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Zero Online January Events

Zero Online January Events


How time flies! 2011 is drawing near, and TQ have prepared a string of fun events to celebrate the coming of the new year in Zero Online! Let’s see what’s coming up for them in the next month!


Double EXP for Orion Server (Jan. 1st – 7th)
With the closing of the BT edition of Zero Online happening soon, TQ saw it necessary to make sure the BT Zero Online players can continue having fun with Zero Online. With this in mind, TQ will provide a way for you to transfer your account to the Orion Server. (You should pay attention to the official BT website for the detailed transfer steps.) TQ will hold a 1 week Double Exp event, in order to help you get better acclimated to your new post!


Shopping Mall New Year Sales Event (Jan. 8th – 9th)
Many items in the ZP Mall will be sold at a 20% discount, and there will be new ZP(Bound) packs sold, available in packs of 100/500/1000. You can even buy them with the ZPs you bought at the 20% discounted price! This event will only be around for 2 days, so take this great chance to pick up those items you really need! It’s now or never!


R Energon (Jan. 14th – 21st)
You will have the chance to collect the R Energons from any Othello above Level 60.You can claim the reward when you hand in the 5th, 25th, 50th, 100th and 200th R Energon. After you have submitted 200, you will receive a gift for each 10 R Energons handed in. This event will be held for a week, so don’t hesitate to join in and win yourself some EXP, Gold, EXP Modules, Double EXP Potions, Meteors, Red Stars, +4 Chomsky Atoms, Roses, and much more! Good luck!


Double Crystal and Cores Weekend! (Jan. 22nd – 23rd)
There is a Double Crystal/Cores Event going on this weekend! Don’t forget to login the game, where you will get +150% Crystal drops and +20% Core drops from hunting the enemies of the Alliance! Don’t miss out on your chance to grab the cores and crystals you’ll need to upgrade your power!


Weekend Event – Snowmen Meltdown (Jan. 29th – 30th)
Do you want to have a snowball fight just like when you were a kid? Then sign up with Major Gen. Dan and join in the fight against the Yetis! Also, you can go directly to the Titan Icefield and search for the Yetis to have your own snowball fight! Don’t forget to take part in this campaign to win some free ZPs (Bound).


Have fun ZO players and Happy Newyear!


Zero Online January Events

City of Heroes MetaÂ’s Verse: The Fifth Column!

City of Heroes Meta’s Verse: The Fifth Column!


If there is one thing that is important in any setting, it is what you are set against. For this, the fifth column from your very own Meticulous Meta, how could we not talk about one of the biggest threats in the City Of world? The Fifth Column.



Nazis, as a wise and intrepid teacher of archaeology once said: “I hate those guys”. With good reason too, they’re one of the quintessential bad guys. Always there to be the baddest of the bad when your setting needs some evil.


Fith Column

The Fifth Column have had a varied history in the game. Starting out as one of the original bad guy groups, they took a long leave of absence from all things in Paragon City. In the lore they were some of the worst that Paragon had ever seen. Organising themselves as a fifth column of troops hidden in the Swiss cheese that passes for bedrock in Rhode Island, they struck at the First Hero Brigade just as it was organising to ship out for the war. This little bit of history in the game eventually led to the name of the most popular of the newbie zones, Atlas Park. Atlas, having been a hero who fought and died defending people everywhere from the evils of the Fifth.

Axis America

In the game however, the Fifth Column, a constant thorn in the side of heroes everywhere was soon to be temporarily removed. Starting with Issue 3 and with (co-incidentally) the games launch in Europe, the Fifth found themselves fighting a losing battle in the streets across the entire city to a new usurper faction borne from the same ideals but with a decidedly extra-terrestrial flavour, The Council.

Meta Council

It wasn’t until the launch of the Oroboros Flashback system some years later that the threat made a reappearance. First in the opening arc to get you used to time travel and then in one of the missions the Menders send you on to try and tweak the time stream. The bloody in the streets battle which many players witnessed between the two sides eventually was given further story treatment in this arc, where it turns out you yourself as a player are responsible for … well. We won’t ruin all the surprises.


