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Neosteam Trailer

For players, NeoSteam is not only an exciting and extensive fantasy MMORPG, but offers them many unseen possibilities, thanks to the unique setting. Besides classical battles
against monsters and other players, NeoSteam offers adventurers the chance, to build their own steam engines and create their own fighting vehicles.

12Sky 2 Interview: Onrpg Members’ Questions Answered

Questions by the Onrpg Members

Answered by Shawn Silverman, Chief Game Operations Officers for MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd.

After the success of TwelveSky (12Sky), the new game Twelve Sky 2 (12sky 2) is currently in development and will prove to be an adrenaline-pumping martial arts MMORPG, ultimately intended for English speaking gamers in the European market. 12Sky 2 introduces a completely revamped game system and plenty of new features. Onrpg Members were offered a unique chance to prepare questions for MAYN Interactive about what can be expected from 12Sky 2!

Hello! This is Shawn “Phenteo” Silverman, and I am the Chief Game Operations Officer for MAYN Interactive Pte Ltd. It is a pleasure to be here with you all on Onrpg!

Onrpg members: How will TwelveSky 2 stand out from its preceding title? What are some of the core differences between these two MMORPGS?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” is the next step in the enthralling Chinese Saga. Players who may be already familiar with the original version will be glad to know many popular features will make their return. However, many new and exciting changes have made their way into version 2 and are quite apparent from the start. Such changes include new capital cities, beautiful new pets, dazzling new skills, Player versus Player wars starting from level 10, and not to mention a vastly improved graphics engine to say the least.

In addition, the storyline for “TwelveSky 2” has been immensely revised and remolded. Taking a unique approach, even compared to its sister versions currently released in Korea and Taiwan, the lore will be a lot more comprehensible and appealing.

Onrpg members: There are lots of 12Sky fans here, so what improvements can they look forward to in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: The reason behind the remake was that Gigassoft, the developer studio, felt that the original game was outdated. Not only in terms of graphics but on a technological front as well. So when they set out to redesign the game from the ground up, everything was improved whether it be the graphics engine GXD or the flow design of the zone maps themselves. Everything has been modified for the better. In addition, we have been able to make some additional changes in the European version of “TwelveSky 2” which we feel that our guests will enjoy very much; changes such as an ingame achievement system, among other improvements.

Onrpg members: Are there any elements of the original 12Sky that you have found unsuccessful and will not make it into the sequel?

Shawn: Yes, unfortunately, not everything has returned to “TwelveSky 2”. One of which is that you no longer have to wait until the “end game” in order to start enjoying Player versus Player combat. Fresh players are now able to compete on a fair battlefield starting from level 10!

Onrpg members: What differs this game from any other F2P MMO? Any unique features?

Shawn: The majority of games out there are designed on a “Turn-Based” combat system. “TwelveSky 2” however is not. Not only is the combat in real-time, it’s one of the most intensive and quick-paced out there! A properly executed attack, or a lack thereof, may be the deciding factor of a significant battle.

Of course, we could also talk about the dozens of lavishly designed pets, the elegantly designed weapons and armor, the glistening graphics, the story of an epic ode, and of course the bloody fights. 😉

Onrpg members: What are your ambitions for the release of this upcoming title?

Shawn: Our ambition for “TwelveSky 2” is to create a welcoming and unique experience for people new and old to online gaming, or to the Saga of TwelveSky for that matter. And how do we embark on such a daring journey you may ask? It all starts with a company motto: “In everything we do, we ask ourselves a simple question – will this make our players happy?”

In addition, we are also calling our highly valued players “guests”. By changing the label to that of a more respectable notation, the mindset among our staff begins to change. After all, you treat your guests with the utmost honor and patience.

Those are just a few examples we have in store.

Onrpg members: Will you be frequently releasing new content for Twelve Sky 2?

