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Runes of Magic takes players underwater

New Runes of Magic dungeon leads to the bottom of the ocean!

With Runes of Magic’s second chapter ‘The Elven Prophecy,’ publisher Frogster is creating additional dungeons for groups of up to six players in the newly discovered reaches of Taborea. The first challenge is a journey into the secret underwater world. The ‘Heart of the Ocean’ instance leads adventurers to the bottom of the ocean and into action against sea monsters and the mysterious Naga people.

Located off of the ‘Weeping Coast,’ the eastern sea reveals its dangerous flora and fauna to players. Fish-like beings have already settled the coastal region and live in harmony with the Naga – powerful reptilian creatures which play a pivotal role in the story of Runes of Magic’s second chapter. Giant luminescent jellyfish light up the caves and canyons and players should watch out for their extremely long and highly poisonous tentacles.

Heart of the Sea 

Only characters at or above level 50 can make the underwater journey and accept the challenge of ‘Heart of the Ocean’. Numerous quests lead through the dungeon, which is ruled by powerful bosses. While a diminutive Naga Queen keeps player groups on the go with her extensive spells, a gigantic crab deals out its own variety of close combat. It is an arduous path right up until the end boss. Once he has been summoned, the end boss has some particularly nasty tricks in his repertoire – the petrified stone statues of past adventurers bear witness to those who have gone up against him unprepared.

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Aurora Blade: New Deep Pool Content

During the server maintenance on July 29th, the Aurora Blade team added an update that added some new content and patched a few small bugs.

New Content

–A Level 35 instance called Deep Pool is now open. Players venturing through this lush and verdant map will have the chance to obtain higher level orange equipment by defeating the BOSSes lurking there. Also, there is no longer a wait for BOSSes to refresh. So, invite some friends to come and check out the adventures that await you in this brand new instance.

New Instance


Only level 26-42 players can team up and enter the Deep Pool instance. The BOSSes here can be challenged at any time, and after being defeated will often hand over blue equipment – but every so often they will drop purple and orange equipment as well. However, BOSSes here will not drop any Skill Scrolls or Good Fellow cards. Players looking to advance must make sure they kill all the monsters in the scene, while those looking to leave will be teleported back to the Revival Spot they last saved at.

–A button has been added into the game to help players clean up their bag.

Bug Fixes

–Maps and skill effect icons can be displayed normally now when players use Mozilla’s Firefox browser. What’s more, they are able to freely drag their bag interface if they want.

–Quest names don’t overstep the quest frame when an NPC has too many quests for players to accept.

–The “Confirm” button that is displayed when players enlarge their item bar or warehouse using Mozilla’s Firefox Browser can be displayed normally now.

*Game Adjustments*

–The revival dialogue box can appear again when players reconnect to the game or press F5 to refresh the page, even if players close the dialogue box right after they are killed.


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Golemizer is a free Steampunk online game that requires no download and no plug-in. Players take the role of mad scientists bringing to life strange creatures in a steampunk universe. Most items in Golemizer are crafted by players. The most interesting things players can craft are golems. Golems are pets that can be given orders to achieve their master’s will. Golems keep living in the world even when their master is offline.
You can either craft your own in-game house yourself or buy a house from another player. There’s many different items that will help you to give your house some personality. You might even get your hands on some unique items. You can also create your own city! Giving you more ways to express your creativity.
Skills system
No need to grind in this MMORPG. Spend more time playing and socializing since skills progression is time dependent. There’s no classes and no levels. You have total freedom over what you want to do.
Whether you’re looking for a private space to share with your friends or to compete against other guilds is up to you. Anyone can start a new guild and there’s no requirements.
Sandbox Game
The game can be forged by players using the following systems:
– Quests and full storylines created by players
– Dungeons built by players
– Player housing and player cities
– A deep crafting system (the majority of items found in the game are crafted by players)
– Player merchants
– Golems (monsters created by players) that keep living in the world even when their master is offline.