Historical Hideaways

Soon after the first glimpses of this “old” content in time travel arcs, the Fifth made yet another appearance, proving that when regular old super science just isn’t evil enough, Nazi  Super Science comes to the fore and gave players an added foe to fight in the area of Cimerora.  After all what spells FUN better than the group you love to hate, a new task force for the ousted leader Imperious and giant robots? This sighting of both the Fifth and of their leader back in his proper role, Requiem, started the comeback for the bad guys. From a bit part in a time travel story, to a major part in a time travel based taskforce, they went on to feature heavily in yet another high end task. The Reichsmann, think Statesman if he grew up on Axis America Earth had finally awoke. Heroes coming together for the tough task sought to break his power and if possible bring him to justice. Villains, being such paragons of virtue, also had a high level task force revolving around the Reichsmann and his escape and eventual beating… if not for justice, then because of his stupid hat.




Now though, now the Fifth Column is back proving that there’s always a bad guy that everyone loves to hate. They’re back on the streets, back in missions and “living” content instead of one time travel mention for old times’ sake and back fighting against the Council that originally broke the column. You won’t see the battles that sent the Column hiding throughout time and space, but anywhere that the Council and the Fifth Column compete for recruits or for training, we get the added spice of them going for one another’s throats. It is after all the little things in life that make a zone seem alive.




It feels good to be so bad

Why though are the Fifth so loved by players? They’re  bad, bad guys. They don’t just kick puppies, sometimes after a rightful beating up of the guy who fired a rocket launcher at you, they mutate into giant werewolves. How is that fair or endearing?


Fith Column

Simply, it’s because no matter where you sit on the moral spectrum, from shining hero through the shades of grey to a darkened villain, everyone can get behind hating a group so steeped in the truest villainy any of us have ever known of.


If you can measure the worth of a hero or of a character by his enemies, what better enemy could there be for players? It doesn’t matter if you are thwarting their plots as a hero, roughing them up as a rogue or vigilante or even perhaps taking over the business venture as a villain, you have a yardstick by which to measure your worth and your actions. Every setting and everyone needs a villain to fight against, to be better than and to beat. They may not be the most cunning, that crown belongs to Nemesis. They may not be the most fractured and varied, that’d be Arachnos. They may not even be the most dedicated to their goals, that would have to be Malta. No matter what they are not, they are and always will be Nazis, and like the great Indiana Jones says.


I hate those guys.


I wouldn’t have them any other way.



Meticulous Meta left Snuflé at home for this article and hit the streets to see the action. She will be back in Paragon next week.

Paul Barnett Humbled By Cataclysm

Paul Barnett Humbled By Cataclysm


You wouldn't expect Paul Barnett to praise Warhammer's biggest competitor: World of Warcraft

After having been the “The Voice” of Warhammer Online leading upto its release you wouldn’t expect Paul Barnett to praise its biggest competitor: World of Warcraft.


Imagine our surprise when we heard a humble Paul Barnett speak on a Special Giantbomb “Top 10 Games of 2010” Podcast.


Paul lists Cataclysm as number two in his top ten games of 2010. The first thing he mentions about it is that he is impressed that Blizzard effectively finished Cataclysm earlier in the year and then was powerful enough to just “sit on it” so they could release it closer to Christmas. After this he goes on to compare World of Warcraft to the iPod.


“It was a hard lesson, and very ego bruising to learn, but WoW is the MMO equivalent of the iPod or iPhone. It doesn’t matter that there were MP3 players before the iPod. Once the iPod came out it dominated and it doesn’t matter what you made after the iPod.”



Bombcast - Giant Bomb's Gaming Podcast


And if that wasn’t honest enough for you yet Paul went on to say:


“That is actually what WoW is, it’s this magnificent uber-creation and as I learned, chasing after it was painful and humbling.”