Shawn: Yes! The basis for any healthy survival of an online game is the continuous release of content and new activities for the community to appreciate, and “TwelveSky 2” will not be an exception to this. “TwelveSky 2” is still a very new game and has a large amount of coders and designers churning out fresh and exhilarating updates. Map updates, User Interface redesigns, you name it!

We at MAYN will be working closely with Gigassoft to make sure we have a good flow of patches coming our way.

Onrpg members: Are there going to be new classes in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” won’t be sporting a new class per say, but will have a new player faction called the “Ancient Sky Clan”. This once forgotten people fell victim of a large volcano many years ago and have just recently returned to the civilized world, still masters of the arts just as they were the day the city vanished.

Onrpg members: Will all the content be available from the start or will certain zones for people who leveled too quickly be locked like they were in the original Twelve Sky?

Shawn: At this time we do not have any plans to instate an “artificial” level cap for content pertaining to “TwelveSky 2”. Some zones however are restricted until an individual reaches a certain requirement, such as a certain level.

Onrpg members: The Jinong race has a special form of martial arts that can increase their speed. How does the race balance work, since the race is stated as being the slowest but most damage dealing race?

Shawn: One of the many changes in “TwelveSky 2” consists of rebalancing the three original factions. The Jinong race, now called the Fierce Tiger Clan, is now equally the same in terms of stats and bonuses, compared to the other races comprised of the Ancient Sky Clan, the Royal Snake Clan, and the Imperial Dragon Clan. Storyline wise however, the Tigers are still focusing on sheer strength above all else.

Onrpg members: Can you provide us an in-game screen shot in high resolution (1280×1024 is enough)?

Shawn: We will be distributing more exclusive screenshots and other material for “TwelveSky 2” within a week. Keep your eyes open!

Onrpg members: What kind of monsters will be battled, and will there be more variety in them than in 12Sky?

Shawn: In “TwelveSky 2”, guests will be facing off against both beast and humanoid monsters in addition to beasts being controlled by humanoids! But overall, the monsters are summoned by the Saga Swordsman Kian, Master of the Sky Clan, in order to present everyone a chance to prove their worth.

Onrpg members: What is the level difference cap for creating parties, since in 12Sky you can’t join others if you are lower level? Will it be different to 12Sky?

Shawn: “TwelveSky 2” will be similar in fashion where party members are required to be in the same level-range of each other. However, in later levels, an Adept can take on a [significantly] lower level player in a Master-Apprentice-like relationship or team.

Onrpg members: Will there be a IP ban on North America?

Shawn: As of this writing, there are no plans for “TwelveSky 2 Europe”, which is published by MAYN Interactive, to have an IP address restriction on any Western region.

Onrpg members: Will 12Sky 2 have WASD keyboard character movement controls? That’s one thing that kept me from playing the original 12Sky, I can’t stand click-to-move character movement controls. It never works properly in a MMORPG.

Shawn: We at MAYN understand that WASD movement is the favorable method between it and click-to-move. However “TwelveSky 2” was designed on a click-to-move system. We have been working closely with Gigassoft on a number of potential issues, WASD included, and we hope to make it available to our guests for their convenience.

Onrpg members: Will 12Sky 2 feature higher screen resolutions? Such as 1600×1200 (1600×1200 is my current screen resolution.) and higher. Also will the game have screen resolutions for widescreen monitors? I am looking to buy one very soon.

Shawn: The current resolution options are reflected off of the capabilities of your graphics card. So being that your system can already support 1600 X 1200, I believe so, yes. In addition, widescreen is supported in both Window and Fullscreen mode.

Onrpg members: I know it’s not a game breaking thing, but will 12Sky 2 have a jump function with a collision system? So you can jump on to things and over things.

Shawn: Jumping is available in “TwelveSky 2” as a skill, which allows you to jump onto walls, rooftops, across valleys, and more! Feel free to act like a ninja and ambush your friends!

Onrpg members: What kind of weapons and classes will be featured in 12Sky 2?

