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PimpFights – Online Strategy Game to tes

“, the only place online where you can put on your purple velvet suit with Zebra print trim and get your pimp on. Pimpfights is a turn-based strategy game where you play the part of a pimp on a mission to control the city with your power and money. You will master the skills of pimping your hoes for cash, commanding your thugs to go into battle with other wannabe-pimps showing them who is the real-pimp of the city, and showing your leadership skills by starting a crew and leading other pimps, like yourself, to success! ” They are not kidding. This game is absolutely amazing. In the game you are a pimp who is in charge of thugs and hoes. To get money you take your hoes and scout them. They bring in the cash and also attract thugs to come back to you. You take control preping your thugs for war, buying them weapons and keeping them happy on weed. It all goes to hell when you start attacking other wannabe pimps who are trying to get you. The best thing out of this whole game is most of the rounds you can actually win CASH $$ PRIZES.


Ferion is a great game. It’s a turn based strategy game, and once u get the research done, its a great game. There is an option to expand the game even more, which unfortunatly costs money, but at a small fee. And there is a great referal system that they have goin. It helps after a while, it just takes a little at first. but in the end, it pays off. It really is a great game, and i suggest u check it out.