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Tales of Pirates: September Official Activities Prevue

IGG ( is pleased to announce a series of new activities have been added to Tales of Pirates ( to meet our Players’ needs below:

Treasure Hunter
GMs will drop some treasure somewhere in the world! Useful hints will be provided, and only the first lucky finder can get the treasure!

Top Top Octopus
Want to challenge GMs? Want to get big money and sweet gifts? Okay! GMs will play Rock, Paper, Scissors (which we call Top Top Octopus) with you, 5 straight victories will get a big prize.

Streaking racing
You think you are tough enough, if you are self-confidence enough, take off your armor…
Let’s do a streaking marathon with the GMs together! Everyone who successfully finishes the marathon will get a big reward!

May Day Card exchange
There will be two more times only to exchange May Day Cards, if you got a lot of May Day Cards, come for nice exchange!! Do not miss it!!

Guild War
Who is the Strongest Guild? Who will build a new empire? Who will conquer the world? Show the strength of your guild! Let the world hear your voice! The top three Guilds will be awarded with a mysterious chest. Remember unity is strength!

Lucky Survivor
GMs have set up an arena in a mysterious place. A PK admin will wait out side the bar of Argent city. Groups of pirates will be sent into the PK site, after a furious battle—the only survivor will get the mysterious award from the GM.

Besides, there will be another surprise for you guys: In September, we will open double EXP every weekend! Do not miss the chance to level up quicker!!

For more about ToP activities, please visit the official site:

NCsoft Releases First Update To Its Free Download and Play Game, Dungeon Runners

Austin, Texas, August 29, 2007 – NCsoft® announced today the release of Dungeon Runners’first feature expansion, Chunk #1, an ambitious content update that includes player-versus-player (PvP) worlds, support for multiple characters, item linking over its chat system, a new high level dungeon, and a variety of new skills and quests. Most of the features in Chunk #1 are available to all active Dungeon Runners players except for a new set of exclusive member-only servers that will come online with the new expansion release.
Dungeon Runners is a free to download and play online multiplayer role playing game in a fast-paced sword-and-shield setting, where defeating monsters and evil enemies results in piles of loot and treasure.
Topping the features of Chunk #1 is PvP action. The Dungeon Runners PvP worlds eliminate all player-versus-environment tasks, focusing solely on player-versus-player combat in a variety of maps and settings. Chunk #1 provides two PvP session types including group practice PvP, which focuses on small PvP free-for-all maps where players can hone their battle skills without a time limit; and group-versus-group death match PvP, which automatically pits similarly powered groups in seven-minute matches.  
“The introduction of PvP combat to Dungeon Runners rounds out the features that MMO players expect to see in their RPG games,” said Stephen Nichols, NCsoft’s producer and lead programmer for Dungeon Runners. “Even though we provide most of our game for free, we are still able to regularly deliver large blocks of feature content and this is just the first of many additions to the game our players will see. Chunk #1, which includes PvP, will add a whole bunch of new content that will give every one of our players new challenges and new opportunities to have fun.”    
            Chunk #1 will also give players up to three characters for each account created so they can play multiple characters in a variety of shapes, sizes and sexes. “It is common in MMOs for boys to be girls and vise-versa,” said Nichols. “With multiple character slots, our players can take on whatever roles they like, depending on their mood.”
Additionally, Chunk #1 includes 70 new quests, several new armor sets and many new skills, including teleport, heal self and a skill that improves a weapon’s slashing ability, called “awesome cleavage.” A new, tough dungeon for level 75-100 players has been added where new quests, monsters and an all-new boss can be found. Chunk #1 will also allow players to trade items over their chat windows, which gives other players the ability to see the name and attributes of the items up for trade.  
This content update also includes improvement to player controls which reduce movement activation delays.
Dungeon Runners can be downloaded for free at Players can play for free or subscribe to the members version at any point for $4.99 a month. Members have access to more benefits including log-in queue priority, members-only servers, and access to the most powerful items, weapons and armor. Membership status also includes bank storage for hundreds of loot items and the ability to stack potions in one inventory slot to save room for even more loot.
To find out more please visit the Dungeon Runners web site at:
The game is rated Teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.

Client is Available Now!

Dear players,
You can download the client by the following link now:

Besides the link above, you can also download it from File Front:;8436461;;/fileinfo.html

Now you still can get an account of AoA by the following link:

Thanks for your support.

AoA OP Team

Suggestion Collecting Event——LetÂ’s make a perfect GWO!