GodsWar Review: Massively Mythological Online Game

By Kei Beneza (Dividelife), OnRPG Journalist

GodsWar is an MMORPG based on Greek Mythology. The world revolves around the age of destruction where monsters and beasts roam the earth with disdain. You’ll comes across Greek Gods and legendary heroes as you make your way through the game.  GodsWar looks a lot like Ragnarok online, but in 3D. You basically get the isometric bird’s eye view that can me zoomed in and out to fit your desired distance. The background, meaning the pillars and blocks that surround the area really compliments the Game’s theme. This lets people build a proper  ingame relationship with their characters. At least we know that they got the message properly. Some games get a hard time staying on their featured theme, which is why I’m giving this game a high five for not letting my imagination go further than it’s supposed to. 

Let’s get it on! Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!

The game has four classes all in all. The line of classes consists of: the Warrior, the Champion, the Mage and the Priest. Other than the champion, the other three classes are pretty much found in almost every MMO out there. The champion however is the same as the warrior only that it attacks faster and hits for more damage. Warriors in the game are commonly known as the tanking class, while the champion is more of the heavy hitting type of character. The difference between both classes seem rather thin, except for the fact that Warriors are more effective as tanks. Mages still retains their role as the  nuker class of the game, meaning the one that eliminates multiple targets at the cost of having low armor and health. Priests also retains their role as the healers of the game. Then again, when was the last time we saw a priest that didn’t know how to heal?

Really? You can do that?

Godswar is a pretty old game with features that stay up to date. It is pretty impressive for a game to possess this types of features since it greatly compliments the implemented Meta of today’s MMOs.

Ares - a Greek God

“Where there is oppression, there is resistance” – GodsWar

War plays an important role in Greek Mythology, and this game doesn’t stray off from that concept. Upon creating their desired characters, players will have to choose a faction to fight for. Once the war begins, each faction will have to battle it out for control of the cities. Joining the war is quite beneficial for players since they can gain access to different titles and a couple of cool quests.

One of the game’s unique features that caught my attention would have to be the Master – apprentice system. When at their early levels, players can choose a player to play as their master. When a newbie reaches a certain level, both him and his master gains a lot of experience and money for playing the role of master and apprentice. This gives newbies a rather efficient way of getting used to the game’s learning curve. Both master and apprentice can gain access to new titles while immersed in this process, this makes the system beneficial and not a waste of time.

Guilds are a mandatory feature for almost every MMO. They help you when you’re facing hard monsters, guide you to the right direction and makes you stronger than your current state. The guild system in this game however, serves more than the regular MMO does. Guilds are opted to choose a God to worship. Worshiping gods can grant them ability buffs and better stats depending on that god’s featured bonuses.  Building an altar can also enhance these bonuses, letting the guild members function better than ever before.

Some of the features are pretty similar to RF Online. The forge system lets you enchant your items with different power ups by inserting gems unto the items slots. There is no doubt that enhanced items can make drastic changes in your character’s performance so better get to it. You can get some materials by decomposing drops from your adventures. It is pretty easy but can sometimes be annoying when certain results aren’t met.

Combat and Achievements

Daily events also occur in the world of Godswar. You can sign up for a particular event when you feel like it. Rare items and mass experience can be gained from joining these events. There is a level restriction for some events so you better make sure that your character is in tip top shape before you go around.


Yes the age of grinding seems to be getting blurry. Godwar also has a lot of quests to keep the players busy and well rewarded. Experience can be gained faster by doing them so you don’t have to go around killing random monsters to see which gives more experience. Quests are separated into different  categories to determine what type of action must be done to pursue them. Some quests let you go around and kill a group of monsters while others concentrate on killing specific ones for bounties. Quests still give a decent amount of gold and experience after doing them. The game also features daily quests that lets you do it over and over again while enjoying the gratuitous amount of exp. I think there’s pretty much a lot of things in the game that can keep you busy while leveling your character.

GodsWar Graphics


The interface looks a lot like RF Online. In fact, the chat window and the life bars would hit you with a familiar feeling upon seeing them. The graphics aren’t really the best in the business, but the spells and effects are quite competitive with its MMO counterparts. This game is also built around pastel colors and brightly lit surroundings. It’s not a bad thing, but it wouldn’t really hurt to add a few shaders. The game’s visual composition is pretty old, but not too old.

The Gods will now judge!!!

GodsWar has a lot of enjoyable features, so if you’re a graphic-type person then you’re better off elsewhere. The visuals are rather normal and kind of looks like Gaia Online in 3D. The interface is rather basic as well, so you really won’t have a hard time learning it. The master system is rather helpful and quite beneficial for both sides. The game has instanced dungeons so boss farming is pretty much out of the question. This game is pretty good! A bit old but pretty good.

The Good:
-Pulling off the master and apprentice system
-Faction wars (because PVP is always good)
-Guild benefits.

he Bad:
-The graphics are kind of outdated. A bit tolerable, but still outdated
-The game lacks sounds… and a lot of it (music in general). Most sound effects don’t even fit their assigned places since cute monsters give brutish grunts.
– The game lacks classes. An MMO would be better with tons of them. 

MLB Dugout Heroes

GamesCampus has recently released a new stadium in its online licensed baseball game, MLB Dugout Heroes. 

MLB Yankee Stadium

The brand new Yankee Stadium is modeled on the real-life new Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, and just like the real-life stadium it incorporates design elements from the previous Yankee Stadium, paying homage to the great Yankees’ baseball history.

Now you can play in the most realistic Stadium available in baseball MMOs. There’s nothing like it, the great volume of audiences cheer you on.

The Great Stadium

Check out more screenshots of the Yankee Stadium in the MLB Dugout Heroes Screenshot Section!

Eudemons: Taurus Eudemons Coming in August!

They once were the strongest deities on Hirus Mountain and the nightmare of the evil monsters. In the first war of defense against the Dark Emperor, they fought bravely but fell in the end. The Demon Lord cursed them with black magic and locked their soul into the body of Taurus Eudemon.
The body might be dead, but their soul lives on! For thousands of years, they’ve been waiting for a chance to come back. All their sadness, confusion, and fury have turned into a great source of power that makes them unstoppable. Now the demon is returning to ruin the divine land and it’s time for these great divine soldiers to fight back!
Strong, dependable Taurus leads the way when it comes to any difficulty or danger. Stable and conservative, Taureans are among the most reliable of the zodiac. Definitely, they will be your best partners in world of Eudemons!
Taurus Furies (Mage)
Legends say that it was the first deity fell by the Demon Lord. It was said that a god was immortal, but a god is still vulnerable to the wicked black magic of the Demon Lord. So this deity transformed all his sadness, confusion, and fury into a Eudemon. Naturally, this Eudemon is quite good at magic casting.
Taurus Mars (Warrior)
Once, it was the strongest deity in Hirus Mountain, called Mars, the deity of warfare. Although he was cursed into the form of a Eudemon, you shouldn`t look down upon him. Born without equal, this Eudemon will haunt the nightmares of those who meet it in battle.
Coming soon in August!

Myth War II: New Triggered Quests System

Players of Myth War II Online can now trigger quests based on their actions in the field. Triggered quests fall under three categories: dialogue-based quests, item collection quests, and plot quests. Though the quests are not difficult to complete, the rewards are extraordinary. The catch is that an action may not trigger the quests every time a player performs it. Check out the following examples of these three new types of triggered quests.
Dialogue-based Quest
“God’s Origin” can be triggered by entering combat in the Withered Forest, Fog Jungle, Ashes Pit 4, or Tumulus 5. There is a chance to meet Lord God after the battle ends. If you talk to him, he will reveal new knowledge about where Gods come from, debunk myths surrounding them, and grant you a reward.
Item Collection Quest
“Collect Ancient Pieces” can be triggered before entering combat in the Withered Forest, Fog Jungle, and Cursed Abyss. An NPC may appear and ask you to collect Ancient Pieces for the Collector in Blython.
Plot Quest
“Rescue” can be triggered by entering combat in the Withered Forest, Fog Jungle, Ashes Pit 4, or Tumulus 5. After the battle, you may meet an injured villager. He will give you a letter you must take to the Lansquenet Master in Blython. You will then be asked to gather allies to save innocents from the clutches of Drakemourn.

Emil Chronicle: A different Community Bonding

Within this Free to Play MMORPG, Emil Chronicle Online, players were given a huge variety of methods to communicate and to search for different players that shares a common objective.
How can a free MMORPG survive without whisper? Of course, Emil Chronicle Online do come with a allow whisper. Above there is also an in-game mailing system whereby players get to communicate with each other even they are offline. It is also an important tool to communicate with GM as whispers tend to be overwritten by the new messages thus these mails can be retained and replied once a GM solved the previous case.
One interesting communication system would be the balloon billboard. Players can create a message and have hovered above player’s head. It is a great way to convey a message without the need of keep typing out the message again. The billboard can also be set to view by a specific character.
There is also an inbuilt messenger to view friend’s job, current location and status whether they are busy or away from keyboard.  Communication with friends had never been so easy with such thorough messenger for players to keep track what their friends are doing.
The next communication method would be the seeking system. Seeking system opens up a page within the game to show what other players are actually looking for. The list goes down to guild recruitment, party search, purchasing of a specific item and request for information.  Once a post is created, players can sit back and relax while waiting for reply without the need of repeating what they are looking for in the chatbox. A unique tool which specifies players’ requirements and objective without any hassle.
A game without Emotions would be boring. Emil Chronicle Online allows characters to show their emotions through simple commands. These unique character emotions expressed through typing of commands or using shortcut keys. Once these commands are used, the characters produce emotions which made players feel as if they are reading a comic.
Emil Chronicle Online had provided convenient and unique community platform for players to enjoy their adventurous journey as well as community building and socializing. With fully customizable interface and strong community building tools, players’ journey in Emil Chronicle Online will be more than just exciting MMORPG.

Karos Online Announced

NHN announced today that its first release in Europe will be a new, graphically stunning free-to-play fantasy MMORPG called Karos Online. Karos Online is being developed in Korea by Galaxy Gate, a studio founded by the lead developers of Last Chaos, a title released in 2004 which has since found success in Europe. Karos Online is scheduled for release this
NHN, which has launched several successful free-to-play titles in Asia through its Hangame portal, is offering this brand new game as its premier European title in order to give EU players the chance to feed in on the game’s development from the pre-launch stages. Karos Online is scheduled to release simultaneously in Europe and Korea and will be available to European players for closed beta testing, so that their feedback can be considered early to help tailor the game to European tastes and play styles. “Our goal with Karos Online is to provide a gaming experience that players across Europe will enjoy for a long time to come,” said Dongmin Lee, Head of Overseas Game Biz Dept. . “Europe is a new market for NHN, and we are focusing our efforts there on offering this fresh title which we feel has a lot of potential. In addition to a great game, we know that European players expect a high standard of service, and we are committed to delivering that with Karos Online.” In Karos Online, players take the role of a hero determined to defeat the curse of darkness falling over the world of Asmara, and ascend to ultimate glory by becoming the mythical Karos warrior. Through questing, guild clashes and mass PvP, they enter the fight for domination over the world’s vital energy source, Fletta. Fletta gems provide the basis for the game’s unique and complex alternate progression system; alongside traditional leveling within the game, Fletta energy can be used to increase stats, give buffs, buy resources and enchant items.