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Why MMOs Will Never Be Scary

Why MMOs Will Never Be Scary
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


MMOs have been very successful in a limited number of genres, primarily fantasy and science-fiction. However there is one genre developers have completely failed to incorporate into an MMO. Try as they might there has been no successful release with an even relatively authentic experience.


I’m talking about the horror genre. While there have been attempts such as, Gravity’s Requiem: Bloodymare, Joymax’s Dark Eden or even Hanbitsoft’s Hellgate: London they have failed so far in terms of truly bringing out the ‘horror’ experience they have promised to deliver. Personally, I really commend their attempts of something that I imagine to be impossible. I think that MMOs could never offer anything resembling a truly horrific experience, save for a few surprised jumps here and there and even that’s pushing things.


Fear Poster


I asked around to see if the MMO community thought the same about the failure of the horror genre in massively multiplayer games. After some time I stumbled across several reasons, some of which I hadn’t even thought of before my investigation.


Reason 1: the Idea of what is scary goes against the concept of MMOs

Fear is generally felt the greatest when a person is alone. What is more scary than alone in a dark world full of monsters that are out there ready to eat you. The fact that you can never be alone in an MMO is one reason why MMOs automatically fail at being scary.


Being alone in an MMO goes against everything this type of game stands for. It is practically second nature for MMO players to get together, form parties and beat up whatever monster they meet. MMOs thrive in player populations and in-game communities and MMOs are usually set up so group gaming maximizes the game experience.


Reason 2: the sense of helplessness is thrown out of the window in MMOs

You are never helpless in an MMO. There are always ways for you to beef up your character to protect itself from the oncoming horde of beasties you meet in a dungeon. As long as you are well prepared before setting out you will never be scared of dying in-game.


Think of those single player games like F.E.A.R. or Fatal Frame. Regardless of how prepared you are for the monsters you face, there is this sense of helplessness nagging at the back of your head because it seems that you are just prolonging the inevitable.


In F.E.A.R. you have guns, big heavy guns, but what can they achieve when you can’t even hurt the unseen enemies attacking you? In Fatal Frame you have the camera to beat the ghosts, but how long would you last until the next safe point? Always wondering how many shots you have left until you run out and just have to run, and hope for the best.


Fear Scissors

Clocktower – one wrong move


 I haven’t even included Clocktower into the mix. That game really puts you at odds where your character does not have anything to defend herself against a psycho with big scissors, one wrong move and it’s bye-bye for you.


Reason 3: MMOs are made for open-world gaming

One of the reasons why good single player horror games are scary is due to its good storytelling nature. The story is restricted to only one path which makes it all scarier, this adds to the helplessness feel of those kinds of games. The horror builds up as the story unfolds and you’re your character finds out why they are in their current predicament and how they can escape from it.


Good stories and how they are delivered add to the creep factor of why they keep us awake at night. MMOs on the other hand are not made for such things because it restricts players on a set path, which in turn makes the MMO lose the ‘freedom’, or sandbox sensation that the developers are gunning for.



Blood Spatter

Beautiful Blood Spatter


MMOs are better suited for open-world gaming where players can react freely and do as they please in the game even if there’s an overall storyline that is unfolding.


Examples of good open-world gaming MMOs are World of Warcraft and Age of Conan. Both games have a good lore as a backbone yet it doesn’t restrict a player of their actions in the game.


Reason 4: MMOs do not culminate fear and dulls the emotions

The core gameplay of MMO’s is repetition. You keep on grinding on the same set of monsters on the same dungeon until the experience points don’t even move your experience bar up one percent. This practice dulls your emotions enough that if you do get to play another MMO, you don’t even flinch at the sight of the angry demon spewing hellfire in your face.


The only thing this kind of gameplay fosters is the excitement of finally leveling up. Fear on the other hand is a culminating emotion where it has to be fostered so that when that climactic moment comes, you practically scare yourself so much that you can’t even shut off the lights in your room for a week.


Reason 5: MMOs can’t foster the proper scary ambience

The lack of an MMO’s capability to foster the proper scary ambience is one of the reasons why MMOs will never be scary. One reason is that you are provided with faceless characters that do not really illicit any kind of emotional attachment whatsoever.


The lack of emotional attachment to your character is one of the integral connections that are needed to provide that ‘scare’, while it may be true that the cardboard character system does invoke a sort of ‘personal touch’ in your character you’d still find it hard to be scared.