Right now, IGG / JoyConnect Studio are busy working on the final stages of GodsWar ( development. In order to create GW as a real players’ game, the officials are holding this wonderful activity. Players who have dreamed of being a programmer or designer of an MMO game can now take this unique opportunity to make their dreams come true. Every suggestion will be viewed and evaluated prudently and any constructive suggestions will have the chance to be included in GodsWar design work.
Besides that, each player who gives us suggestions will be rewarded with the honor of making a special contribution to GWO and will have priority in experiencing the game as well.
Please head over to the Suggestion Zone ( to get more information and to submit your ideas. We wish everyone good luck!

Voyage Century Top Guild Activity

Voyage Century ( will launch its first large guild war soon. The champion will not only has their name immortalized on the Honor Board but also obtain 2 billion silver coins.

A large guild war for the Top Guild of each server will be hosted by the VCO Team. Is your Guild the strongest? Come and prove it.
Application location: Event Zone

Arrangements of the first round of Guild War:
Apply: August 27th, 2007—September 2nd, 2007
Preparation: September 3rd, 2007—September 8th, 2007
Declaration: September 9th, 2007
Begin: September 10th, 2007

Guild Level 4 or 5

Contents and Rules:
The Moderator will put the announcement of the Top Guild Activity up one week in advance. All Guild leaders will be able to sign up by replying to the official thread. Officials will make out competition arrangements randomly. All players should end the Guild War before deadline. Officials will select the winner to take part in the next round of competition until the Top Guild of each server is determined.

1. The Guilds are considered to have accepted competition rules after registration is completed.
2. The official will sort out and list competition arrangements randomly. All Guilds must battle according to the arrangements. NO EXCEPTIONS
3. The battle fund should be prepared by the two sides.
4. If a Guild registers but fails to meet the Level requirement by the day of competition, that Guild will automatically forfeit.
5. The registered Guilds should declare war at the appointed time. Or else, the two sides forfeit.
6. Players have to complete the war before the deadline and cannot delay the competition FOR ANY REASON.
7. There are no rules in the PK area; Players can use any skills, articles, mall items.
8. The prize will be sent out to the leader of the winning Guild, officials will not intervene in the distribution.
9. The leader of the winning Guild will receive the rewards through live-chat within three working days. You are considered to have given up the rewards after seven working days.
10. The officials will punish a Guild that breaks the rules.
11. VCO Team reserves all rights. Please pm vcbill if you are confused or have a question.
(During the preparation, our official will arrange personnel to join the Guilds and help the competition go smoothly, no personnel are allowed to join the Guild war or ask players for their account and password or ask private questions.)

First Prize (1): 2 billion silver coins.
Second Prize (2): 1 billion silver coins
Third Prize (3): 500 million silver coins
Total: 5.5 billion silver coins distributed.
The Top Guild will be recorded in the Hall of Fame by the VCO Team (The Guild must submit the guild sign to the officials)

A Preview of Armor for Summoners

The Official IGG site for Zu Online has announced a preview of the armor designed for the Summoners.

Summoners are the mysterious inhabitants of Desert City. Few people know their real features in all Secondary World. They are only keen on studying the spells of banishing souls and ghost-avoidance. They are alone and appear infused with black flames.

Summoners can not only change into monsters and use their power, they can also summon powerful gods to protect themselves or attack their opponents. It is said that high-level Summoners can summon the Ti-tsang Lord.

Summoners are the most industrious in the Second World. They study various spells all day long, everyday. They scorn both the noble clans and the demons. So they never admit that they fight for the forces of good.

There are sets of armor for summoners ranging from level 1 to level 6. Every set has two kinds; one bought and one found. Players can buy one of them in the armor shops in the game and the other can be obtained from mobs.

For more images please visit

Myth War Grand Sale in August and New Patch Available for Download

Myth War Online ( recently announced two tidbits of news for all players:
Hot August Nights Grand Sale
Here comes one of our short grand sales for this month. We’re coming up on the end of summer and here in the last days of August we bring you our Hot August Nights Grand Sale. From the 27th Aug to 31st Aug, there’ll be a big sale event in the Item Mall. During that time, you will receive a 30% discount on all items in the Item Mall, excluding Chocolates, Icy Crystal Packs,Super Power Packs and Constellation Packs. For more details please visit—
*Important* New Patch Available
The official site has released a new patch for players to download and add into the game before taking part in ANY new activities coming soon. The patch is about 33.3MB in size. To download the new patch please head over to…