As a Warhammer Online fanboi that felt utterly disappointed and abandoned when I realised that Paul’s big promises would not be realised it is refreshing to hear mr. Barnett admit Blizzard’s dominance in such a mature and realistic fashion.


You can listen to the entire podcast over here at our friends at Giantbomb. The part about Cataclysm starts at 15:55.

Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Core Blaze Gameplay Video Revealed

Eastern Fantasy MMORPG Core Blaze Gameplay Video Revealed
First look at customized settings and the four major weapon classes


Today Gamania  revealed gameplay video of Core Blaze, an epic 3D Eastern Fantasy Action MMORPG utilizing the next generation Unreal Engine 3. Developed by Gamania’s R&D team, Core Blaze was first announced at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show (TGS). The unprecedented world view and innovative free customization feature was received well by both the international media and players highly anticipating its release. This gameplay trailer showcases Core Blaze’s freely customized game settings, highly realistic weapon combat, and provides a first look at the four major weapons.


Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers a structured fantasy world unique in its main and branch leveling design. Its free customization alters the core gameplay experience dynamically depending on various factors, such as the player’s current level, choice of combat style and weapons, geography and map environment, monsters’ element, and even the weather and time of day. Changing any factor produces a new quest line and outcome, which will change the player’s strategy, even when entering the same map at a different time of the day. Players will also find that Core Blaze relies heavily on teamwork. Each instance is designed for teams of up to four players, who will need to instantly react to each other’s combat style in order to achieve the most effective results. However, party modes will allow more than four people to a team.


Core Blaze has also released the four major in-game weapon classes: Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Dual Blade, and Long Bow. Highly distinctive in appearance and function, each of these weapons has its own characteristics and use.


Sword and Shield

The Sword is characterized by short range melee attacks, including some defensive moves using the Shield. With this combination, the player will be able to both fend off and heal from enemy attacks.


Great Sword

The huge and heavy Great Sword requires the player to utilize both hands in order to deliver the critical blow. With a wide attack area and maximum damage, the player will need to anticipate the possibility of an attack during the weapon’s cool down period. When in a party, this weapon is incredibly destructive.


Dual Blade

The dual blade can deliver fast and continuous melee blows to the enemy. But due to the restrictive characteristic of this weapon, the area of attack is small, and merely a single hit isn’t enough to defeat an enemy. A series of successful strikes must be unleashed to bring down foes. When in a party, the Dual Blade is most suitable as the first line of attack.


Long Bow

The archer is always an indispensible supporting attack character. Not only can the Long Bow be used in large scale battle, it can be placed on high levels as the secondary line of attack, and cover for teammates in the first line of attack.


The free customization in Core Blaze also applies to weapon choice. Players can freely interchange between different weapons right before combat – Sword and Shield today, Great Sword tomorrow, and then Long Bow strategy in party combat – making it extremely easy to find compatible players to team up with. As each player develops independently throughout the game, their element and characteristics will enhance and influence the performance of each weapon.


Once the player advances to the high level instances, the commonly seen combination of Sword and Shield matched with the Great Sword, or Dual Blade matched with the Long Bow, will no longer become the most viable. Instead, any four random combinations can be created, depending on the instance content, to most efficiently execute the quest and achieve surprising results. Players need to focus on individual advancement and character development to be able to reach the maximum combination potential – yet another of Core Blaze’s unique features.


Core Blaze has more than the typical grind and level system found in most MMORPGs. Players are able to develop their own skills when battling monsters. The combination of the player’s own element, weapons used, geography and weather of the instance, all contribute to the effectiveness of each attack. Instantaneous strikes, attack tempo, angle of attack, and even the compatibility with team members, are critical in achieving success in the game.


Gamania also announces the official Core Blaze Facebook fan page, where players can keep up to date on the game’s development status and latest news. Core Blaze is still in development, and is scheduled to be completed by the second half of 2011.

