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Angels Online: Wallpaper Design Contest and Client Updated Note

As the Totem Battle goes on smoothly and successfully, more and more players are joining Angels Online ( Meanwhile, the Angels Online team from IGG ( want their players to be as involved in their game community as they are. So they will be offering huge rewards for the player(s) who can create the best desktop wallpaper design.

Event Duration: Feb 28th to Mar 17th

Event Rewards: 300 Item Mall Points

Event Rules:
1. Works should have Angels Online as its theme, and the topic should be 1 of the 4 seasons, spring, summer, autumn, and winter.
2. The Angels Online logo should be included.
3. Photoshop or other software can be used to help you with your design; well-designed, unique, funny or topic-oriented works are preferred.
4. The format should be JPG, 1024 x 768 px
5. Works containing offensive, vulgar/obscene, or inappropriate contents will be rejected.
6. Post your works with your character name(s), account(s) and server name(s).
7. If there are duplicates, the one sent first will count.
8. Participants with 1 account can submit more than 1 wallpaper.
9. IGG reserves all the copyrights to works you submitted and all rights for final judgment of the contest.

For more info about the event visit:

The latest version of Angels Online (V1.0.0.7) including Totem Battle and some new Lucky Bags (Item Mall) is open to players now. Please visit the official download page at

Secrets of Zu Revealed: Part 1

Today the Zu Online ( ) team has been kind enough to give up their precious time to talk to their players about their stunning new game, Zu Online.

When it comes to the world of Zu, all players have been amazed at not only the quality of the graphics but also the way they translate something so foreign into something so familiar. Not only is the game based on Chinese mythology, as well as featuring many aspects of Chinese culture, but the landscape itself immerses all players into and unmistakably Chinese world.

From the dark washed out watercolors in the background that remind one of a classic painting, to the distinctly Chinese mountains that constantly loom over the landscape, players are constantly reminded that this is not their traditional western RPG and they’re definitely not in the Middle Ages anymore.
For more information visit the official Zu Online site at:

Challenged by the Xiongnu (P v P)

Challenged by the Xiongnu (P v P)
[Shanghai, February 27, 2008] Is your Kung Fu strong enough? Who will become the hero respected by all in the World of Kung Fu? Take part in the Arena Challenge Event! Challenge evil soldiers and traitors, defeat them, and enhance your reputation!

After the 4 Great Spies succeeded in collecting military information from our beloved Middle Kingdom, the evil King Rugida of the Xiongnu is becoming more and more intense about his invasion plan. However, the rumors of powerfully skilled Kung Fu warriors in the provinces are making him nervous.

Needing to verify these claims, King Rugida decides to send his most trusted general, Apsical, and a team of his best warriors to test the might of these warriors by declaring a challenge of ‘honorable’ combat in the Master’s Arena.

Do you have what it takes to prove your skill in Kung Fu against the best warriors of the Xiongnu? Will you accept their challenge and gain the respect of the Great Masters? Do your part to help prevent an invasion, and send the traitors running back to their king with tales of brave warriors with unbeatable Kung Fu!

Breakthrough on Gametribe on February the 29th!

p>To Gametribe, a special day means creating a special event for its Tribe!
We invite you to spend a day like no other on your favorite game!

For this special day, Gametribe will organize the following events in game:

  • Kicks Online: Double XP for the football fans, the playground is on fire!
  • Infinity : Double XP too for the beat‘em-all button-bashing-maniac!
  • Dream Of Mirror Online : old legends are told by the minstrels of Eversun, old legends about the Day that Should not Be, old legends about a monsters invasion…
  • Dekaron : Closed beta starts with Triple XP for all the lucky beta testers! And this bonus will last for the whole Closed Beta duration!!


Enjoy and celebrate this “Leap Day “ with us !

ArchLord Episode 3 – Exclusive First Look and Naming Competition at Connect 08!

Codemasters Online are thrilled to be able to offer Connect attendees a world exclusive, first look at the brand new Episode 3 content being prepared for the Western version of ArchLord.

Attendees will get the opportunity to sit down with members of ArchLord’s Production, Community and Quality Assurance teams and check out all the planned new zones, items, skills and improvements that Episode 3 promises.

As an extra feature we shall be giving all attendees the chance to suggest a name for the episode, and the winner will not only see Episode 3 using their proposed name, but they will win an exclusive piece of framed artwork of Episode 3 featuring the chosen title.