August 31-the Time to Start Your Journey in Age of Armor

August 31-the Time to Start Your Journey in Age of Armor
Dear players, the 2nd close beta test of Age of Armor is going to start on August 31 9:00P.M. GMT-5.
There will be lots of activities for the 2nd CB opening celebration in Age of Armor, and you can’t miss it!
Activity 1: Time: 9:00P.M.—11:30 (GMT-5) August 31st 2007

We sincerely welcome you to join our 2nd Closed Beta of Age of Armor; the Beta will start on August 15th 2007. During the 1st Closed Beta, we found that a lot of players did not know the use of the crystals and just threw them to the shop. In fact, crystals are very useful to the players and this time we’d like to give each player 100 original crystals. If you follow the task of the recruit city, you will find them useful, and there is another mysterious NPC in the city, who is in charge of the Black Market in the bar……
1. The activity will start at 9:00P.M. (GMT-5) August 31, 2007.
2. Each player can get 100 original crystals from the recruit guide. Each player can have the crystals once only.

Activity 2: Golden Weekend: The experience will be doubled for the whole weekend. Enable the players promote their characters’ level in a short time.

For more news please visit the official site


Tales of Pirate: Union War Expansion Review

Since August 15th 2007, the new expansion – Union War has been launched in Tales of Pirates ( Right after the pirates updated their game client at no extra charge, the first impression they got when returning to the new ToP world was– honor, friendship and an adventurous spirit were even more important than before! To understand how it works, we would like to provide you with a full introduction to all the exciting elements of Union War!

Mirage Cities
In the new expansion, 3 mysterious cities have opened their entrances for top level (level 70+) pirates! Here even the lowest level monster could trigger a tremendous panic if it was discovered in the outside world! The three new cities are actually three new perfect leveling sites for top level pirates of different professions, with Mirage of Thundoria being for Champions and Crusaders, Mirage of Shaitan for the magic classes and Icicle for the sharpshooter classes.

Abaddon Expansion
This is actually a huge extension of the Abaddon System of the Caribbean Chapters. Except for the 4 original mazes, another 14 are available with even more terrific bosses and larger rewards as well! Once inside, pirates will have to confront extremely tough rivals such as the (level 80) Despair Knight, (level 100) Black Devious Angel, (level 120) Abyss Lord… and legend has it, the dreaded (level 200) Abyss Supreme!

Chaos Argent
Well, we can say without exaggeration, this is no place for the faint of heart! After entering the map, you’ll find the once popular, peaceful and harmonious capital city of Argent is now no different than the most chaotic and bloody battlefield! For the time being, only the toughest swashbucklers can survive cold-blooded PK rounds with their counterparts, and escape from horrible monsters who can launch attacks at any time and any where, to receive the great honors and vast fortune available here!

Mentor & Disciple
As a casual and friendly cartoon-styled MMORPG which is equally popular among hundreds of thousands of male and female players, the Mentor & Disciple system provides another wonderful opportunity for more experienced players to extend their friendship to new players, as well as giving new players a chance to develop skills and new friendships! More importantly, this is a complete win-win strategy for both the Mentor and the Disciple. Once the relationship has been established, Mentors who take good care of their students will be able to receive abundant reputation which is quite important in the new version of ToP, with the Disciples benefits including lots of gold, attractive items and reputation points as well. With one mentor allowed to take up to four disciples, ample rewards can be had by those willing to share their knowledge and skill. This will not only strengthen the friendship among pirates who share the same tastes, but help them to build up lots of new powerful clans, too!

New Key Word: Marriage
“Love” has always been one of the important aspects of ToP! ^O^ In Union War, this key element has been further emphasized again– pirates can now wear shinning wedding dresses and hold sensational wedding ceremonies in game! Even the adorable fairies can get married in Union War! Married fairies will be able to give birth to a new fairy, which will in turn possess funny skills as well as magical spells!

Undoubtedly, a genuine pirate must be full of adventurous spirit, and to a certain extent, we could say the interest of gambling is also included in that kind of spirit. Now in Union War, the funny gambling system will provide a perfect chance for pirates to test their luck! If they’re lucky enough, they could win incredible awards from sacks of gold to elite items!

Mystic Blackmarket
For pirates who are business minded, the well-known yet mystic blackmarket in Union War is a perfect place for them to realize their dream of having it all! And what do they need to have? Well, most importantly, an adventurous spirit!

Production System
This is a key part of Union War. Pirates can utilize it through the mastery of the newly available skills Cooking, Manufacturing, Crafting and Analyze. Once they possess these abilities, they will be able to create numerous sturdy weapons, tough armor, and exquisite gems. What should pirates make and how do they make them? Well, among the numerous options available now, pirates can decide for themselves!