Shawn: Within “TwelveSky 2” there are currently four player races, with a total of nine classes each. All classes are completely interchangeable within your own clan/race. The classes are as follows:

Dragon Clan – Heavy Sword, Light Sword, and the Marble; Snake Clan – Saber, Double Blades, and the Lute; Tiger Clan – Light Blade, Long-Spear, and the Phurba.

Thanks you Shawn!

Shawn: A big thank you to the Onrpg Staff for this wonderful opportunity!

Mo Siang Online

Mo Siang Online is a great chinese martial arts MMORPG based on a Korean bestseller. You can already play in 75 different maps. All those maps are base on real Chinese places, for example; Dun Hwang, Chang An, Kai Feng, Beijing, Shu Zhou, Shao Lin Temple, Chin Shi huang mausoleum, Hang Zhou, Tai Shan, The Great Wall, Hwang Her and much much more.

You can time travel to these famous historical places in China. When you talk to the historical NPCs, you will feel the traditional Chinese culture as well. For a more realistic traditional Chinese atmosphere in the game’s design, the Mo Siang development team visited all these historical sites! With all of the development done, you are able to enjoy your stay in this wondeful fantasy martial arts world.

The story in Mo Siang Online is based on a Chinese traditional background. Save the martial arts world which is invaded by the dark hegemony and use intense fights to reach your goals. The vision of this fantasy martial arts world with historical ancient sites will bring you a new MMORPG experience!

Pet System Functions

Alongside tonight`s maintenance has come the arrival of the games Pet System. Pet eggs will now drop off of monsters on Regular Field Maps throughout the game up to and including Flammio at this time.

How do I hatch a pet egg?
Once you are able to find a Pet Egg from a monster you may acquire Incubator items at the Miscellaneous shops in towns with Gold. The in-game Incubators are one-time use, and attempting to hatch the egg may result in it successfully delivering a Pet to your Pet Storage window. This window may be found by clicking the blue button in your characters inventory. Players may have up to 3 pets at once, however they may only have one pet out next to their character at a time.

What does the pet do for my character?
While the pet is out, they will gain experience and provide a stat bonus for you depending on the specific type of pet. As they gain in level, they will provide more substantial bonuses as they mature. As your pet`s hunger bar decreases, they will provide less of a stat bonus, and eventually be unable to be summoned if it decreases fully. Once they have been given the proper food, the stat bonuses and their functions will return. Pet food may be found at the Miscellaneous shops and can be purchased for Gold, with different pets needing different types of food. This information may be found in the Pet Window which will also tell you the stat bonus they apply while summoned.

How can I name my pet?
Pets may be renamed one time after acquiring them, and this may be done in the Pet Window as well. Inappropriate pet names will be treated as offensive language violations as per the Terms of Service in order to keep the game a welcoming environment for players of all age groups.

What if my pet gets too hungry to summon?
If a pet`s Nutrition level drops too low over time without being fed, which is depicted by the orange bar beneath their green experience bar, they will be too weak to help your character. To revive a pet, there is are Pet Restorative / Recovery pills that may be crafted through the Material Manufacture section of your character`s Crafting Window (found through your characters inventory).

Can I sell a pet?
Pet Eggs are able to be sold via the Exchange Market before they are hatched.

What pet items are available right now?
Premium Pet Incubators are available in the item mall which allow unlimited usage to attempt to hatch Pet Eggs. There are also special pets that cannot be found elsewhere in-game as drop items, and which have 100% success rates at hatching. Hatching Supplements assist in the successful hatching of in-game pets, and may be used alongside both regular and Premium incubators. Pet Storage Space items are also available which allow players to keep a larger stable of pets in their Pet Storage Window.

