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Conquer Online: Do the Pumpkin


The nice folks over at Conquer Online have sent us the following news:

Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Give me something good to eat!
If you don’t, I don’t care.
I’ll steal your underwear.
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
I want something good to eat!
Trick or treat! Trick or treat!
Give me something nice and sweet.
Give me candy and an apple, too.
And I won’t play a trick a trick on you!

Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but smile in memory of the good times I had every Halloween night. It is something every kid should get a chance to try. And that is exactly what Conquer Online had in mind when they planned this event.

On Halloween, numerous Pumpkins await. Try your best to treat, to smash, and to enjoy yourselves!

Duration: Oct. 30 to Dec. 1



   1. Players above level 70 can login through the event page to check your online time in Conquer.
   2. Your online time in Conquer will be calculated every three days (There are 11 rounds in all). Players who meet the requirements will gain chances to smash some Pumpkins when the previous round is over.
   3. Time Calculation will start at PST 0:00 on Oct. 30, Nov. 2, Nov. 5, Nov. 8, Nov. 11, Nov. 14, Nov. 17, Nov. 20, Nov. 23, Nov. 26, and Nov. 29. (Time calculation will end at PST 24:00 on Dec. 1 and you can no longer participate in the Pumpkin Smash after PST 24:00 on Dec. 2).
   4. You can claim rewards from the Prize NPC (Market 185 170) after you have gained rewards from the Pumpkin Smash.
   5. You can swap your online time in Conquer for Pumpkin Smash chances. It’s a 100% guaranteed win!



15 Hours ≤Online Time?18 Hours
 1 Chance for Pumpkin Smash

18 Hours ≤Online Time?30 Hours
 2 Chances for Pumpkin Smash

30 Hours ≤Online Time?45 Hours
 3 Chances for Pumpkin Smash

45 Hours ≤Online Time
 5 Chances for Pumpkin Smash



   1. No more than 5 daily chances for Pumpkin Smashing per player.
   2. Online time refers to your normal login and log out operation. An abnormal result, such as server down or disconnection may cause some problems towards your result.
   3. It is recommended that you login to check the event page or use your lottery chances within 3 days after the previous round is over. In this case, you won’t lose your chances for Pumpkin Smash.



Conquer Online Wishes you a Happy Halloween

The OnRPG Jack O’Lantern Contest

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

In this fiendish night of screams, they laugh until it haunts your dreams. Flying like ghouls in the darkness of the night, filling your room with dreaded fright. LOL! I’m no good at this. Hey guys and ghouls, it’s time to celebrate Halloween along with your favorite MMOGs. Yes ghouls and goblins (and I’m not talking about the World of Warcraft ones), the spirit of Halloween is truly in the air. Pumpkin monsters, Headless Horsemen, everything is set to prepare us for all Hallow’s eve. It has been a while since MMOs started to join the whole Jack ‘o Lantern scene, which is why we at have decided to make the first ever “MMO Jack o’ Lantern contest”.

Aion HalloweenThe Aion Cut

Looks like Aion managed to start the fight well with its traditional Jack o’ Lantern cut. Crooked witch-like teeth, the wide smile, triangular eyes, yep! It’s definitely the classic traditional Jack o’ Lantern. This design is probably the easiest face to cut. If it’s that easy for us human beings, those sword-wielding characters must’ve carved that face in less than a minute. It’s actually quite funny that a new MMO like Aion Online would resort to such old tactics.



Cabal HalloweenThe Cabal Action-packed Cut

Hmm, it would seem that Cabal Online have worked hard on this one! As you can see, the pumpkin’s shape is well emphasized on this one. As you may have noticed, the game used the traditional Jack o’ lantern and bloated it up to amazing proportions. The smile looks terrific and the lighting inside the pumpkin head is captivating. Awesome Jack o’ lantern right there folks.


Perfect World HalloweenThe Perfect world smiley cut

This isn’t a jack o’ lantern, this is Mr. Perfect carved unto a pumpkin head. It’s actually the first time I’ve ever seen such a Jack o’ lantern… The perfect teeth, the happy eyes, this should be a Jack o’ lantern benchmark (LOL). Looks like it’s focused on the fun side of Halloween; then again, it looks much scarier than the original Jack o’ lanterns. Sheesh!



World of Warcraft HalloweenThe PREPARED World of Warcraft cut

Hold your headless horses! It’s not over yet! It would seem that World of Warcraft had something up their sleeve. Hmmm, that grin is pretty scary. First of all, the detail on this polygonal pumpkin is just way awesome. Azeroth’s pumpkin has fangs instead of the square-ish teeth. There’s no doubt that the citizens of Azeroth came well prepared. Oh wait… that’s me O__O!