Dark Eden

Dark Eden isn’t scary


 Horror MMOs such as Dark Eden and Requiem: Bloodymare are decent examples of attempts into the horror genre. The problem with these games is that they feel like an MMO far too much to provide the scary nature that they promised to deliver.


I find it impossible for an MMO to be scary. The concepts behind these two games are polar opposites which would never ever meet. MMOs thrive on the impersonal relationships of game characters and their environment while Horror needs its audience to be connected to the environment as much as possible.


With these reasons I strongly believe that MMOs could never bring out a true ‘horror’ game. Companies may try to do so and they may finally hit that mark, however until that time comes I’m sticking to single player games if I want to be scared.

Racing Star: Come On Baby! Review: The More Absurd The Better

Racing Star: Come On Baby! Review: The More Absurd The Better
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG Journalist


If you’re into hardcore racing games, this game probably isn’t for you. Racing Star: Come on Baby is a MMO Racing Game that features babies who look more absurd than cute. The cars in the game are more cartoonish than realistic, which shouldn’t be a surprise since we’re talking about babies here. The in game vehicles revolve around running rhinos, box-type cars and other crazy vehicles.


Racing Star is a casual game that lets you pick a room to compete with various players. If you are familiar with games like Krazy Kart and Gunbound, the game respects and uses the same matchmaking feature. This makes it easier for players to challenge each other easily.


Starting up

Much like any other MMO, you’ll be asked to create your character before logging in. The character customization features are rather limited and you will be forced to pick between pre made babies from different countries upon starting the game. Babies also have their own pre made stats, which states their efficiency towards certain fields. After naming your baby, you’re all set. It’s a bit of a drag since most players demand a diverse character creation interface. I know we’re supposed to be focused on the vehicles here but it’s not like they’re driving Porsches right?


Racing Cute Wagons

Racing in bizarre cute wagons with silly characters


Yep, definitely an MMO

Your baby levels up as you race with other players, although unlike regular MMOs, levels are separated via ranks namely A-E in their specific bracket (Newbie, Pro, etc.). It’s actually refreshing to see a new form of level after playing countless MMOs. I guess I just didn’t expect to find it here.


Come on baby! Race like you’ve never raced before!

One thing about Racing Star is its impressive set of game modes that will keep players racing like crazy. Aside from the practice mode which lets players learn the in game controls, you can also play in single player mode, which lets you dash through the various courses of the game without having to worry about being overtaken. It’s a good way to learn the game, especially since most racing simulators have it. When you think that you’re ready, then it’s time to battle it out with other players online.


As I said, you can either join or create new rooms in order to challenge other players online. Experience points and in game money are acquired by participating so you might want to get started soon. Up to eight players can join a race in progress. You can disable a few slots for a tighter battle between specific racers, giving you a good dogfight experience to the finish line.


Not the peaceful type

If you’ve played games like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing, you’ll be quite familiar with the in game controls and item usage. Just because you’ve successfully overtaken another player doesn’t guarantee you a spot until you’ve witnessed his rage. Racing Star babies have cannons planted within their carts, allowing them to shoot you back to last place if you’re not careful. They can also pick up items as well as reserve them in order to gain the upper hand. It’s a very old feature, and may I say that I’ve missed it a lot. Thanks Racing Star.


War Paint Racing Star

Wear your war paints for this game


Baby Licenses? Cute…

Once you earn enough experience points to level your baby to a certain extent, you will need to participate in a license exam to test your skills. Once you pass the exam, you’ll gain access to more features. Kind of reminds me of Gran Turismo and Grid. It’s a huge grind to make, but it definitely makes it a lot more fun. Baby licenses, sheesh! What will they think up next? There are various licenses in the game which you must satisfy in order to level further. A bit challenging but if you could take the Ragnarok class tests, then this will definitely be a piece of cake.


Item and Medal Shops

The item mall is the best place to get something to personalize your character with. Aside from a hefty selection of gear and costumes, you can also buy emoticons to make the experience worthwhile. The items in the item shop can be purchased through in game cash (corn) and real money. Some of them have certain effects that can affect your game play (in a good manner) so choose wisely. As for the Medal shop, medals are acquired throughout the tracks in the game. These medals can be used to purchase certain items that can aid you in your “race-capades”. Keep a sharp eye out for those medals, because you’ll need them.