Zu Online: Training on Treacherous Terrain

Wan Mountain in Zu Online was originally where the great master of the Sun Warriors, Master Mind, cultivated his spirit. The Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain originally took the leading role in the direction of the Good forces. However, after Master Mind ascended to heaven, the Flame Master conspired with dark forces, culminating in the incident with the Fire Vessel, and after driving the moderate Master Dazang away, he established his control over the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain. Soon after that, the Flame Master was lured by Blood Demon into training the Bloodfire Strike ability and eventually leading to the corruption of the once revered Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain.  
Wan Mountain is now a good place for Level 120+ players to train. Listed below are the most common, though not easy, monsters on Wan Mountain. Slay them and you will progress very quickly.
Ophidian Man (Level 120)
They belong to the same clan as the Snakey Men in Miracle Town. They escaped to Wan Mountain in a panic after hearing of the fall of Miracle Town.
Snailman (Level 125)
They escaped to Wan Mountain during the Turmoil of Sky Lake, but they became evil monsters after imbibing the tainted water in Sky Lake.
Elite Archer (Level 132)
They are very capable pawns of the Flame Master. The crossbow in their hand is a powerful talisman which can attack at will and hit an enemy critically every time.
Dryad (Level 137)
The Dryads have been living in the Charitable Woods for generations. They are all endowed with the Far-sight Spirit and therefore very gentle. Nevertheless, they have never shown mercy to invaders.
Mephet (Level 148)
They are very fierce, giant birds adopted by the Flame Master. They all have extremely tough wings.
Flame Master (Level 170)
The Flame Master was originally one of the most talented apprentices of Master Mind. He is very clever, but narrow-minded and always seeking to prevail over others. However, Master Dazang, who was one of his fellow apprentices, has often defeated him, leading to an intense rivalry.
The restoration of the dignity of the Sun Warriors of Wan Mountain, as well as your own training, is all up to you.
For more screenshots of these forces, please visit the

Angels Online: Raging Reefs and Monsters Overview

Located in the westernmost part of Atlantis, the Raging Reefs are one of the most dangerous areas available to players. It is said that voyagers would make a detour when they passed here, even during the most peaceful times of the Atlantis. After Atlantis had disappeared,everything here became a shrouded in mystery and secrets.
Today, the Angels Online team from IGG is here to give all players a brief introduction to this evil scene.
The west ocean is the end of Atlantis. The water here is so deep that nobody can get to the other end of Atlantis from here. The ocean is covered by a thin mist year in year out. The standing reefs and dangerous whirlpools frighten all but the most grizzled adventurers from even attempting anything but a completely different route around it.
However, it is said that there is an uncountable amount of lost treasure sunk below those crashing waves and kife edged reefs. The treasure sits encased in the broken hulls of ships piloted by foolish and reckless Captains from Atlantis and a dozen other sea faring nations. Groups of adventurers occasionally brave the thrashing wind and the churning ocean to attempt a recovery of some loot, but few ever return…
Players should carefully seek the entrance of the map which is camouflaged by a bushel of seaweed; otherwise, they may miss it. Passing through the seaweed, players will find the large remains of a shipwreck. The between the broken hull and the twisted masts the rotten sailcloth is stretched taught and a lot of unknown underwater monsters can be seen climbing on the surface. How horrible it must be to feel so utterly and completely alone. It will become more and more fearful as players keep moving forward. They may meet Byscher, an adventurer from the Breeze Woods, if they are lucky enough. As an experienced adventurer from Eden, Byscher has done research here for many years. However, his work was disturbed recently by some underwater sharks. If players can do him a favor, he will not be stingy in giving them abundant rewards.
Monsters Overview
Sea Shark: These Sea Sharks possess high attacking abilities and hard shells. They are also very fierce because of their sharp teeth. They are one of the most dangerous monsters you can face in these waters.
Octopus Scholar: They are more aggressive than the Octopus Fish. If someone comes near them, they will become cautious and deadly at once. Many adventurers have been killed by them.
Giant Octopus: These huge monsters possess high melee and long-distance attack abilities. They move very fast. Generally, players are unable to escape and end having to face these tough creatures.

