsome new bosses, in exchange for new costume items – and, of course, candy.


Kitsu Saga can be freely downloaded and played at the official website.

Forgotten Elements Zone 2 Available Now

Forgotten Elements Zone 2 Available Now


After 18 months of development, 1.400.000 characters of program code and 250 liters of coffee we are proud to introduce you to Zone 2 of the online Action RPG Forgotten Elements!
Explore new icy areas and crystalline dungeons and continue your journey to meet the great seamonster Luzark!


Many new different monsters, challenging quests and powerful items are waiting for you in the new world around Terembora. The Crafting System now allows you to specialize on different crafting professions and raises the chance of creating valuable items.


Forgotten Elements


The new version is available now and comes up with many surprises and refinements, so don’t miss the chance and take a look at the official website!

Country Wars Online Review – A Small Game With Small Potential

Country Wars Online Review – A Small Game With Small Potential
By Bryan King (Bryan), OnRPG Journalist


Within an enormous egg, stands ‘Silvadoo’ the tree upholding the world. On the top three branches of Silvadoo hang the Sun, Star and Moon for each of the six continents upheld by the six branches below. Inside the trunk, nourishing the nine roots flow the ‘Waters of Circulation’, actually delicate web strands spouting from the tail of the black spider inhabiting among the roots of Silvadoo. It is believed that the world tree ‘Silvadoo’ nourishes on the vital energy and records of the history and fate of all living creatures within each string. ‘Airel’ a gigantic bird controlling the weather and season, flies among the skies of the egg, turning its’ cries into thunder, flaps into wind, tears into rain and changes rain into snow by its’ possessed ‘Nin’.


Country Wars Online, published by Cisos Software, is a game released after the closing of the Indian version, A3 India. Country Wars follows a storyline based on war, deception, and evolution of the land of Helmarsh. The game promises an “epic massive multiplayer online role-playing fantasy, action and adventure game”, but does it deliver? Let’s take a look.


Character Customization… or lack thereof

Country Wars Online has four classes, which are unfortunately gender locked. The Warrior and Holy Knight, your typical, toned, blonde haired, blue-eyed macho men. These characters focus on two different aspects of melee combat, the Warrior focusing on more aggressive combat types, and the Holy Knight focusing more on the defensive combat types. Next, you have your two females, both being the generic youthful, busty phenotypes that every F2P MMO gamer has come to know. The game offers no character customization beyond later armor choices, and this simply cannot compete with other games of this generation. Players don’t achieve any sort of unique looks other than armors that they may earn.





Following my favored archetype, I went with a Holy Knight and entered the game. Upon entering, I was greeted by being surrounded by a group of ugly monsters, named Memora. While reading the first quest the game, I noticed that not one, not two, but THREE of these monsters were attacking me at the same time. By the time I had realized this, it was too late, and I was already long gone…


This experience was the first bad moment of a long and painful beginner journey. After spending much unnecessary time having to find an unmarked NPC, I realized that my character wasn’t regaining health. This means that the only means of regaining HP is by spamming potions or being healed by a Holy Knight. Skills in the game are acquired by defeating monsters and a skill book being dropped from them, or purchasing them from another character. However, these books are often hard to find, and upon asking a high-level character in the game, take hours to days of endless grinding to obtain.


An interesting feature in Country is the Pet Shue system, this allows players to have a pet that grows along with them as they level, provide bonuses, and evolve along with your character.


Combat in Country Wars works in the fashion of clicking a monster, auto-attacking, and selecting a skill. Right clicking on yourself, monster, or an ally will activate a skill. The game works on a click-and-go basis, and this actually isn’t that bad for a game like this. It’s simple and easy to use, and can be very welcoming for a new MMO gamer, however, for more experienced MMO gamers who have been spoiled by better combat systems, this type of combat may feel blocky and be a bore.