The graphics are pretty much your average everyday MMO graphics. Most of the elements look pixilated but quite acceptable since your eyes need to be locked on the road to avoid sudden drifts to kingdom come. The racers look a lot like their featured artworks (in the character selection screen) so, no problem there. All in all, I’d say the graphics are pretty amazing. Pretty normal, but definitely amazing.


The verdict

For an annoying baby game, Racing Stars: Come On Baby! does have a lot to show. It has a variety of awesome game modes as well as a bunch of combat features that will ensure a breathtaking dogfight between players. The visuals are pretty good and can be run with low-end computers, allowing it to build up its community of gamers online. So far, if I didn’t hate their faces so much, it would’ve been a dream game LOL.


The Good:
– Modes of gameplay
– Licenses
– Item mall
– Fun to play

The Bad:
– Annoying characters
– Bad character customization field (complete lack of it)
– Graphics may need to be tweaked
– Lack of items to buy.

Mytheon Official Closed Beta Begins

Mytheon Official Closed Beta Begins


True Games Interactive, an international multi-player online game developer and publisher, along with award-winning developer, Petroglyph, have launched a closed beta for their highly anticipated online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game play .  Until now only a limited number of fans had been allowed into the game but now the companies have begun distributing closed beta keys and are inviting Mytheon fans to join in on the closed beta test.  

Mytheon Beta Begins Join Key


“We know that our Mytheon fans have been dying to get their hands on the game, but we have hand-picked those who had access to this point”, said Peter Cesario, director of product development and new business at True Games.
“Development is an ongoing process and we now feel that the game is at a point where we are ready to really have the community that has been growing and building, come in and play-test the early game as we progress towards open beta and the official launch. We are very happy to get some early feedback that will give us an opportunity to make even more improvements.”
Players can join the closed beta by going to Mytheon’s official website and clicking on the “Sign up to play” button to obtain a beta key. All beta keys will be delivered via email a short time after registration.
Players who join the closed beta will find an experience like no other. All beta test players will experience the excitement of classical mythology come to life when battling a giant Cyclops or challenging the god Hephaestus to control their fate. During the closed beta test period, players will have several opportunities to play alongside the developers and give direct feedback. There will also be several contests communicated through the game forums and patch client at various times. 

Mytheon Fantasy Myth RPG Setting


Mytheon is an online, multiplayer action/RPG with strategic game play where players experience classic mythology come to life and challenge legendary gods to define their own fate. Players, or “Stonecasters”, are powerful humans imbued with the ability to cast spells, summon minions, and erect structures that aid them in battle. An assortment of classes are available that approach combat differently and offer a range of unique, cinematic abilities.

Tales of Fantasy: Class Preview

Tales of Fantasy: Class Preview


Tales of Fantasy is a massively multiplayer game that centers around the conflicts that emerge between competing factions. The below article presents more details about all the classes.
In Tales of Fantasy, we have 2 Main Class Divisions – Fighters and Spellcasters.
The 4 Basic Classes:
– Warrior and Rogue (belong to Fighters)
– Mage and Healer (belong to Spellcasters)
The 8 Final Classes:
– Gladiator, Sentinel (belong to Warrior)
– Marksman, Assassin (belong to Rogue)
– Summoner, Archmage (belong to Mage)
–  Druid and Priest (belong to Healer)
Skilled Warriors: A must have in any good party, the muscle bound class once again provides a steady bedrock on which to build a successful team. Whether they happen to be offensively (Gladiator) or defensively focused (Sentinel), when they’ve got your back, and possibly the front as well, no opponent lasts long.
Elusive Rogues: The class of choice for vanguards and scouts, the Rogue will advance to either Marksman or Assassin in the future. As a Marksman, no target, however minute or distant, will escape their eagle eyes and deadly accuracy; as an Assassin, no one will see it coming until it’s too late.
Powerful Mages: Masters of the elements, these cunning mystics are not to be trifled with lightly. Summoner and Archmage are the final step on the path of a Mage and they both open the door to great power. Summoners rely on their connection with nature to call up powerful, nightmarish beasts to fight for them, while Archmages utilize their vast knowledge of the arcane arts to rain pain and suffering on all who oppose them.
Benevolent Healers: The true heart and soul of a team, no one lasts long in a fierce battle without them. Healers are a fairly straightforward class, healing the wounded and dying, but their importance to the team can never be understated. Healers have a choice to either advance as a Priest, furthering their control of healing magic, or they can choose to follow the very essence of life itself, Nature, by becoming one of the mysterious Druids. Druids can shape-shift at will – either into an agile monkey, an elegant deer, or a sturdy bear.
Leveling your classes:
Once at Level 20, players will be faced with the choice that will decide their path in life. Once you have decided, visit the relevant NPC in the main city. All paths lead to power, it is up to each player to decide how to wield that power.
When you reach Level 25, the obvious allure of this game becomes apparent as players can then hop on their mount and begin galloping through the land!