Gaming: A True Revolution

Gaming: A True Revolution
By Albert Delgado (Devi@nt), OnRPG Journalist

At a Glance

Gaming has over the years been broken down to a description, or more commonly recognized in today’s society as an activity. Most people think of the word gaming, and immediately picture a little kid with a bed head in pajamas, controller gripped in hand, junk food in the surrounding area, and a trance look when being utterly fixed within playing a game.

Video games over the years have provided countless hours of entertainment for kids of all ages. But society has also perceived/associated the idea of video gaming with addiction, laziness, and also the phrase of “having no life”. Ok, gaming does have its pros and cons, but it all goes back to how gaming is overall perceived, and exactly who it is doing the gaming that makes it a pro or a con. Due to different perceptions and associations of gaming; most people are blind to what the gaming society itself has brought to the table.


Gamer Gaming

Workforce Provide by Gaming

Alright let’s start off with the basics of what gaming has brought in its own job description which include; writers, editors, developers, programmers, graphic artists/designers, and administrators. These jobs listed are all included and covered by almost every game that is created today. Now if you look at this rationally one game can provide numerous jobs for people (maybe this is why colleges now have gaming courses, and other computer related courses included into their curriculum; after all they are preparing the students of today for tomorrow’s workforce.) who are able to utilize the skills required for the jobs above.



Gaming over the years evolved from little independent developers. Gaming companies now have transcended into massive corporations. Also other companies began to focus on game development like Sony and Microsoft. Every year there has been more and more technological advancements being made in gaming. Gaming itself has become one of the main focuses in our scientific advancements to date. We all see it now with Nintendo’s Wii, Sony’s PlayStation Move, and Microsoft’s XBOX Kinect. All systems have come up with various ways that turn your body into a controller for the system. These newer developments open more and more doors that incorporate various jobs to come up with the right support when configuring these new ideas.


Gamer Money

Even Facebook has been trying to cash in on the games it offers. Gaming for various companies/organization is seen as a logical cash investment. Hell, even cellphones whose appstores include thousands of games (which is one way they direct their market to parents and kids today) are cashing in on the same scheme. Other stores like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Hastings all have a gaming section that is largely noticeable somewhere within the store. Once again everyone in some way wants a piece of that gaming pie!


Ok…..What else?

Let’s all now look at a larger scale. If it wasn’t for the development of gaming there would be no such thing as review sites. OnRPG itself is based around online gaming and is an open source for gamers who are looking for new games/reviews. Many websites, blogs, and social networks associated with gaming are being created everyday 24/7. Gaming itself has become more of a socialized trend with our generation. It has also created numerous stores like GameStop; which buy, sell, and even trade games from and to customers. Again these factors go back into just how much opportunities and employment that the gaming industry itself has to offer. Be sure not to forget the independent MMO’s that most of you readers come on this site to see. If it was not for gaming the availability and creation of MMO’s themselves would be non-existent, and the online gaming community itself would be irrelevant.   



Gaming itself has developed and created vast amount of opportunities not only for jobs and the economy, but also for personal enjoyment, an amazing MMO market, and other independent gaming sources. Think of gaming as more of a revolution. A revolution that has over the years created numerous jobs, tech advancements, entertainment, and overall the support of making imagination becoming reality. If anyone every questions or degrades the essence of gaming fill free to share this article with them.

WoW Playable With Kinect!

WoW Playable With Kinect!

The Institute for Creative Technologies at the University of Southern California has been working on a way to use Kinect to play World of Warcraft and other games!


This is what they had to say about it:


“We are developing the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST), which is middleware to facilitate integration of full-body control with games and VR applications. FAAST currently supports the PrimeSensor and the Microsoft Kinect using the OpenNI framework.

In this video, we show how FAAST can be used to control off-the-shelf video games such as World of Warcraft.


In this video, we show how FAAST can be used to control off-the-shelf video games such as World of Warcraft. Since these games would not normally support motion sensing devices, FAAST emulates keyboard input triggered by body posture and specific gestures. These controls can be dynamically configured for different applications and games.”


