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OnRPG Shotgun News 6/29: End of Nations, TSW, DFO, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/29: End of Nations, The Secret World, Dungeon Fighter Online, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Dungeon Rampage Announced


New Studio, Rebel Entertainment has announced it’s first game, Dungeon Rampage. 2 million players have already signed up for the beta on Facebook and have rated it as one of the top games. Dungeon Rampage is a multiplayer social action role playing dungeon crawler. It features six playable warriors which include a katana wielding ghost samurai and a hammer-wielding berserker. Players team up with friends in real time and play through dungeons full of monsters and deadly traps.



SOE Fan Faire Changes Name

Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire has become SOE Live. In addition to this change tickets have now been put on sale for the event being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be held in Bally’s Casino between October 18th and the 21st. Those who sign up early will receive $20 off the regular all access pass. This applies until August 1st when the price will go up to $139 for the whole weekend. There are also day passes, and evening passes with optional upgrades which include laser tag and brunch with the game development team.



EVE Alliance Tournament X


EVE’s Alliance Tournament X begins this weekend with Agony Empire vs Exiled Ones on Saturday, June 30th. This PvP puts alliances ships and modules on the line for the chance to win two new extremely powerful ships. Several auctions took place to fill some of the positions in the tournament.



Critical Strike Portable Launched on Android

Cross platform 3D first person shooter Critical Strike Portable (CS Portable) is now available on Google Play for Android. The game is now available on Kongregate’s game portal and Android and scheduled to be released on iOS soon. The game’s touch controls are designed to be smooth and responsive to create an equal experience across all platforms. CS Portable has both multiplayer and single player modes.



The Secret World Early Access


Early Access to Funcom’s The Secret World started today with invitations being rolled out throughout the weekend to everyone who has preordered the game. The first invitations have gone to those who ordered the Game Master pack which includes a lifetime subscription to The Secret World and a 10% discount for the ingame store. The game officially goes live next week with the lifetime subscription option remaining available for a short time.



Dungeon Fighter Online on Steam

As a continuation of news from earlier in the week Nexon America has announced that the very popular Dungeon Fighter Online has been added to it’s ever expanding list of free to play games available on Steam. In parallel to this release the highly anticipated Male Mage character class has been added to the game.



End of Nations Beta


Trion Worlds has announced a special multi-month subscription for RIFT which includes access to it’s upcoming game End of Nations. In addition beta sign ups are available on the End of Nations website. No dates have yet been announced with speculation on the forums that it is coming soon.

Dota 2: The Store Has Opened!

Dota 2: The Store Has Opened!

By Mohammad Abubakr, OnRPG Journalist



The release of the Dota 2 store did not come as a shock to anyone keeping up with the game. There has always been talk about the pricing model behind Dota 2 ever since it was first announced. After Valve officially announced that it will be a free to play game, the release of the store was inevitable.



Fortunately, the team behind Dota 2 at Valve have taken into consideration the balance issues that additional items may bring to the game. They have gone as far as unlocking all current and future heroes to all players for free! The items in the store are purely cosmetic and do not affect the game in any way.



There have been concerns about players being unable to distinguish between heroes because of equipped accessories but Valve is working to only allow items which match the game’s art style. As of now all the items blend perfectly with the game and hopefully this will remain to be true as the store progresses.



The most exciting feature in the Dota 2 Store is the integration of the Steam Workshop. For those that are unfamiliar with the Steam Workshop, it allows the community to contribute towards the game. Your creations get voted by the community and if they are popular and Valve approved, they will be added into the game to be used by the community.



The Steam Workshop will continue to bring in creative and well thought additions into the game due to the large number of users. You will undoubtedly see items that make you say, “That is so cool.” or “Why didn’t I think of that?” If the Steam workshop in Dota 2 is as successful as that in TF2, where Valve gave out over a million dollars in the first year to the contributors as their cuts of sales, we will see some great additions to the game.



Unlike other Action RTS (real time strategy), the cosmetic items in Dota 2 come in pieces. This is very similar to TF2 items and you have items for your head, body, weapon and back. You can mix and match any items from various sets to create your own unique look. These items are restricted to specific heroes to keep the heroes identifiable. There are also non-hero items such as couriers, taunts and announcers. I really badly want a GLaDOS announcer pack.


Dota 2 Loadout

To obtain said items, you simply play the game and have a chance to find items at the end of each match. This is very similar to the time based system used in Team Fortress 2. The chances are pretty decent to obtain items but there will be matches where you play for over an hour and end up finding nothing. It can be kind of confusing at first when you think you have found an item but it does not appear in your inventory, but keep in mind that the game displays all items found by all the players. Look out for your name under the items.



All of the items in the store are obtainable through simply playing the game except some tools such as keys. This makes it really easy to play the game without having to spend any money and still obtain all you need. You can always trade items for keys if you really want to open those chests.


The Backpack Menu

There are chests for each hero which can be opened by purchasing a key for a measly $2.49. Keep in mind that these small payments do add up quickly once you get hooked on opening chests. These chests give you a random item that is listed for each chest including strange items and couriers with effects.



If you have ever played Team Fortress 2, strange items work the exact same way. These are simply items which level up as you play the game. When they level up their label changes, however they are purely for cosmetic and stat tracking purposes. The requirements to level up the items range from kills to victories to trees summoned.