Ragnarok HalloweenThe 2d Ragnarok Cut

2D is not dead yet folks! Ragnarok has entered the competition as well. There are 2 pumpkin heads in Ragnarok online, one from a monster and one worn by players. What’s good about the 2d pumpkin is the way it delivers its details. As you can see, shadow effects are a lot more effective and a lot more visible in 2d than in 3d. It’s a masterpiece, possibly something you would want to wear, but does it have the influence to actually beat the other pumpkin masters of the MMO World?


MapleStory HalloweenThe Gigantic Maple Story cut

And yet another 2d pumpkin cut. Now instead of being an interactive pumpkin, this one is fully there for aesthetic purposes, giving players a good view of the gigantic pumpkin. This is perhaps the biggest pumpkin (comparing character scales from each game of course) that entered the competition. Awesome detail, the features were nicely cut, and on top of all that (literally) a nice finishing touch with the witch’s hat. Nothing can probably scream Halloween like this big sucker.


FFXI HalloweenThe Final Fantasy Hat o’ lantern

Speaking of hats, Final Fantasy XI has come up with their own version where instead of cutting pumpkins, they button patches into it in order to define its features. The detail isn’t that bad as well. With its patched up eyes and diamond grin (or is it a frown), this pumpkin is a formidable entry.


Guild Wars HalloweenThe Guild Wars cut

Yeah, it’s pretty hard to judge the pumpkin when your eyes are locked onto its awesome body (LOL). Introducing the Guild Wars entry! Much like WoW’s pumpkin, this head reeks of evil. The glow detail is quite exquisite, giving the head a much frightening look. Guild wars also made this entry rather dark, making the lantern glow a bit more threatening. I can’t say for sure if Guild Wars has this competition nailed, but it looks like their Jack o’ lantern is going to be one of the top competitors.


Flyff HalloweenThe Cut for fun Flyff Cut

And again we have another happy jack! This one is a bit more threatening for a happy non-fanged jack o’ lantern, and unlike other lanterns, this one has its mouth slightly closed. It’s more like an evil smirk than a smile really. Its eyes are positioned in an upper-triangular angle, allowing that grin to send its “I will kill you and rip you apart with a smile on my face” look.



Shin Megami Tensei HalloweenShin Megami Tensei’s Pyro Jack cut

And for our last entry, we have Pyro Jack from Shin Megami Tensei. Nothing takes Jack o’ lantern more seriously than this fellow right here. Here we have a creature with named Jack with a pumpkin for a head and to top it all off, he’s carrying a lantern! This Jack o’ lantern doesn’t glow much like the ones from other games, instead the glow is exclusively locked unto its eyes, giving it a more horrendous look. It also carries the witch hat along with a cloak that seems to match the whole setup.




It seems that all of our competitors have done a splendid job at carving their respective lanterns, and although we would like to declare em’ all as winners, only one lantern can emerge victorious. So without further adieu, the winner of the Onrpg MMO Jack o’ lantern contest is




Yes I’m stalling…





Just a few more….




Come on! Drop pressing down and hit the mouse wheel already!








Yes folks, the detail of this baby really matches the whole idea of Halloween, it provides the horror, fun, and spirit of all hallows eve. The other MMOs did a pretty good job, but this one managed to stand out regardless of its tough competition. Anyway, that concludes this bout of hooks and spooks! See ya next year. 

Dragonica Online releases brand new archer job class content

Dragonica Online has released all-new content for The Archer, one of the four job classes players can choose from. Archers strike enemies down from long distances with supreme accuracy.  By mastering the skills of the Archer class, players can evolve into Hunters or Rangers.

– Specializes in bow, one of the hardest weapons to wield;
– Proficient in run-and-hit tactics allowing them to use guerilla ambushes and lightening quick take downs.
– Have keen senses which allow them to apply their skills, hunting and trapping game to combat situations;
– Hunters can outwit their enemies by clever use of their environment and summon animal spirits for additional firepower.
– Swift practitioners with a crossbow, adept at traveling through any terrain at high speed; 
– Capable of firing successive projectiles at a rapid clip while dashing past pursuers.
THQ*ICE recently announced the official grand opening for Dragonica Online and is hosting a series of fun-filled events and contests for all registered players including their special Halloween event, Nights of Fright.
Dragonica Online is filled with a rich storyline, beautiful lands, challenging boss battles, and comical skill moves.  It redefines traditional arcade-style fun for all types of MMO players!  It is rated ‘E10+’ for Everyone over the age of 10.

Dragon Oath Begins Open Beta

Dragon Oath, a free-to-play martial arts MMORPG, is now open to all gamers. Its server “Zion” opens at 4:00 P.M. (PST) Nov. 5th after a 12-hour shutdown starting at 4:00 A.M to allow users to download the new client.