Mounted Combat Tales of Fantasy Classes Healer

Space Conquer Review: I Have A Bigger Spaceship Than You

Space Conquer Review: I Have A Bigger Spaceship Than You
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


Space Conquer is a browser based MMO made by PLAYNITUDE. The game centers on building up your colony to eventually become the strongest leader on your little planet. The game boasts that it’s the first of its kind to incorporate space to land warfare without having a graphically heavy interface.


Something new?

When it comes to space browser games, the warfare that happens is usually exclusively done either in space or in the planet’s surface. While there is a browser game that does have land and space warfare as part of its battle system it does have separate space and land units. However, in Space Conquer the lines of space and land battles have been erased and your units can now attack another player regardless of where they are. Spaceships can destroy land based fortifications unlike in other browser games where you need to have land units to do such things. The battle system really is not that much of an upgrade. You still have a game that has the same goal as the other space-centered browser games, manage, earn and conquer.



The game’s interface is heavily interlaced with images and some animated graphics. This is quite a sight especially if you are used to browser games with minimal support from the interface graphic-wise. You see that the interface is not just your point-and-click text type of browser game. Normally, a browser game that is graphics heavy is a welcome change from the usual text heavy browser games. The downside of this kind of browser game is that the heavy graphics would take its toll in the gameplay.


Planet Overview


The problems of a heavy graphics game are not lost in Space Conquer. As expected, the game time is slower compared to other less graphically heavy games. The transition in-between actions in the game are slow compared to what it would normally take. Although the inconvenience is minor they would eventually annoy you if you play the game long enough.


Still Incomplete

There are areas in the game that are still not translated and that there are still grammatical errors found riddling the game. This would never really affect your overall experience but if you really like to nit-pick the little details then it would sure to annoy you a lot.



Gather Materials


The translation and grammar issues that riddle the game are just one reason to see the game in a bad light especially considering that the game is catering to the international gaming crowd where English is the primary language of communication. This only shows that the game still needs a lot of fixing.


Game Balance

Space Conquer has no game balance issues whatsoever. Normally, browser games offer a big advantage for players who buy their premium service because the game is first and foremost a business. However Space Conquer does not really offer any large advantages to the paying player all except for a measly 10% increase in various aspects of the game. The game does provide certain features that are blocked from the free-to-play players such as the fight simulator and simplified interfaces. However these add-ons are merely for comfort and convenience more than army strength increase.



Build Locations


Though it may be seen that it would be a waste for anyone to invest money on such minor increases, it is a good thing gameplay-wise that there is very little difference between paying players and free to play. This gives those who choose not to pay a fighting chance against the paying players.



For a game that boasts of having something new in the genre, the game feels more generic. The overall gameplay is similar to majority of games being released which have the same theme. The only thing that the game has to its advantage is that it has its own advertising video which normally you wouldn’t see coming from a browser based game. The whole game still needs to be polished if it wants to be on par with majority of the games out right now. The game still needs to grow and in an industry that has a lot of competition, it has to grow fast. The game is still young, with its live launch last year.



All Your Base


The extensive use of graphics in the intervals and during game play is an indirect way of telling you that you should get the premium if you want the game to play in a simpler interface. Of course, the game has to prove itself to be worthy of anyone’s money and honestly there are better games out there.


The game has nothing more to offer aside from the space-to-planet warfare. If you are a person who has already played a lot of browser based games of this sort, you would just be wasting your time. However, things would be different if you new to the whole genre. Space Conquer is a good game to begin with in terms of space-themed browser based games. The graphics-heavy interface and the simplistic linear gameplay is a good training ground for players who would want to immerse themselves into the game. Not only is the game newbie friendly the lack of any game imbalance issues gives new players enough breathing room if they go head to head with those who paid for the premium service.