If you get very lucky you may end up opening a super rare item such as a courier with effects. There are various effects such as flame effects with random colors or nature trails behind the courier. Chests do tend to give many duplicate items and chances to obtain rare items such as couriers are very low. Once again, these are all cosmetic and are used to stand out in the game.



The battle point system has also been incorporated and acts as the leveling up system in Dota 2. For every game you play, you receive battle points. You require 1000 points for each level up which then awards you with a free item upon leveling up. This is a nice little system that allows unlucky players to have a guarantee of eventually finding an item. Battle Point modifiers may also be purchased to increase the rate of leveling from the Dota 2 Store. As of now the battle point system seems pretty useless besides showing how long you have played and receiving a free item upon level up. Maybe in the future this system will be used for level specific items. I am certain that this system will never be used to provide unfair advantages to higher level players in game.



Flaming Yak Courier


The market for Dota 2 has just begun to flourish and will hopefully evolve into the massive market present in Team Fortress 2. Even now the couriers with effects are going for over $60 each and these prices are bound to go up as limited edition items begin to enter the store.



I am personally very happy with the outcome of the Dota 2 store and cannot wait for new player contributed items. Eighty percent of the currently released items have all been community contributions. Hopefully everything will stay reasonable and fit in with the game.



Valve has also begun to sell Dota 2 Invite packages including an invite to the beta along with some items for $40 if you would like to play the game before release. I highly recommend trying this game but try to find invites elsewhere before committing $40 for this free-to-play action RTS. It’s not that it won’t be worth it, but invites can be found for less.

The Open Beta for C9 Starts June 30th

The Open Beta For C9 Starts June 30th




On June 30th Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), the OBT of C9 will begin, following the Early Access Event which has been ongoing since June 27th. Up to this day, WEBZEN focused on content development, localization, and various events to meet the player’s feedback to create a player-oriented game. For this, C9 had three previous beta tests, and the ‘C9 Championship’ finals that was successfully held during ‘E3 2012’ in Los Angeles.



C9 is a highly anticipated Action RPG game featuring but not limited to diverse PVP combat, endless skill combos, precise controls, and ultimate fury skill. With the start of the OBT, the classes available to play are Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade. Witchblade is one of the most anticipated classes in C9 that was added from the OBT that can specialize in either ranged frozen magic or splendid aerial combos.




Additionally, C9 has been chosen as an official title for ‘Game and Game World Championship (GNGWC) 2012’ global tournament event annually hosted by KOCCA (Korea Creative Contents Agency). This tournament will commence Europe region’s Finals in August, 2012 at ‘Gamescom’, Germany along with America finals in October. Finalist of each qualifying round will be given an invitation to the Championship Finals at ‘G-Star 2012’, South Korea, in November this year.



Jihun Lee, Head of Global Publishing, said, “We have been focusing on content development and to advance C9 into the world of e-sports.” He also said, “We hope many players will participate in the OBT and experience the new level of Action RPG”.



A new launch trailer has also been released to get players pumped up for the big day!

1100AD Online

Building an empire in the most turbulent of ages is a chore few will take on. But those that can and stand the test of time will be known as the mightiest kings of all time. Thus is the premise behind 1000AD, a browser based empire building title with tons of content, dozens of unique units, and plenty of smash or be smashed decision making.





Different Server/Different Model: Experience 6 very different ways to play 1000AD. Each server plays by its own rules to keep things dynamic and different each time you choose to start from scratch.


Massive Population: With over 2,000,000 accounts registered in the 6 localized languages, you will never be short opponents and allies to conquer and trade with.


Trade or Rob: Work in specializing your production and trade with allies to maximize production, or steal from your foes to speed up construction of your empire.


Real-Time Conquest: Experience browser based RTS in actual real time. Control your troops within the city as you conquer or defend your land.


Eternal Blade Announces Weekly Webcomic

Eternal Blade Announces Weekly Webcomic



Eternal Blade fans get yet another treat with the debut of an exclusive webcomic! With new chapters every few weeks, the webcomic joins a line-up of weekly releases leading up to the game’s 2012 launch. These “Fairytale Friday” events have also introduced the unique Aeon System and an idyllic video tour of the rich fantasy world.



Strange creatures have been appearing in the forest, and it’s up to Eternal Blade’s six character classes to put a stop to the evil force behind them. Penned by Elisa “LeeLee” Scaldaferri of Name Game and featuring original hand-drawn art, “The Nature of the Beast” webcomic showcases the game’s characters at their best – squabbling amongst each other just as they do on the official Facebook page.



Aeons also set the game apart: these spirit creatures enhance stats and abilities to create unique customization for each character. An Aeon can be created from the raw ether dropped by defeated foes, and when equipped it gains experience and enhancements as it grows. The Aeons range in type from the shadow-panther Kai to the ethereal ghost Torio, each with their own specialties and lore.



Eternal Blade adds another twist by taking the dungeon crawler formula and fusing it with the varied, open world of an MMO. “The Sights and Sounds of Eternal Blade” trailer tours the towns, fields, and dungeons that make up this sprawling open world over a calming score of in-game music.