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Camelot Unchained Reveals Scout Archetype

CityState Games has revealed its most unique archetype yet for upcoming PvP MMORPG, Camelot Unchained! The scout class brings something simply not possible in PvE based MMORPGs, providing unparalleled information gathering to keep groups one step ahead of their foes simply by having a information gathering advantage.

Camelot Unchained Scouts Reveal

Scouts are not combat classes. While you can spec into supportive rolls to debuff foes and contribute to combat through annoyance, the most important function they offer is high agility, long range abilities, high concealment, and the power to reveal enemy information to their realm as a whole. They can disable traps, and otherwise confuse enemies. Essentially they are the most annoying thing you could possibly imagine wrapped into a class that is unable to handle direct confrontation with foes. As such their progression is based on their ability to keep tabs on enemies, mess with their plans, and get far behind enemy lines without getting caught. Let’s look at the individual classes!


TDD – Wisps

The Wisp plays a dangerous game. Their abilities are more effective during the night, yet their concealment is also worse at night. The more they utilize their abilities, the brighter their wisps become, drawing dangerous attention back in their direction. That said, the wisp has a few tricks up their sleeves that makes them rather tough to pin down. For one the player can swap controls back and forth between summoned wisps, and their primary character. As such if a wisp is destroyed, the character can utilize their lantern to summon back a new wisp to continue scouting. Vice-versa, if a player is destroyed but the wisp remains active on the ground or in the hands of an ally (or possibly even enemy!), the player can continue scouting and utilizing activities as the deployed wisp until the lantern or wisp is destroyed.

Wisps are great for blinding enemies with light, or shining AoE light on enemy units during dark night battles to make them easier targets for allies. Their dual nature makes them a true pain to pin down and kill outright. Though its said many are weak to the nature of magic.


Viking – Arisen

Arisen are essentially Drauger for those familiar with Norse lore or have played Skyrim. Depending on how an Arisen is built, they must die or commit suicide to form a tombstone from which they will slowly rise up for a second transformed life. While a pretty stock standard fighter in human form, their Arisen form can change size, has high concealment, and bring powerful debuffs to foes exposed to their presence for an extended period.

Being essentially zombies, Arisen are difficult to disrupt in their ability casts. They have high panic rating and, while slower than other scouts, can create an AoE puke attack that moderately reduces the movement speed of foes to create that perfect sense of fear a zombie attack should bring. Intermingled with fighting characters, the Arisen not only provide excellent battlefield intel, but excellent crippling debuffs to really ruin your enemy’s day. They’re even able to mark a curse on enemy’s without their knowing, that makes their movement known to the Arisen’s allies for an extended period, turning said enemy into an unknowing scout. Their biggest downfall is their reliance on their tomb. Unlike the other scouts, it can’t be moved, giving their decision to transfer forms a much higher trade-off. Should a zombie leave the radius of their tomb or have their tomb destroyed, they’ll slowly disintegrate into ash.


Arthurian – Specter

Specters are quite literally living shadows. Akin to the Wisp, they send a second form outward, directly controlled by the character and swappable between the two. However there is no lantern or other secondary item involved, as the shadow and the Specter are directly connected with one another. Staying in shadow form for too long can have harmful effects on the Specter, but grant immense power in exchange. Specters are master of instilling fear, and can move at lightning speeds other classes can only dream of. By actively attacking and debuffing foes, the Specter can regain blood and remain in shadow form for extended durations. They’re quite hard to kill, particularly with physical means, and can recover quickly from any failed attempt at their life.


It should be noted that this is an extension class. Meaning it may not be available at time of launch. Citystate Games recognizes that their scouts are likely the most challenging from a design perspective to create, so they’ll be glad to have extra time to polish this experience to perfection rather than pushing an unfinished idea. For full details on the Scouts, check their reveal page.

Seven Knights

Seven Knights is a mobile MMORPG by Netmarble. Join up with other players online with a grand adventure filled with stunning visuals, monsters and so much more.