Warhammer Online: First Live Expansion

The Armies of WAR Prepare to Go Berserk Over Dwarf Slayer and Orc Choppa Careers, New ‘Land of the Dead’ Dungeon Zone, and Live Events
Mythic Entertainment, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: ERTS) studio, today announced the new “Call to Arms” live expansion for its award-winning MMORPG, Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning® (WAR). Call to Arms will introduce an array of new content for WAR players, including two highly anticipated new careers – the Orc Choppa and the Dwarf Slayer – and a new dungeon zone called “Land of the Dead,” set in the desert realm of the Tomb Kings.
The Call to Arms live expansion, set to roll out for free in early March and running through the beginning of June, will also include three in-game live events, a new Realm vs. Realm™ (RvR) Scenario, added functionality to the Realm Wars section of the WAR website, the opening of the official WAR Forums, and a new free trial version of the game.
“The launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was only the first step in our ongoing quest to make a great MMORPG that players will enjoy for years to come. Over the next few months, we are going to be treating our players to the first of our ‘live expansions’ planned for the game,” said Mark Jacobs, VP and general manager of Mythic Entertainment. “With the addition of new careers and a huge Tomb Kings dungeon that is the spiritual successor to the Dark Age of Camelot™ dungeon, Darkness Falls, Call to Arms is an outstanding example of the massive amount of free content we are committed to delivering to WAR players now and in the future.”
Call to Arms Live Expansion Schedule
• ‘Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals’ Live Event (March): Successful completion allows head start access to the new Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer careers. The event will also include the new Chaos-themed RvR Scenario, Twisting Tower.
• Two New Careers Join WAR (March): The Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer answer the Call to Arms.
• ‘Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands’ Live Event (April): Details to be revealed soon!
• ‘Call to Arms: Rise of the Tomb Kings’ Live Event (May): The race between Order and Destruction players begins to unlock the Land of the Dead for their Realm.
• ‘Land of the Dead’ Opens (June): The deserts of Nehekharaopen open to players with the addition of a new RvR-gated dungeon zone. To gain access to the Land of the Dead, opposing Realms must battle for control of the zone to access dozens of new Public Quests, instanced lairs, and a massive new Tomb Kings dungeon to plunder in search of the Casket of Souls.
More details on these and other new features soon to invade the Age of Reckoning will be revealed as the launch of Call to Arms grows near.
Bitter Rivals Answer the Call to Arms!
The Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer may be bitter enemies, but they have at least one thing in common: they live, eat, and breathe close-quarters melee combat. Choppas are ornery and savage, with a one track mind dead set on bashin’ heads! This savage dedication makes them ferocious fighters, wreaking havoc throughout enemy lines purely for the sake of satisfying their own self-indulgent bloodlust.
The Slayer is driven by a solemn oath to atone for past sins through an honorable death in combat. However, Dwarfs are a stubborn folk and dying quietly is simply not in their nature. Slayers therefore become ruthless and terrifying fighters, throwing themselves into battle with no regard for their own well-being.
“The Orc Choppa and Dwarf Slayer are two of the most iconic characters in the Warhammer universe, and I have no doubt WAR fans will go berserk for them,” said Jeff Hickman, executive producer of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. “Choppas represent the pure anarchy that the Greenskins embody, and the crazed, mohawk-sporting Slayers are their ideal archenemy. It won’t be long before you see both of them adding a new level of insanity to the Age of Reckoning!”
Based on the popular tabletop war game from Games Workshop, Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning features revolutionary Realm vs. Realm conflict that will provide players with an engaging battleground for years to come. Available now for PC, WAR is rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB.

Play The Lord Of The Rings Online For Free!