New users are encouraged to sign up at and explore the expansive world of ancient China. Dragon Oath boasts over 300 different martial arts skills, 136 armor sets with up to 116 million combinations of weapons, over 200 pets with different attributes, 100 automated daily in-game live events, and much more!


Many exciting features have been added to Open Beta, like “Soccer Field Battle”, a monthly event that lets players battle against an onslaught of killer soccer balls, and “Martial Battle”, a PvP battle in which representatives from each class will be transported to a special battle arena to combat with one another to prove whose class is the best.


“We had over thousands of players log into Dragon Oath during the closed beta phase. We listened to what they had to say, and while we were not able to accommodate every request, we made numerous changes we think players will appreciate that help bridge that canyon between Western and Eastern designs” said the Dragon Oath’s Localization Manager David Markowitz.


To celebrate the Open Beta launch, the ChangYou team will hold special events both in-game and off-line. Many great gifts such as iPods and Facebook Cash will be given away. Current players who already became Kung Fu masters would love to guide new players and pass on experiences to help them start the path to Kung Fu supremacy. For more information, go to!


Dragon Oath has successfully run in Asia for three years and has over 75 million registered players. It has smashed records in the Eastern markets reaching 850,000 concurrent players at any given time. The game is set in ancient China and is based upon the mythology of the eight races of non-human deities described in Buddhist cosmology. It has a large emphasis on teamwork, community building, guilds, marriages, and master/disciple relationships.



Dragon Oath - A fierce Duel

Lands of Hope Review: There Is Hope For This One

Lands of Hope Review: There Is Hope For This One
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist

Lands of Hope is a browser based game that centers around the world of Myzan, a land torn in strife and conflict as the ruling king was deposed from his throne. Your story in all this is that you are a traveler trying to make do with everything that is happening around.


Lands of Hope’s gameplay is similar to RPGs of old. Everything is done by point and clicking, from moving around the map down to fighting monsters and PVPing. The game uses the typical gameplay system and has nothing new or revolutionary to offer the genre. Given that the system used by Lands of Hope is old-school RPG, one would expect that a browser-based game of this kind would surely be a time-consuming game especially when you move around the map. However, the game plays fast for a browser based game. There is minimal to no refresh time whenever you click on a tile in the map, which means you are immediately placed where you clicked. This can be quite unnerving and surprising for those who have already made a preconceived idea about the game like me.


On the other hand, Lands of Hope’s battle system takes on a different pace as the movements because it is turn based. The game’s fast -to-almost-no refresh rate really shines through in the battle system because you won’t have to wait that long to see what happens after you act.

LOH Battle System


I would have to say, Land of Hope’s interface is one of the best I’ve seen in a browser based game. The game maximizes every available space in the given area unlike in some browser based games where you would get larger chunks of black areas because there’s nothing on it. Also, the game has extensively used graphics and images in the interface that you would never really have a problem understanding what you see. This makes the game newbie friendly too.

The interface already has everything you would need without making you open another browser. You would have the map the battles the guides and the shoutbox already in the interface. If you would want to send a private message to someone in the shoutbox just click the person’s box and the actions interface found on the upper center area would immediately change into the message system.

I really must say that I am totally impressed with Land of Hope’s interface. Not only is everything given to you with just a click of the mouse, the interface is tailored to make players enjoy the game without going through the usual muck of sifting through a lot of browsers. You can even change the color theme of your interface. However, the choices are kind of limited but it does make the game a little less serious and a little more fun so to speak.

Job classes and leveling

When it comes to game classes, Lands of Hope has your staple set of job classes that you would usually find in any other MMO. You have the melee, the range and the magic users that you can choose and there’s the special Gladiator class for those who are Hungry for some PvP. There is one job class that you wouldn’t normally see in a browser game and that is the Apprentice class. This class is the non-combat class and is designed for crafting.

Character Creation

Under normal circumstances, browser games don’t have the crafter class in their job classes because one would expect that no one would use such a class especially in browser based games. Also, the game is surprisingly easy to level. You can reach level 100 in less than three days if you know your way around the game and play it straight through. Your character also goes through three stages of job class advancement however, paid players and those who are using the Gladiator class would only experience.


The Apprentice job class is Land of Hope’s attempt on going outside of the box and introducing a job class and playing style that is not normally used in browser based games. We’re accustomed in seeing different job classes that are combat oriented. The only variation these job classes have is that the type of offensive or defensive style they’re using and the stat growth. This is normal in browser based games because one would expect that it’s going to be hard to level in browser games without battling. However, the Apprentice class introduces what we would normally see in MMOs as a class that does not battle. It can never equip armors or weapons and it doesn’t have any offensive skills whatsoever. The Apprentice class only has gathering and crafting as its skills.