3D Battles: Immerse yourself in Dynamic Effects and Diverse Skill Animations.

Strategic Play: Customize your Team’s Formation and manage Skills to strategize for the upcoming battles.

Tons of game modes: Enjoy Adventure mode, Battle mode, Daily Dungeons, Castle Rush, Celestial Towers and more.

Otherland Halloween Events Kick Off

Otherland Halloween Events Kick Off news header

Horror fans and costume fanatics: It’s time! Otherland‘s Halloween event starts tomorrow and adds new quests, costumes and pumpkins. An exciting chase for these pumpkins will lead to a totally new area and reward the players with a unique pet. DRAGO Entertainment created three new costume sets for this occasion, giving the players the chance to collect one in total. Otherland will also be part of the Steam Halloween Sale.

This is the time of rattling bones, trick or treat and carved pumpkins: It’s Halloween! To celebrate this time of the year, Otherland developer DRAGO Entertainment prepared a special treat for the community. The Halloween event will coat Lambda Mall in cobwebs and jack-o’-lanterns and provide a special quest line. After hunting for pumpkins, players will be confronted with a boss fight in a completely new area. There are three different kinds of bosses changing randomly. All of them use different abilities and strategies, making every fight exciting and challenging. As a special reward for collecting lots of pumpkins, DRAGO Entertainment has created two unique pets. The player will be accompanied by a laughing skull or a little pumpkin. Either way they are a perfect fit for the new costumes! The newly created costumes come in three sets. But players will be spoilt for choice. Only one of the three sets can be acquired during the one week event, gaining one token for killing one of the three bosses every day. These tokens can be traded in for a piece of costume. Every costume consists of seven parts. So choose wisely! For decoration two sets of wallpaper and floors have been added to the USpace. The Halloween event will start tomorrow and last for a whole week. Otherland will be part of the big Steam Halloween Sale and can be purchased for $13.39 for Starter Edition, $29.99 for Deluxe Edition and $33.49 for the Collector’s Edition!

Seven Knights Mobile Review

By: Ojogo


Seven Knights Review 11

When it comes to storytelling, mobile games would often rank the lowest. I mean, any “normal” game dev company doesn’t waste much time on story when their playerbase’s playtime is limited. Addicting gameplay that drives users to spend money is the order of the day. Of course there have been some outliers out there like, Chain Chronicle, that really brought the whole Suikoden experience into the mobile market.


However, it seems that Netmarble’s latest title, Seven Knights, also took the road less traveled and has made a story-centric title that can be at par with any half-decent RPG out there. Though it seems their emphasis might have taken valuable resources away from polishing other areas of the game.


Seven Knights Review


Seven Knights is set in a world straight out of Greek mythology where the gods, or at least in this case, a god, the god of destruction, has decided to separate himself to twelve pieces. Seven of which has fallen to the city of Asgard, not to be confused with the actual Norse mythology city.


This bestowment set itself a terrible precedent and pushed Asgard to the brink of war. And then we have another god, the goddess Ellena, bestowing her power to a hero, who is now tasked to prevent this war from ever happening at all. And this introduces you to the main character, a rather high rarity hero named Evan.


You are then lead through the game’s tutorial part of the game. And under normal circumstances, you’d kind of breeze through, if not skip it. Netmarble set the tutorial up as a continuing story telling vehicle. And this is the first time I am really glad I didn’t skip the tutorial, as you’d feel quite lost in the story without it.


The closest I can reference for what they did in the tutorial is the first stage you jump into in Megaman X. The latter part of the tutorial, which will lead up to your actual game beginning is highly reminiscent of the battle between X and Vile prior to Zero coming in.


And, to add more to the surprise, the game starts off as a flashback before the events happening in the prologue. I am lying if I didn’t say I was pleasantly surprised.