Turbine, Inc. has launched the official 10-day free trial of The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO). Beginning today, players in North America, Australia and New Zealand can play the game by visiting

In conjunction with the launch of the Free Trial, Turbine has teamed up with Xfire to offer players a chance to win great prizes for signing up to play LOTRO (Full Game or Free Trial) and joining the Official Xfire LOTRO Clan while signed into Xfire from January 28th to February 11th*. Thirty (30) winners will be chosen at random to receive great prizes based on the following categories:

Gold Level Prizes (10): More than 50 hours

  • 6-Month Subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online
  • In-Game Mount (Bree Horse)

Silver Level Prize (10): 15 to 50 Hours

  • 3-Month Subscription to The Lord of the Rings Online
  • LOTRO T-shirt

Bronze Prize (10): Less than 15 Hours

  • 30-Day The Lord of the Rings Online Subscription|

“LOTRO brings all the excitement and adventure of greatest fantasy of all time to life with a state-of-the-art online social experience that has earned the title of Best MMO* for two years running,” said Jeffrey Steefel, Executive Producer of The Lord of the Rings Online. “And now we want everyone to have the opportunity to walk through the Shire, delve deep into the Mines of Moria, fight with their own fellowship in the War of the Ring and fully experience what everyone has been talking about.”

Eligible fans can participate in The Lord of the Rings Online Free Trial and play the game for 10 days free of charge. At the end of the Free Trial, players will have the option of continuing to play LOTRO, and to keep the characters created during their 10-day free trial time, by purchasing the game.

The Lord of the Rings Online is the ultimate interactive adventure. Join Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, and many other characters in the war against the Dark Lord Sauron to save Middle-earth. This award-winning MMORPG recently expanded with the critically acclaimed launch of Mines of Moria where players can venture into the largest and most dangerous online underground environment ever created while extending the challenge to new heights with two new classes, ten additional levels and hundreds of new quests including a face off with the Watcher, the Balrog and more. The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria is available for purchase across North America and Europe.

Unforgiven War

UnforgivenWar is a FREE text based browser Military MMORPG game.

You may ask “What the “hell-o dolly” is this game about?” Well it’s not the typical game you would see, where you mindlessly go around beating up other players and attacking them in your “mobs” you have gathered together. Ummm hmmm, sorry, yea you get to do that, BUT WAIT, that’s where it STOPS being the SAME.

By registering, you’re inducted into the military. You head straight to Boot Camp. Some of you may say “forget that” and try to go it on your own, if you do that, then look out. You can be beat up, robbed, put in the hospital, you can be scammed and slammed, but will you ever have FREAKING FUN while it is happening.

In Boot Camp enhance your strength, speed, stamina and fighting skills. Do missions and get promoted. Join a Platoon get armed to the teeth with M604E Machine Gun, enhanced Camouflage War Paint and a Tank Shard Vest and you are ready for WAR. With your Platoon you then can battle taking money and weapons and even property from others and THAT is only a SMALL PART of Unforgivenwar.

BattleForge to be released on 24th March

As reported by Eurogamer, EA has said that the MMO RTS BattleForge will launch for PC across Europe on 24th March.
The pre-order edition will contain four exclusive unit-cards, as well as immediate access to the current beta test.

BattleForge allows you to experience real-time strategy in a whole new dimension. Every battle is different, every army unique. Create your own fighting force from mighty creatures and powerful soldiers.
Lead your army in epic online battles – together with your friends or against them. Fight alone in single-player missions or in a team with up to twelve participants. In addition to 1on1 duels, various tournament modes and a fiercely contested ranking list await you in PvP.

Four powers determine the balance in the world of BattleForge. Each of these powers has its own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Use the full array of spells, magical constructs and powerful units for your strategy. Surprise your opponents with a perfectly armed fighting force – for every battle situation.
The cards represent your tools of war: units, buildings and spells that are conjured directly onto the battlefield. Assemble the perfect fighting force before the battle, choosing from your ever-increasing collection, and lead it into the battle. Rare cards open up completely new tactics for you and are highly sought after for swapping at the in-game market place!