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Empire of Ember Now Available on Steam Early Access

Empire of Ember Key Art

Independent developer Poleaxe Games today announced that its action RPG, Empire of Ember is now available on Steam early access for PC. Empire of Ember is a first-person action-RPG featuring player-created cities, destructible environments, and procedurally-generated dungeons. From today RPG players and fans can experience first-person ranged, melee, and magical combat during its pre-launch phase, and help provide developer Poleaxe Games with constructive feedback in time for the games expected launch late summer.

Players will have the opportunity to loot dungeons, lead armies in overland combat, command the defense in siege combat, and quest through pre-designed levels. Poleaxe Games will be providing regular updates to keep players in the know on all aspects of the games development, including all ongoing improvements made through player feedback across its Steam and Discord community channels.

Empire of Ember includes a light RTS strategic element where players can unleash the might of an army of NPCs to fight alongside in hundred-unit battles, all of which is tied into the game’s persistent world with a script by former Telltale Games lead writer Patrick Kevin Day.

Add to that an ambitious city builder feature where players can design and create their own city from an asset pool of over 2500 cosmetic and functional structures including wizard towers, libraries, blacksmiths, stables, taverns and houses in order to put their own creative mark on their game. More importantly, these player-created cities can be shared in an asynchronous multiplayer mode, in which players can download another player’s city, defeat the defenders, and sack it.

Empire of Ember will be launching on Steam late Summer 2021 and welcomes player feedback throughout its early access phase. An early access launch discount is available for launch week for any RPG fans looking for their next adventure.

No Man’s Sky Expeditions Trailer

Introducing…the Expeditions update.

Set forth on a new community-focused adventure with the Expeditions update. Start a fresh journey every season, master a unique set of challenges with revitalised mission mechanics, visit bustling hub worlds, and earn exclusive rewards to keep!

Brewmaster Announcement Trailer

Brew your perfect beer and master the art of homebrewing in new sim: Brewmaster!

Enjoy the relaxing craft of home brewing in your own customised space with this authentic homebrew simulator, coming to PC & consoles in 2022

Pro Cycling Manager 2021: Tour de France Announcement Trailer

Win the yellow jersey with the official game of the Tour de France 2021. All 21 stages and the biggest Classics are included. Experience a new objective system, a redesigned My Tour mode and other new features!

Manage one of 80 teams in over 260 races and 700 stages with Pro Cycling Manager 2021. From strategy to recruitment, it’s up to you alone to make the best decisions. Experience more realism and authenticity with the new features added for 2021.

Tour de France 2021 will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC starting June 3, 2021 and on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S at a later date.

Drive Buy Launch Trailer

Take the battle to the streets in this car combat game with a delivery twist! Outdrive, outsmart and out deliver your rivals.

To win, drivers must hustle the most deliveries and shake down rival drivers with powerups. The intoxicating mix of deliveries and rivalries sets the perfect stage for peacocking, surprise and revenge.

Narita Boy Launch Trailer

You are Narita Boy, a legendary hero called upon to defend the Digital Kingdom.

Explore a stunning retro-futuristic dimension, discover the mysteries behind the Techno-sword and ward off the corrupt Stallion invaders!

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle Announcement Trailer

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is coming to the Nintendo Switch system in North America Summer 2021!

Shadowverse: Champion’s Battle is a reimagined version of the strategic multiplayer mobile/PC card battle game for the consumer platform. As players progress the game, they can collect new cards to build more powerful decks. The game can be experienced solo, or players can head online for multiplayer matches to test complex new strategies against others. It will also feature a Battle Pass system with cosmetic leader skin rewards and other in-game bonuses unlockable by completing missions such as winning online matches. The Switch™ release also adds deluxe battle animations for a more immersive experience.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination Launch Trailer

Evil Genius 2 is a satirical spy-fi lair builder, where players take control of an Evil Genius and set their plans for world domination in motion. When it feels this good to be bad, the Forces of Justice don’t stand a chance!

Build your own unique evil lair and cover operation, train a force of criminal minions to defend you’re your lair from the Forces of Justice, and dominate the world with a Doomsday Device in this direct sequel to the 2004 cult classic!

Demon Skin Announcement Trailer

Demon Skin is a brutal hack’n’slash set in a rough dark fantasy world, which combines unique combat mechanics, RPG and fighting game elements, and even some platformer features. With its versatile combat system you can fight enemies in both hardcore mode, changing battle stances and weapons in time, and in casual mode, slashing monsters left and right.

Wishlist Demon Skin on Steam.

The darkness has got into the far off corners of the universe and threatens the world. Only the mighty Order of Wanderers whose members possess superhuman divine powers can resist that threat. One of the Wanderers witnesses a sinister ritual of restoring a powerful ancient artifact. In an attempt to break off the ceremony he gets into a flow of energy released by the artifact and instantly turns into a demon!

Wanderer is now eager to regain his former appearance but to do so he needs the artifact which was stolen afterwards. The hero sets on a path to find it, fighting the hordes of demons along the way.