The OnRPG team can’t wait to see if this technology will actually become popular. It’s certainly a very healthy way to play our MMOs!

Lucent Heart’s Advanced Classes Revealed

Lucent Heart’s Advanced Classes Revealed

Gamania has revealed the entire entourage of classes for their upcoming F2P MMORPG Lucent Heart. Read on to find the Advanced Classes fact sheet, information on each class and images galore!


Lucent Heart is certainly on our game radar and we’re very much looking forward to getting our hands on it next year.


Lucent Heart Class Tree


Solar Guardian

Solar Guardians possess the most powerful versions of single and multi-target taunts and the highest constitution among the classes.   With a powerful array of offensive abilities that attack multiple targets, slow the movement speed of enemies and increases critical hit chance upon targets, Solar Guardians make great tanks as well as melee damage dealers.


Solar Guardian

Solar Guardian – Class Abilities

Blade Dance: Inflicts Damage on up to 4 targets surrounding the Solar Guardian, ignoring their armor. Additional damage is dealt with targets are below 30% health.
Onslaught: Charge a target, dealing damage and stunning it. While your target is stunned your chance to land a critical hit will be greatly increased.

Solar Guardians enjoy charging into the thick of a fight and wearing resilient heavy armor. They can choose to wield either the traditional sword and shield or large two-handed swords.


Celestial Templar

Celestial Templars wear heavy armor along with the unique defensive “Gun-Shield” specific to the class.  The Gun-Shield not only provides the protection gained from equipping traditional shields, it also serves as a built-in cannon, firing various types of artillery in battle.  Although their constitution is not as high as their counterpart, Templars have the ability to reduce their opponents’ attack power and provide protection bonuses for themselves and their teammates to make up the difference. Celestial Templars can promote one spellcaster, melee, and ranged teammate to the Specialist rank, further improving their abilities.

Celestial Templar


Celestial Templar – Class Abilities

Heavy Handed: Reduce enemies attack power, increase hostility and deal damage over time.

Templars Arsenal:
Allows the Celestial Templar to equip gun shields with unique damage types.
Standard Gun Shields deal physical damage against your enemies.
Flamethrower Shields deal fire damage against your enemies which ignores armor.


Celestial Templars are ideal for players who enjoy the responsibility that comes with being a leader.  Their unique Gun Shield provides defense as well as offensive capability unique to the class.

Comet Marksman

Comet Marksman

The Comet Marksman is the pinnacle of sniper training when taking the Gunner path. As Comet Marksmen train in more deadly versions of gunner skills they gain access to a variety of new shot types.  By studying opponents from afar, Comet Marksmen have unique insight into vulnerable points in enemy armor.  They have also perfected the ability to fire off quick and accurate shots that synergize with stun skills.


Comet Marksman – Class Abilities

Suppressive Shot: A shot designed to silence a caster from completing his or her spell. Prevents casting for a short duration.
Sonic Boom: At the cost of additional ammo, fires a loud disorienting shot at multiple targets.


Comet Marksmen are ideal for players who prefer to be quick with light armor and possess high single target ranged damage.


Nova Sentinel

Nova Sentinel

Veteran Gunners who sacrifice high amounts of damage for group utility choose the path of Nova Sentinels.  Nova Sentinels can mark and designate targets for group members to focus their effort upon by increasing critical strike chance against the enemy.  They are also able to select ranged teammates and increase their accuracy and critical strike chance against the targets they attack.


Nova Sentinel – Class Abilities

Flash Bang Grenade: Throw a grenade that explodes causing up to 3 enemies to be disoriented.
Deadly Aim: Increase weapon range and inflict damage that ignores enemy armor.


Nova sentinels are ideal for players who favor light armor and ranged combat while providing leadership to their groups in battle.


Sun Commissioner

The Sun Commissioner is one of two class choices available for the Priest path.  In addition to learning the highest ranked healing spells, Sun Commissioners have access to the complete heal spell.  Sun Commissioners can also increase group constitution as well as deal serious damage with Divine spells.