The camera angles in the game often became obtrusive, and detracted from my game experience. To move the camera from left to right, you need to use the left and right arrow keys, and to shift the camera up and down on a vertical perspective, you need to use the up and down arrow keys. For a right-handed player like me, having one hand on the mouse to move and zoom in and out, and the arrow keys is uncomfortable. Having no way to change this (unless you fiddle with the .ini file, maybe) makes this all the more annoying. You can drag your middle mouse key along to move the camera, but doing this and clicking at the same time, along with moving? It just seems impractical…


One thing that is pretty unique about Country Wars was the fact that players can hire NPC mercenaries to help them in their travels. There are four classes available as mercenaries, Warrior, Paladin, Archer, and Mage. These mercenaries can use skills just like players can, and can often be the difference between life and death for a player, depending on what class mercenary they have. When your mercenary dies, you must revive him or her at the Bar (the same area you obtain one from). This system might be one of the saving graces of Country Wars, because it does offer something that isn’t seen in all MMOs.


An interesting thing, GMs held an all-out GM War last year, which apparently was an event to capture castles and earn points to win for their faction, Quanato or Temoz, each of which who have kings who rule the faction.





Country Wars Online’s graphics would be good… four years ago. The graphics don’t stack among most 3D games at all, but can be a practical solution for someone with an aged computer. The user interface serves its purpose, although the bottom bar can be a little too packed. The graphics within the game has many issues, first starting with texture errors, while moving, my camera often jumped to area under the game’s ground region, causing me to completely lose track of where my character was going, and even die at some points. It seems like a minor issue that can easily be fixed, but the game has been out for about two years and this hasn’t been fixed as of yet. In conclusion, graphics are fine for players with older computers.


Final Verdict

Country Wars doesn’t offer much to the average MMO gamer. However, for players with a very (VERY!) low-end computer, this game might be an option. It doesn’t offer much in terms of gameplay or graphics, and is relatively packed with bugs and glitches that can ruin a gameplay experience quickly. If you’re an experienced gamer, chances are this game will not be of your interest.


– Low requirements and good option for players with low-end PC
– Mercenary system
– Interesting and addicting pet system
– Recurring conflict between factions brings intensity.


– Plagued by bugs and glitches
– No character customization
– Skill system is painstaking
– HP recovery and certain game mechanics uncomfortable.

Nexon America officially launches Vindictus, the first true physics-based action online game

Nexon America officially launches Vindictus, the first true physics-based action online game


Nexon America announces the launch of Vindictus, an action-packed massively multiplayer online game that is revolutionizing the free-to-play market.  Collaborating with Valve, Nexon has created a breakthrough experience that truly brings physics alive in a brutally elegant world offering players epic adventures and grand challenges.


Vindictus is a physics-based action online role-playing game that combines stunning visuals with high-speed combat using Valve’s modified Source EngineTM. The modified Source Engine enables actions like throwing debris or enemy corpses, shattering walls, binding monsters with chains, dramatic hand-to-hand grappling, as well as affecting wear and tear on armor.


“With the launch of Vindictus, free-to-play gaming will never be the same,” said Daniel Kim, Nexon America’s CEO. “The high-quality content and amazing physics in Vindictus will make it hard for players to believe that this game is free. Vindictus is the leading example of Nexon’s efforts to forever change what players will expect from free-to-play games. More than that, Vindictus is just plain fun.”




At launch, Vindictus is unlocking a powerful female mage character, Evie. Evie and her magic skills join Lann, the male dual-sword wielding brawler, and Fiona, the female sword and shield bearing fighter. Highly anticipated by players, Evie can summon a golem, heal injured comrades and unleash fire bolts. Players will be able to access all three characters and the three available episodes at launch. Access tokens will also be refilled three times a week. Players who participated in the previous open beta phases will be able to transfer their characters, rank, loot and other earned elements during the official launch.


For more information, players can visit the official website

Star Trek: Infinite Space

Star Trek: Infinite Space will be a free-to-play casual browser game, set in the Deep Space Nine timeline. You can choose between two playable factions: Join the Federation or become a Klingon. The game uses Unity3D (browser plugin), no additional download will be necessary.

To ensure that a full Star Trek feeling is achieved, Star Trek experts Mike and Denise Okuda are assisting the production team. Lee Sheldon, the experienced game designer, author, producer and script writer will be writing the storyline and game missions.