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VCO Guild Riot Makes the World War Intricate

VCO Guild Riot Makes the World War Intricate

Voyage Century Official claimed that there would be an expansive world war breakout in the game. Now how’s the world war going on? It is said that the players are hot discussing this topic on the forum, even leading a few riots. What’s happened?

To their surprise, the brave warriors are receiving riddles by succession. In the face of coming world war, players from all countries are blood-boiled to fight for their patriotism, and for the truly voyage dream at the bottom heart. They are quickly responding to the call and gathering in the stronger form guild actively. With subtle preparations they are confident to be the final winner. Though a few days past, there isn’t any hitting drums and flaming fire. Instead the world war comes to be a riddle and no successive news from Voyage Century Official. When the war will breakout and how to take part in it? Being anxious about it, players post at the forum to discussing hoping that some insider could release some valuable news. But still no replies and it seems to be kind of mystic of the world war. Some guilds can not wait and allege to disband the guild.

Could this world war really going to happen? If it could, when will it be?Confronted with impatient players, will the official give satisfactory reply to their questions? All the riddles will uncover soon. For more information about it please stay tune with the official site.

For more information about it,please visit:

World War Breakouts at Voyage Century

World War soon will breakouts at Voyage Century. The warriors all around the world coming here for the common target—-they are gonna to strive themselves for their country, for the justice and their truly dream.
But how can this World War happen? It could turn back to the Great Continent in 15 century when English establish the eastern India Company. The turkey monopolizes the only land way to the East. In this situation, who control the water way, who will monopolize the economy on the sea. The European countries, like Netherlands, France, Spain and England are all eager for it. An extensive world war is underway….
In Voyage Century the time goes back and the history of the magnificent situation of the great geography discovery of the navigation age reappears, when the European naval forces looked for century for a commercial route to the mysterious continent in the east.
Then the World War—-siege war is unavoidable. Due to years of management in Voyage Century, guilds all over the world grew stronger and stronger. Some guilds even exceeded the king’s power so that the king became a puppet and didn’t have the ability to protect his country. How to solve this problem? The king decided to entrust some big guilds in Voyage Century to control and protect his city. To the big guild in Voyage Century, this is a great opportunity for them. They can control the city and obtain important military materials from the country. So, Siege War is crucial to the development of guilds. The kings of other countries also realize the cabal and follow. Thus, an age of cabal, opportunity and chaos befalls.
Your join will make a difference to the war. In Voyage Century the World War is coming around the corner. Do you want to join this war and devote yourself to your country? Do you want to fight in the line with your compatriots at the frontier or join the strategy-making? Maybe you miss the first city launching,but it doesn’t matter. You can join the war at any time for other cities. You may miss the election for the main force, but you can also become the stronger backup force, the indispensable part in the war. Also, it is the amount of the membership that a very important aspect in appraising the war results. So hurry on join us in Voyage Century.
Every individual must hold himself responsible for the prosperity of his country. War is the catalyzer of human civilization. War makes individual brave. World War in Voyage Century is not a singe battle but the war of justice, the war of patriotism. For the honor of your country, warriors go fight!
"Free game? First-class service"
Please check the official site: for more details
The first 3D nautical online game brings a new age into MMORPG!?

The Art Institute to teach classes Online Via Second Life

The Art Institute Online Launches Student Community in Second Life
Online Courses Will Be Taught In Virtual 3D Learning Environment

PITTSBURGH, PA – The Art Institute Online, a division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, has opened a student campus in Second Life, a virtual online community, which will be the forum for a new Business Communications course. The faculty, realizing the potential for a rewarding learning experience, credits student interest in Second Life as the source for the course’s development.

Developed by San Francisco-based Linden Lab, Second Life is a rapidly growing and constantly changing 3D MUVE (multi-user virtual environment) where residents can discover a world of exploration, socializing, creativity, self-expression, and learning. The online society uses real-time 3D streaming technology and runs on proprietary software that students can download from the Second Life web site at

Second Life allows The Art Institute Online students and faculty to create avatars – or cartoon-like characters – that interact with one another and are controlled via keyboard and mouse. The course will be primarily asynchronous and students will have the opportunity to communicate in an environment that lends itself to socialization.

The course will involve both constructivism (learning by doing) and simulation-based learning. By providing real-world objects, structures, and scenarios, student ‘players’ will be able to apply knowledge of business processes and techniques associated with the real world to this virtual environment

“An environment such as this takes advantage of lateral and community-based learning,” said Jeannie Novak, Academic Program Director, Game Art & Design/Media Arts & Animation at The Art Institute Online. “We are always striving to create that within our current 2D online courses and this certainly takes lateral learning to the next level.”

“We are very excited to be a part of something so revolutionary,” said Kate Kelleher, VP of The Art Institute Online. “Our venture into Second Life is a wonderful complement to our creative online education and is sure to provide our students with an innovative and quality learning experience.”

Instructors say the Second Life class experience is particularly enhanced for online learners. In Second Life, classmates and instructors don’t just communicate in chat rooms; they can actually see one another — or, at least, digital alter egos — on screen.

“Students will always know they’re taking a course,” said Novak. “But they’ll be playing a game in the process, which is what serious gaming is all about.”

The Art Institute Online joins other colleges and universities that have set up campuses on virtual islands, where classes meet and students interact in real time. “I believe The Art Institute Online is truly revolutionizing online learning by developing this innovative course,” said Novak.