All in all the game is good for players who just started out while I would suggest the more experienced and jaded players to find a different game to invest their time on.


– There game has a lot of visuals compared to normal browser based games
– Game page automatically updates after construction
– Purchasing premium points does not affect the overall game balance.


– There are still areas in the game that are not translated to English
– Loading time is slow and very much affects the smoothness of the gameplay
– The gameplay is slow-paced so expect long wait periods per construction.

N.E.O Online Official Release Date Revealed

N.E.O Online Official Release Date Revealed


PlayOMG has announced that N.E.O Online is scheduled to launch at 7:00PM, March 2nd (PST). N.E.O Online will provide an all-new gaming experience that enriches the elements of traditional MMORPG. Set in the mystical world of Gaia, players take on the role of an adventurer who is tasked with solving quests and fighting against monsters across the wonderland.

Due to the class-free system, players can choose very different paths for developing unique heroes. The Chaos system allows players to change the world between peace and chaos status, where players are free to join regional PvP battles and earn better rewards. Not only was the launch date revealed but exclusive events were announced, too.

The events will include:
– Cash Items Giveaway: Players that create character will receive an exclusive package consisting of helpful cash items.
– Take the poll to get PlayOMG bonus points for shopping in the item mall.

Those who are PlayOMG members or have social accounts including Facebook and Yahoo, are welcome to play the game. For more info on the game feel free to visit the Official Website at:

?N.E.O Online?Release event page:


N.E.O. Online - Release Date Announced

Immortal Empire

Immortal Empire is a free to play multiplayer tactics roleplaying game developed by Tactic Studios Inc. and is available for download on PC on Steam. In Immortal Empire players can control their own party of immortals, using them to destroy any creatures that might stand in their way. Solo play consists of a campaign with a mysterious storyline, but players can also enjoy playing with or against each other in Gauntlet or Versus modes. Take on any challengers and defeat every wave of enemies in your path in Immortal Empire.


Varying Immortals: Immortals like the Banewitch, the Druid, and many other types will allow you to outfit your party to your liking.

Automated PvP Matchmaking: PvP matchmaking is automated and will allow you to quickly find other players to battle against.

Dialogue Choices: As you make choices with different dialogues throughout the game they will influence the relationships that are built.

Marching Towards The Online World

Marching Towards The Online World
By Kei Beneza (dividelife), OnRPG journalist


Remember those days when you wanted to play Legend of Mana but just couldn’t order the AI to perform the same way you do? It’s pretty easy to press start with the second controller but quite hard to find a player to help you out. It’s undeniable that MMO games have created quite an impact in our gaming meta. Having a persistent world where players can help each other without the discomforts of partying up with AI is definitely a lot better than waiting for a friend to pick up the other controller. When it comes to multiplayer options, MMOs are the sure winner. Despite the graphics and extensive gameplay of most single player games, it does get a bit lonely considering the fact that you’re playing with a bunch of people that aren’t real to begin with. Isn’t that why they try to make really smart AIs? To mimic real people.


Pseudo CS


Bye Bye low population and second player!

There came a time when Counter Strike was just awesome, catered by internet cafes that even seem to be full during school hours. I remember hunting for players and challenging them on the spot to see which team would emerge victorious. Yes it was good, but everything was limited to your community. It gets tiring you challenge the same people over and over again. This is perhaps what makes the online world special. No longer will you be limited to challenging the same players over and over again, for the world will be your playground. Online multiplayer games have been around on the PC longer than consoles, probably because it was the only unit that was capable of connecting to the internet. .


more multiplayer functions 


Sir, I think we definitely need more multiplayer features

After enduring the painful solitude of console gaming, I finally had a piece of redemption after acquiring the Modem for the PS2 and of course the default one for the old Xbox. It felt good really; I was no longer limited to challenging the people in my neighborhood. The gaming population wasn’t that huge in my country back then, and we would host weekly casuals just to see how well we could perform up front. As time passed, more and more online features were catered for by consoles, allowing us to play without the discomfort of needing to meet up in one place.


Ragnarok Online


Ragnarok Online

You could say that this game arrived just in the nick of time, for it was in that boring time when our country acquired its first MMO. It was happy and awesome in every way. Persistency, the ability to talk to other players, dealing with online merchants, it was all good. At that point, I saw people give up console gaming for this new interactive game. The online world is definitely what NPCs and merchants in the old games represent. If you think about it, they do flood the place with NPCs in RPGs with a fork-based answering system to at least come close to making them real.


Is this the future 


Is this the future?

When it comes to the gaming meta, it’s a known fact that gaming has reached the online planes. Wherever you look, be it the Xbox 360, PS3, or Nintendo Wii, there’s no denying the fact that a game’s online content is what makes it a non-linear rent type game. You could say that being online and multiplayer tends to boost a games replay value (Just look at Halo and Killzone 2). Single campaigns are special in their own unique way, but you definitely won’t play the same scenario for 3 months (repetitively). Online Multiplayer has been embraced by the Meta, definitely due to its ability to remove the linearity of each scenario.


Multiplayer is Mandatory

Even portable platforms like the Nintendo DS and PSP are starting to join in on the fun. Launching games like Resistance (PSP) and Animal Crossing (DS). I’m not sure if we’ve entered the final benchmark of online gaming but I’m sure it’s bound to evolve sometime soon. You have to admit, it’s hard to say that we actually saw it coming. A portable platform going online? If you think that’s weird, then you just got to see what today’s phones are doing. Aside from browsing the internet, some games on the iPhone and Blackberry are also capable of online multiplayer as well as online leader boards. Competing with other players has always been a treat. You could say that it’s becoming a mandatory feature.


soft copties


Soft Copies?

I was actually surprised after seeing what the consoles were offering now. Here you have a marketplace of games that you can purchase without getting a hard copy. Upon purchasing PSP games on my PS3, I was actually a bit iffy about it. Seriously, these things weren’t armor sets in your favorite MMOs. You buy them for a fair amount of money even though you can’t hold them physically just as long as you can use them. Games however aren’t the only things you can purchase through your consoles. Movies and music can be acquired the same way as well. Although it’s an old feature for PC users, being able to stream things on your HDTV through your console is indeed pretty cool.


A Dawn Of A New Age

Movies, music, games, interaction, and more can now be acquired online, indicating that everything is indeed moving forward. I used to be that you would just buy a game, finish it, and then let it gather dust in your collection. Exactly how good are you in fighting games? Are you the best fighter in your neighborhood? Then I guess the only way to know would be to pair you up with a bunch of people whom you’ve never faced before. The Online world is a world of endless opponents. Not only does it increase the level of interaction between players but the lifespan of a game as well. I guess fighting games aren’t the only competitive type of games now. FPSes, MMORPGs, RTSes-for sure we are on our way to opening windows for more and more possibilities… as we march towards the online world. 

Altis Gates: Delve into the World of Shapeshifting

Altis Gates has recently wrapped up its closed beta. While the gates to Altis are now temporarily closed in preparation for the next beta phase, the game made quite an impression on all the brave warriors who explored its wonders. If there’s one feature players can’t get enough of, it has to be shapeshifting.

Champions all across the great expanses of Altis have a chance to obtain Shapeshifting Cards by defeating fearsome monsters that roam the land. Unlike classic horror movies in which characters turned into hideous and savage creatures of the night, the shapeshifting feature in Altis Gates allows players to transform into adorable-looking monsters found in the game.

When players use Shapeshifting Cards, not only will their appearance change, but their characteristics and behaviors in combat will even mimic those of their new forms. For example, when a warrior class character turns into a Skeletal Archer, his attacks will also change from melee to ranged attacks. When characters transform into monsters with massive bodies, like Treants or Snow Demons, they will gain added resilience but suffer a decrease to their agility. Shapeshifting is much more than a mere change in appearance.

Shapeshifting Cards not only provide another dimension of gameplay, they also help players level up faster. After using a card, players will enjoy 10 minutes of double EXP. What’s more, it is stackable with other EXP buff effects. If a player already has a double EXP buff, using a Shapeshifting Card will give them a whopping 4 times their usual EXP gain for 10 minutes. With all these great benefits, it’s no surprise Shapeshifting Cards are among the most sought-after items in Altis Gates.

Even now, we are working hard to add even more variations to Shapeshifting Cards to ensure more exciting possibilities for players. What shapes will YOUR hero discover when you enter the land of Altis?

Altis Gates - Shapeshifting Cards have absolutely nothing to do with this screenshot