Sun Commissioner

Sun Commissioner – Class Abilities

Psyche’s Healing Embrace: Fully restore a teammates HP or your own health.
Divine Judgment: Marks a target. After 21 seconds, judgment is rendered upon your enemy inflicting massive Water damage.


The Sun Commissioner is ideal for taking on the role of main team healer and supporting their allies in combat.


Dawn Prophet

The Dawn Prophet is an option for players following the Priest path which focuses on a combination of healing support and offensive debuffs.  The Dawn Prophet gains access to new healing over time spells in addition to higher ranks of their heal spells.  They also possess offensive Omen spells designed to cripple their enemy’s skills and the ability to mitigate damage.  Other abilities include increasing health regeneration and resurrecting fallen teammates while in the midst of combat.


Dawn Prophet

Dawn Prophet – Class Abilities

Omen of Destruction: A destructive attack that deals Fire damage to an enemy and reduces Water defense.
Shock of Vitality: Electrify a teammate. If their health is greater than 40% the player will take Wind Damage. If their health is lower than 40%, the shock will cause damage and restore a large portion of that player’s health.


Dawn Prophets are ideal for players who enjoy supporting their allies in battle while crippling the effectiveness of their enemies.


Moon Flame Envoy

Wizards who focus their training on the destructive powers of Fire and Water take the path of Moon Flame Envoys.  The Moon Flame Envoy has access to the most powerful area of effect magic spells that the elements of Fire and Water have to offer. With the ability to teleport into the middle of a battle, they will often surround themselves with enemies in order to stun them into place and unleash their Elemental powers.  They also have the ability to put targets to sleep and disable mechanical monsters.


Moon Flame Envoy

Moon Flame Envoy – Class Abilities

Moonflame: A powerful streak of fire that deals damage against single targets and reduces their Water Defense.
Arctic Blast: Summons a massive Ice Storm at a targeted location dealing damage to up to 6 targets in the area.


The Moon Flame Envoy is an ideal magical class with a variety of single target spells and flashy area of effect spells.


Galaxy Sage

The Galaxy Sage is one of two path choices when selecting the Wizard path.  Galaxy Sages focus their training on Wind and Earth, using abilities in unison as a deadly force against single and multiple targets.
Galaxy Sages provide unique stat bonuses to surrounding teammates and have the ability to restore an ally’s MP at the cost of their own.


Galaxy Sage

Galaxy Sage – Class Abilities

Nebula Explosion: Grants infinite mana to the caster and increased casting speed for a limited time.
Athena’s Spear: A destructive wind spell that deals heavy damage against a single opponent.


The Galaxy Sage is the ideal class for players who enjoy supporting their team and casting destructive single target spells upon their enemies

Core Blaze

Inspired by Eastern mythology, Core Blaze offers a structured fantasy world unique in its main and branch leveling design. Its free customization alters the core gameplay experience dynamically depending on various factors, such as the player’s current level, choice of combat style and weapons, geography and map environment, monsters’ element, and even the weather and time of day. Changing any factor produces a new quest line and outcome, which will change the player’s strategy, even when entering the same map at a different time of the day. Players will also find that Core Blaze relies heavily on teamwork. Each instance is designed for teams of up to four players, who will need to instantly react to each other’s combat style in order to achieve the most effective results. However, party modes will allow more than four people to a team.

DDTanks Review – So Cute I Want To Die!

DDTanks Review – So Cute I Want To Die!
By Vincent Haoson (Vincenthaoson), OnRPG Journalist


DDTanks is a cute turn-based browser shooter from game distributor Aeria games. The game capitalizes on cute and zany graphics that is grounded on a very competitive but solid gameplay.


DDTank Town

First Impressions

The game’s introduction doesn’t not suffer from much fan fare because you’re immediately whisked away from one tutorial after another. In fact I personally think that the whole “30 second” tutorial was an understatement since I literally breezed through it in less than 30 seconds.