Furnace of Immortality
The Furnace of Immortality is an equipment NPC located in the far east of TOP Chinatown—Spring Town. When they go to it, pirates will be able to purify and improve their gear, extract precious gems and repair their useful life skill tools.

The glorious rebirth of the characters, flying freely in the sky, with the blessings of an aura—well, in this cartoon-styled world, there is nothing impossible, noting unbelievable! Once pirates reach Level 75 and get the required reputation points of 9999, they can go find the Goddess on the Caribbean Island to realize their holy reincarnation!

New Apparel
The golden armor sets have brought a new shinning color to the Ascaron Continent. The all-new cool wedding sets will have pirates’ hearts full of enthusiasm and joy. With new apparel coming, Union War will begin many new fashion trends.

New Story Quests
In ToP, the numerous quests have kept pirates busy everyday. Now, due to the new quests in Union War, they will be even busier. The diversified story quests will allow pirates to experience more adventure, take on more challenges and also give them something to boast about later in a pub!

New Activities
One of the distinctive features of ToP is the in-game activities that are held often. In Union War, several more can be enjoyed—

The Hexathlon is a specifically designed activity for pirates of different levels who would like to take a shortcut to level up! Corresponding Exp reward will be given after finishing every quest. The more difficult the quest is, the more exp will be given. As long as you can complete all its 6 quests, you will be rewarded with considerable experience!

To become the winner of The Challenge Genesis, pirates will have to sail around the world! Courage, persistence and good sailing skill are always indispensable!

Above are all the basic introductions of the Union War Expansion. So far in Tales of Pirates, the developer has already released three expansions, namely the Spring Town Chapters (with an Eastern Territory theme), the Caribbean Chapters (with a Caribbean Mystery theme) and Union War. Every expansion is another great step forward for us and our Players!
For more info on Tales of Pirates and to enjoy Union War, please visit! Hoist your colors high and may the wind always be at your back!

For more about this ToP, please visit the official site:

Co-founder of NC Soft, Mr. Don Hong, joins Board of Game Entertainment Europe

Amsterdam, 27th August 2007

Game Entertainment Europe BV ( is pleased to announce that Mr. Don Hong joins their Advisory Board. Mr. Don Hong will be a valuable source of both information and influence and will play an important role in Game Entertainment Europe’s plans for growth in Europe.

Quote Don Hong

I am pleased to join the board of Game Entertainment Europe BV. The era of internet games is quite different from conventional computer games, that it is all about building personal relations among gamers and their own society with their own language. When I met Richard van Barneveld and Jurriaan van Rijswijk, I have found a great possibility thru their understanding, enthusiasm and adventurous minds on top of their game business experience in Europe. I wish that my experience in gaming field could benefit GEE and its management staff to ensure the success of the company.

Don Hong

After his study Computer Science at the University of South Dakota and two functions for Hyundai he founded with thirteen other people NC Soft Corp. His mayor milestones as CEO of NC Soft are the launch and service of NetsGo (SK Telecom’s portal) and Lineage. Although Lineage was already launched in 1998 it is still one of the worlds most popular MMORPG’s. It has among only three other MMORPG’s more than 3 million subscribers.
After NC Soft Don Hong was responsible for Thrunet Corp as Marketing director and founded WisePost Corp. He recently founded Purplei, a peer2peer micro money banking service over the internet.

Don Hong joins the current board members Prof. Dr. Willem Vermeend, Eckart Wintzen, Peter Kentie and Prof. Dr. Mark Overmars.

“We are delighted to have Don Hong in our Advisory Board. As one of the co-founders and CEO of NC Soft he was responsible for the success of Lineage. His experience of Massive Multiplayer Online Games has already proven success for us with our games in the European market. Therefore he is of great value for our company and help us a great deal to expand our business in Europe” says Richard van Barneveld, CEO of Game Entertainment Europe.

About Game Entertainment Europe

Game Entertainment Europe offers very attractive online community games to gamers in Europe. To offer the best game experience, the games are localised for the European countries. Game Entertainment Europe organises game mastering, user and community support as well as in-game events. The mayor title of GEE is Martial Heroes with more than 200.000 registered gamers one of Europe’s most popular free to play MMORPG.

The company’s head office is based in Amsterdam with a co-location office in Korea. Game Entertainment is also participating in a chain of European game cafes. More information can be found on