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Re-Legion Launch Trailer

Cyberpunk RTS Re-Legion has officially launched today on Steam and GOG.

Nikolay Baryshnikov, CEO of 1C Entertainment, via press release:

“Re-Legion is a unique strategy game that transports players to a dystopian world where their decisions matter, both in a tactical and moral sense. As Elion, players can achieve power through many methods, including conversion, hacking, combat, upgrades, and special abilities—the choice of how humane or brutal the approach is yours to make.”

Twitch & Blizzard Announce 2019 Overwatch League All-Access Pass


Twitch and Blizzard Entertainment have combined forces to announce the Overwatch League All-Access Pass for 2019, available now at $14.99 USD.

The bundle includes “an enhanced Command Center that enables extensive viewing options including the first-person point of view from any in-game player, 200 Overwatch League Tokens valued at $9.99, ad-free viewing, a discount on Overwatch League merchandise, reward incentives, fun new prize-driven challenges throughout the season, and more.” The 2019 Overwatch League season begins on February 14.

Per Press Release:

Specific benefits of the 2019 Overwatch League All-Access Pass include:

New Price: Fans can get the pass for a one-time purchase of $14.99 (half the original price of the 2018 pass), by visiting the information page or the Overwatch League Twitch channel. The All-Access Pass benefits last through Dec. 31st, 2019, while Twitch emotes, badges, and in-game content will remain in connection with passholders’ accounts on the respective systemspassholders keep forever.

Overwatch League Command Center: When Overwatch League 2019 Season Matches start on February 14th, All-Access Passholders will unlock access to a Twitch-exclusive Overwatch League Command Center, allowing them to bounce between the first-person point of view from any in-game player, the main broadcast view and multiple customized three-feed template views, including an overhead map of all the action for the ultimate personalized viewing experience.

200 Overwatch League Tokens*: These tokens, a $9.99* value can be used to select from over 100+ Overwatch League team skins.2 100 tokens get passholders both a hero’s home and away team skin with the freedom to choose the team they want!

Discount on Overwatch League Merchandise: Overwatch League superfans now can dress the part with access to a high-value discount on Overwatch League Merchandise. When fans purchase the All-Access Pass, they’ll receive a one-time code to get 20% off their cart.

All-Access Passholder Chat Rooms: Chat with fellow Overwatch League All-Access Passholders to debate the latest matches and hold meaningful and digestible conversations with a like-minded community. There will also be an exclusive player Q&A at the end of each match day.

Bits for Twitch Prime Members: Twitch Prime members who sign up for the Overwatch League All-Access Pass will receive 500 Bits upon purchase.

Overwatch League Viewing Challenges for Twitch Exclusive Rewards: Passholders can participate in weekly personal challenges. Stage and community challenges reset at each stage, and rewards include emotes, channel badges, and top global cheer badges, allowing fans to show the world their commitment to their favorite Overwatch League teams.

* Value of 200 Overwatch League Tokens is USD. Pricing may vary by SKU and region.

** The League Tokens rewards program is available to PC, Xbox One® and PlayStation®4 system players. Linking your Blizzard and Twitch accounts is required to receive League Tokens. Once linked, PC players will get the tokens automatically. Xbox One® players also will need to link their and Xbox Live accounts and PlayStation®4 players will need to follow the additional steps outlined here.

*** Geographic restrictions and other terms and conditions may apply with more information available on the Overwatch League site.



GRIP: Combat Racing Big Ass Update Released

GRIP Big Ass Update

GRIP: Combat Racing has hit players on PS4 and Xbox One today with its “Big Ass Update,” with Switch players soon to get the same treatment. This update includes an overhaul of the game’s lobby, matchmaking, AI, and catch-up system.

Some of the highlights of this update include:

  • Lobby overhauled with new simplified voting mechanics and count down timer
  • Catch-up assistance has been rebalanced and can be toggled during the game’s campaign
  • AI bot vehicles are now selected to be comparable to the player’s vehicle
  • “View to a kill” battle arena is now rebalanced and redesigned
  • “Magmatic Core” battle arena now has speed-pads and has been redesigned to prevent insta-death
  • Improvements to various tracks’ collisions and performance
  • Improved missile targeting when the target is maneuvering hard
  • Improved missile guidance – missiles now avoid the floor much more often when launching

You can find the full patch notes at the Wired Productions blog.

Lord of Chains

Lord of Chains is a browser and Android mobile, text based multiplayer game.

Business Model: Free to Play

Key Features:

Races: Choose to play as a “God” or a “Devil”.

Classes: Three classes exist for each faction: Psychics, Kings, and Guardians for the Gods, Demons, Zombies, Djinns for the Devils.

Swinging Fates: Each hour either the Devils or the Gods have a buff that increases their statistics. When that hours is over, it switches to the other side.

Planetside Arena

Daybreak Games presents Planetside Arena, an offshoot of the Planetside and Planetside 2 shooter games.

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes – So far cosmetics in Founders Packs

Key Features:

Classes: Combat Medic, Assault, Engineer

Vroom Vroom: Hop on an ATV or pilot a tank across the battlefield. Or, just kick your jetpack into high gear and fly high.

Multiple Game Modes: With Massive Clash (250v250) and Battle Royale (Solo or 3 man teams) at launch, and more to come in the future, Planetside Arena offers a wide variety of ways to shoot people up.

For Honor: Year 3 Season 1 Vortiger Gameplay Trailer

For Honor is prepared to release a major new content update tomorrow, introducing the Black Priors.

Armed with sword and kite shield, the Black Priors cut a trail of terror across the land. A heavy class defensive specialist, their shields allow for a range of options to deal with incoming attacks, whether it be from one opponent or multiple. The legacy of the Black Priors begins January 31st.