Big sale on WYD Global

Big sale on WYD Global
It’s a great time to celebrate as WYD Global announces new items and discounts in Merchant Nell this February 26, 2008. New mounts with huge stat-boosting properties, Lucky powders with 100% chance of successfully refining items and silver wydens that will grant you huge amount of gold are the sure top sellers in this newest premium zone update. If that is not enough, God packs used to change from mortal to god characters are now sold 50% less than its usual price! Visit to have the complete list of new premium items.

More PVP action!
Rujiper Broken, a boss in the 10pm Legend of the Chaos Devil quest, will now drop Laktorerium pack containing 5 pieces of Laktorerium powder. So party up with your friends and guildmates! Kill those who will try to get the reward from you and be the team that will defeat Rujiper Broken. Want to know more about the other game updates? Visit

Angels Online: Credit and Rank

Angels Online ( has attracted tons of players’ attention since its Open Beta Test started. This game prides itself on its cute characters and captivating in-game systems. Today Angels Online team is going to give their players a little preview of Credit and Rank.

“Angel Credit” is used to measure Angels’ performance in Eden. If you only kill monsters in Eden and contribute nothing to the world and community, your Credit would be relatively low, and Credit determines your Rank in Eden.

How to Obtain Credit:
Do Quests: Accepting quests from NPCs and helping them solve various problems (some quests can be done repeatedly) is a stable way to obtain Credit.
PVP Battle: Participating in the upcoming Totem Battle or donating various materials to the Totem of your faction (building totem) will also enable you to obtain Credit.
Craft Recipe: Angels who belong to the production system can obtain Credit by making goods according to the craft recipe they collect.
To Obtain Credit in the Fighting System: Finishing quests and killing enemies during the PVP battle.
To Obtain Credit in the Production System: Craft recipes and building the totem for your faction.

For more information about rank functions
please visit us at:

World Championship League 2008

World Championship League 2008
World Championship League, or WCL, made its opening salvo last February 16, 2008. WCL is a Kingdom War-type league wherein WYD players from Korea, Japan, China, Brazil, Philippines and Global server fight it out to be the best WYD server. WYD Global is relatively new to the game and to the league format compared to WYD giants Korea and Brazil. Will WYD Global make a stand and be the best WYD server?


WCL Match WYD Global vs WYD Korea
Last February 19, 2008, WYD Global faced off with the WYD powerhouse – Korea. The two servers fought a battle of power as each team rushed to kill their opponents’ king. The Koreans are the first to kill the Global Server’s General but shortly, Global managed to dispatch Korean’s General. An intense rush followed. Both Korea and Global are destroying each other’s barracks and disposing the guards. After a few more minutes, Korea got the upperhand and killed the opponent’s King. The Korea won the match and gave the Global server its first defeat.
The next match for WYD Global will be on February 22, 2008 against Philippines. Will the Global Server stand up now and win? As of the meantime, enjoy the video of our first match between Korea and Global server

Server London will be move to Great Britain

As of next Monday (Feb. 25th), Server London in the US will be moved to a server based in Great Britain to better accommodate our European players. We anticipate this change bringing smoother, uninterrupted game play to its users. The new time zone for this server will be GMT.

For a better gameplay experience, please feel free to comment on these changes at:,1.html

Tales of Pirates: Anniversary Celebration – Kylin Armor Event

The Tales of Pirates ( team has been holding a Kylin Armor Event to celebrate its first anniversary. In this event, players will have a chance to obtain the advanced equipments: Kylin Armor and Black Dragon Tosrso.

Event Duration:
From Feb 15th to Mar 31st EST (GMT-5)

Event Contents:
To return our players’ continued support for the Item Mall, the Top 100 players with the highest consumption in our item mall will be rewarded with a special ‘Tales of Pirates Anniversary’ gift.

1st Place to 3rd Place: Kylin Armor (Limited Edition)
4th Place to 10th Place: Black Dragon Torso
11th to 100th: Happy Holiday Magazine

Kylin Armor state:

Defense +100
Physical Resist +30
Strength Bonus +10
Agility Bonus +10
Accuracy Bonus +10
Constitution Bonus +10
Spirit Bonus +10
Max HP Bonus +1000
HP Recovery Rate Bonus +10

Black Dragon Torso state:

Defense +82
Physical Resist +26
Strength Bonus +8
Agility Bonus +8
Accuracy Bonus +8
Constitution Bonus +8
Spirit Bonus +8
Max HP Bonus +780
HP Recovery Rate Bonus +4

For more about ToP events, please visit the official site: