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Black Desert New Scholar Class & Plans For 2024 You Must Know About

Black Desert Online Scholar‘s official class was released on December 20th 2023 and boasts of unique features and gameplay. Its animations and visually stunning effects are unparalleled, perfectly enhancing the overall class aesthetic.

Skills and core mechanics synergize seamlessly which makes this incredibly enjoyable to engage with. For seasoned players there are numerous opportunities to enhance their skills, thanks to an additional layer of depth incorporated into its gameplay.

The Scholar is a melee class with a distinct skill set, including a grab called “Gravity’s Grip” and an “S” block for defense. Unlike other classes, the Scholar doesn’t follow the standard succession and awakening specs but has an “Ascension” path similar to the Archer class, allowing access to Awakening skills and weapons.

Gameplay involves manipulating gravity to avoid fall damage, allowing for teleportation and acrobatic stunts in combat. The class utilizes two one-handed hammers to create a two-handed Sledgehammer as its Awakening weapon. While the Scholar is not the strongest class, it is easy to pick up and play.

Issues we noticed include mobility struggles, slow animations, and a small area of effect. In PvP scenarios, the Scholar performs well in one-on-one situations but lacks burst damage in larger battles.

Additional upcoming plans for Black Desert Online in 2024 include a new expansion called “Land of the Morning Light: Seoul,” and quality-of-life improvements based on player feedback. The Scholar class is expected to debut on Black Desert Console after a future next-gen upgrade.

Overall, the Scholar class is a fun and enjoyable choice for players who appreciate its aesthetics and gameplay, despite some initial challenges that may be addressed through future patches.

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