If you would put this job class in the MMO perspective the variety of ways a player of this class can level is through leeching of a party, killing monsters on his or her own or crafting to earn experience points. Lands of Hope uses the third option as its way of earning experience points for the job class. The game is right to suggest that this job class is for experienced players only because being an Apprentice is a tedious class to use. An apprentice would really have to know the game because you would need the know-how to where to get those materials you would need. Plus, add the fact that gathering can be a boring thing to do especially in a browser based game.

Difference of Paid and Free

In every browser game there would always be an issue when it comes to money. Lands of Hope, regardless of whatever merits it has still needs money to make the game run. The game has various perks when it comes to players who are willing to spend a buck. The first and most prominent of which is the level cap. Paid players can level up to a thousand while those who are playing for free are stuck at level one hundred. There is an alternative for players who opt to play the game for free and want to experience reaching up to level one thousand. The Gladiator class enables non-paid players to reach level one thousand with the setback of having a more difficult route. Paid players can purchase extras which unlocks extra professions, extra character slots and of course the premium items for your characters. Lands of Hope also has expansions where the purchaser will be given more maps and dungeons to explore. As of this writing there’s about five expansions you can choose from and the theme varies from pirates to the Jurassic era.

Premium Content


I really must say that Lands of Hope exceeds a lot of my expectations. This is the first ever browser game that I have experienced that puts something more than just “exp booster” in its premium item shop. Also, the game seems to have been taken care of the admin quite well. The game has a lot of things done nicely, from the job class, to the interface and so on. To be quite honest, if I were to choose any other browser game out there to spend my buck on, it would be Lands of Hope.

– The interface is very well done
– Traveling in the game is a breeze
– Everything you would need is just a click away.

– The interface may overwhelm those who are not used to an interface like this
– Non-paid players can only reach a certain level
– Majority of the gameplay is premium.

Runes of Magic releases Patch 2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis

The latest patch for Runes of Magic paves the way for brave groups of adventurers to journey into the heart of the Naga Empire. Patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ also adds the Halloween Pumpkin Festival into the online role-playing game, together with some long-awaited elite skills for the Elf classes and a territory expansion for the ‘Aotulia Volcano’ zone.
Until now, the huge Naga Acropolis in the volcanic territory has been inaccessible. With ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’, the gates of the fortress are now open and so is a special district inside the zone which will challenge players. Countless elite henchmen occupy the walls and trenches around the Acropolis – Naga troops have set up their camps all around. Solo players don’t have a chance here; only well-equipped groups will ultimately get to face off against the leader of the Naga army: King ‘Sharleedah’ will provide a tough battle for adventurers and can only be toppled by extreme force.
In addition to the new district, patch ‘2.1.2 – Storming of the Acropolis’ offers Elven players some new elite skills for their dual class combination. Minor changes in the interface, new titles for their avatars as well as fixing a few bugs have all been included in today’s update.

Runes of Magic - Elitezone Aotulia Volcano

CABAL Online Europe: Invasion of the JackÂ’OÂ’Lanterns

It is the time of the yearly Halloween celebrations, as friends and family all across CABAL Online gather for fun, laughter and even a scare or two!
The shop is full of special Halloween items and over the course of the next seven days a whole host of events and competitions will be run to celebrate the festive period.
Yet just as the celebrations are set to begin an old threat has returned, with reports from all over Nevareth indicating that an enemy thought vanquished a year ago has returned. The reports claim of seeing the huge Jack’O’Lanterns and the time has now come to take up weapons, to search out and destroy these invaders, and allow the Halloween celebrations to continue. The Jack’O’Lanterns appear to move towards the most popular travelling routes, and pose a grave threat to the ordinary citizens. Brave souls, Nevareth needs you!
The Jack’O’Lanterns are of varying level and strength, giving an opportunity for all players (even those new to the game) to take part in the battle. If killed they drop handsome rewards, including Halloween tickets which can be collected from all monsters and exchanged for prizes.
The event will run until November 4th.

Cabal Online Europe - Halloween Event

High Street 5, the latest Stall System

High Street 5 arrives with the Sweet Whispers Version 2. This Version will present with you the Stall system. The Stall System will provide you a platform to experience the thrill brought by making profits through selling in-game items to your fellow players!

Now, you need only to purchase a ‘Stall’ at the in-game Store to run your own start-up in MetroCity (No trading is allowed in the dance halls). Apart from making a good profit by buying low and selling high, you can also earn Flexi Charm Scores to level-up your Charm Level, thus obtaining the new Charm Titles!

Please see the detailed information here.

Highstreet 5 - New Stall System