Jan 29th –Feb 4th Guild War Tournament Report

The latest Guild War Tournament has finished! In Server Missouri there were 15 participants, in Server IAchernar there were 10, in Server California there were 10 and in Server Alps there were 12. The great champions are listed as below:
Guild: Heros
Master of Guild: Deceiver

Guild: Pandora
Master of Guild: Fiery

Guild: Genesis
Master of Guild: Sparrowsong

Guild: AngelicTemplar
Master of Guild: gontxo

Sweet Blessing, Amazing Valentine! ——Myth War Online ValentineÂ’s Day Activity

It’s said that everyone is born to have a soul-mate, and it’s just a matter of bumping into them sometime somewhere. Well, do you dream of a sweet relationship with your soul-mate in Myth War Online? Join in MWO Valentine’s Day Activity which will be held on Feb 14th, 2007.
It’s easy to take part in the fun activity. We need two players of opposite gender to team up and convey their blessings to St.Valentine. Later all you have to do is waiting for the sweet Valentine’s gifts to come! Wanna know more about the gifts please click
Also the super cute and interesting new pet called Chinchillas will make its debut during Valentine, get closer to take a look by visiting

Myth War New Pets/Guild War Tournament Winners

Internet Gaming Gate today announced that Chinchilla, a couple of lovely pets, will join their MMORPG Myth War. You can obtain them during Valentine’s Day Activity (on February 14th a considerable amount of Chinchillas with many other sweet items will be available as awards to all participants) or by purchasing them from Item Mall (two packages that contain the 2 pets will be put on sale in a limited period of time). They also announced the champions of last week’s Guild War Tournament (last weekend, in Server I Missouri there were 13 participants, in Server II Achernar there were 10, in Server III California there were 11 and in Server IV Alps there were 16). Also, the monthly Western Union User Activity will continue – as usual, all players who buy more than 6000 (including 6000) points through Western Union at a time will get extra 300 points. Among players who buy more than 10000 points through Western Union within the month (starting from Feb 1st till Feb 28th), five of them will have the opportunities to win Saint Claus – the winner will be announced before March 5th.

Rappelz – February Free 100 iPod GiveAway event!

Play Rappelz for a chance to win one of 100 free specially engraved iPod Shuffle! For the whole month of February Rappelz will be giving away fabulous prizes including the iPod Shuffle, precious Creature Cards in game and beautiful Rappelz posters signed by our lovely GM Tanda.

We will also be opening a new server called Bahamut as well as releasing a new smaller client, all designed for new players to get Rappelz running easier and faster than ever before. If you’re looking for more details about the event and also the best FREE 2 Play MMORPG head on over to our website now:

Good luck to everyone and we’ll see you in Rappelz!

Hottest Feedback From Voyage Century Forum

The first activity of valentine’s series in Voyage Century, Originality Collecting activity, launched on Jan. 25th, received lots of wonderful originalities from enthusiastic players. We are deeply impressed by the passion from players and moved by their stories which tell us what real love is.
Here is an excellent work from the forum:

Do you know what love is?
Have you ever felt that your life was complete?
Were you ever loved by someone?
Well, I’m warning you this, you’re only happy in life once.
Then, you live all the other days remembering how happy you were.
I was his, body and soul, including the heart that he broke himself.

Another Valentine’s Day

"Another year, it’s Valentine’s Day
It saddens me, you’re not here
I wish things were the old way
Was what I had to say so hard to hear?"

"I didn’t think you wouldn’t stay
But you knew it from the very start
Now you’re gone, you’re far away
And we’ll forever be apart"

"Yes, go out, and say
Say that I cried
That I couldn’t live a day
Say that I died"

"And as the time goes by
There’s no one else that I miss
I think of you and try not to cry
Cause my broken heart will never be fixed"

"My love for you was true
You promised you wouldn’t be mean
There was nothing we couldn’t go trough
My hope is also true, but not seen"

"Then if the wind brings you back to me
It will be because I made you see
That you and me
Are just meant to be…"

Based on that, my valentine’s day is not going to be sad, though. I probably will spend it playing, and if he comes back to me, maybe happy again!

Do you like this thread? If you like it, go and poll for it.
More wonderful activities in Voyage Century are waiting for you. Whatever you are couples, lovers, friends or strangers, come and join us, you will find the suited activity in our romantic Valentine’s series.

New Arrivals For ValentineÂ’s Day

New Arrivals For Valentine’s Day
Happy Valentine’s Day! Have you picked up a special gift for your sweet? If not, Voyage Century will help you out. We’ve handpicked our top Valentine’s Gifts for you. These elegant dresses will make you and your sweetheart become the most shinning stars. Don’t wait, the best gifts will go fast–shop while supplies last!

War between Federation and Empire!

The free Sci-Fi Browser-MMOG "Pardus" is in the midst of the first intergalactic war between factions since the beta version. Players of all ranks are fighting for their factions using the numerous new war features, including extensive real-time war statistics, missions to smuggle and deploy explosives on enemy starbases, hostile aquisition of sectors, war medals, and a lot more.

Only a few hours after the war declaration, sector-wide combat was already under way. The entire Pardus community is eagerly anticipating the outcome of future battles and to see what course this player-determined war will take.