Seven Knights Review


So moving on to Seven Knights’ gameplay. The game at its core is just a unit hoarding/evolution centric title akin to the Summoners War school of mobile gaming. The main story progression comes through the default quests the game hands to you as you continue finishing story quests one by one. You can accomplish dailies, weeklies and monthlies to speed progress should you hit the brick wall of what your units are capable of defeating.


Seven Knights Review


Since the game is unit centric, the rarities you’ll get for Seven Knights start from one and reach up to six stars. You can even go higher as you evolve, transcend, or fuse the heroes in your roster. The game’s unit level cap is set to 30, with an excess of pluses reaching up to +5 after the unit reaches max level.


You earn experience points, along ide gold as you accomplish each quest. However, the option to level your units outside of battle is also available by expending the units you buy/get through quests, daily rewards, or the store. Another option to “improve’ your characters’ base stats and levels is to fuse them with elemental stones that you can earn from the daily dungeons.


Seven Knights currently has seven unit classes you can find, each differentiated by a specialty, except the all-arounders. Units have two available active abilities that can be improved. You can also improve their overall stats by equipping them with armors and weapons. Reaching account level ten would also allow you to purchase passive buffs and stat improvements for each character you have on your roster.


On the design side of the units, it’s clear that Netmarble wanted to go a step beyond what is already present in the genre in terms of looks and feel. The characters are well designed, and I really liked that they invested in voice acting for character attacks. I also liked that even the non-human characters get audio clips whenever you acquire them.


Seven Knights Review


Battles in Seven Knights are often fast paced-and frantic. Skills are flashy and really enjoyable to watch as you unleash a barrage of skills to the enemy mobs before you. However you have no control on targeting and attacks are automatic. Choosing when to unleash active skills is your only semblance of control.


Seven Knights offers a bit of battling options aside from the instanced quests. If you have the hankering for PvPing you have the game’s ranked PvP matches. As for PvE you can head to the daily dungeons or Celestial Tower for decent to good rewards.


One thing of note in Seven Knights is that it’s emphasis is on team formation. The game rewards your team an offense and defense percentage bonus depending on your chosen formation. You can also improve the bonuses earned by leveling up these formations through gold.


Seven Knights Review


Overall, my experience with Seven Knights is fun and interesting. I especially liked how Netmarble decided to go with the flashback style of storytelling in relation to how the game is presented. I loved all the fluff Netmarble did with the story and the emphasis of creating an immersive game experience. In fact, they also provided a cheat sheet that is accessible in the options button of the UI as to who is who and who they are connected/affiliated with.


But what I didn’t like is how the story started to unfold as you progress through the game. There were tons of missteps and the writing really needed work as I would often find myself lost. The conversations were poorly written, often leaving me confused about character’s motivations and personalities. And for a game that boasts such a “great storytelling experience” you can’t really have your players confused.


And looking past the game’s fluff material is a game system that can be a bit tedious and grindy. Similar to Summoners War, remove all the fluff and you really just get to grind a lot. But unlike, Summoners War, Seven Knights has a smaller unit pool to choose from.


Seven Knights Review

Conclusion: Good

With that said, this doesn’t mean Seven Knights is a terrible game. In fact, it’s still a good alternative go to game compared to the massive sea of crap now filtering into this genre of mobile games. There’s still some interesting sounding game features set to be released in the near future, which should keep players hooked going forward. If you want a mobile game that takes itself seriously, looks gorgeous, and emphasizes its story elements, you won’t go wrong with Seven Knights.

Sword Coast Legends State of the Game, Free DLC & Update Plan

Sword Coast Legends State of the Game, Free DLC & Update Plan news header

n-Space has released the latest State of the Game for Sword Coast Legends, including some good news about upcoming DLC.

The major news is that the upcoming Rage of Demons DLC, along with all other planned DLC and updates, will be released free of charge. There’s also a detailed roadmap released for the next couple of months, starting with today’s Pumpkin Patch.

Find out more in the State of the Game.