DDTank Cute Sprites


The game doesn’t really offer much in terms of the things you can do. The supposed adventure part of the game is still locked and you’re limited to randomly playing against other people till you grow to a level high enough to create your room that allows you to challenge another set of players.



DDTank Loading


The game’s is easy enough to grasp. Since this is a turn-based shooter it’s not the “how do you play this game?” that’s important but more of “how well can you play this game?”




DDTank Finish


As of this review, the game allows only two types of battles which are namely, the sports and the challenge battles. The sports battles are random combats of either the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 variety. The game sets your enemies according to the available players of the same number and doesn’t care much in the level gap. My level eight character has often faced a lot of 20+s characters on both 1v1 and 4v4 battles, which only stacked up my losses.



DDTank 4v4


The other battle type is the challenge battles. These are the more vanilla shooter combat where you get a room and you’d see who you’re up against. Similarly to the sports battles you can set the battles from a 1v1 to a 4v4 combat depending on the host’s preference.


DDTank Friendslist
Get used to this sight, you’ll be seeing it a lot.


Starting battles in DDtank can be a long tedious wait specially if you’re playing during the game’s off peak hours. I’ve experienced waiting for more than five minutes  for the game to pair us up with another 4v4 match. Actually, the problem for me is not the wait, it’s the people you’re with that has a problem with it.



DDTank has a unique item system in place that can spell doom for any kind of fight, balanced or not. DDTank’s item system works as either a weapon or tactical boost system. These items have the capacity to increase your bombs, allows you to throw three bombs consecutively, turns you invisible or provides as an escape route when the chips are down.


These items are either bought at the pre-match item shop or acquired during the battle itself in the form of floating chests that litters the maps as the combat progresses. These items are a double edged sword that can either tip the scales or totally allow your destruction. I personally like how the item system is included in the battles because it provides necessary boosts for low level characters. I’ve had a lot of battles that has pitted me against players 10 times higher than me and I was able to win them because of an item that allowed me to purposely make a hole underneath my enemy thus bringing them to a swifter end.



DDTank Ready


However, the items can also seal the deal in certain unbalanced battle specially when you’re up against skilful players. This would be one of the issues that ticked me off specially when I was still forced to go through the random battles.



DDTank, regardless of all it’s cute graphics and solid gameplay is without its problems. Of course the one that tops off my list is the long wait during battles, however that’s not the only problem I noticed as I kept playing. My other big concern with the game is that DDTank uses certain elements from other media and games and incorporates them as part of the game.


I was surprised to hear the Morroc background theme playing on one map of the game. I know that this isn’t too much of a big deal, but Ragnarok Online players may find this concerning.


Another problem with the game is that the camera is hard to manage. There were times that I was forced to shoot blindly because I didn’t have enough time to shoot because I was too busy fixing my camera so that I can see my target. There were times too that players unknowingly fall to their doom because the edge of the map’s covered by the interface and they are unable to see if there’s still land.


The camera problem is pretty much brought by the game’s limitation as a browser game. You’ll have to accept the fact that the camera angling sucks since you’re just playing a browser game.



What the game lacks in proper camera options, the game compensates with the novelty choice of clothes you can make your character wear. The options vary from Harry Potter clothes, to street fighter attires and the game even has a Majimbou (pink blob enemy that turns people to chocolate and eats them which appeared at the latter parts of Dragonball Z) suit for men.



DDTank Shop


It’s actually fun seeing your characters in these attire since they’re oh-so cute to watch. They’re like the miniature version of these characters that you’d just want them to kick down doors and take names.



Overall DDTank is a good alternative for a turn-based shooter. However the issues may become an irritating problem specially in the endgame stages. The game doesn’t provide you with enough to make you want to come back. even the Marriage system on the game feels like it was just forced into it so that DDTank can say that it has a marriage system.


The game’s novelty wears off pretty fast and some I would say that those who would sing high praises of the game would eventually grow tired of it since there’s nothing else to do. From my perspective the game is still incomplete since one of the feature’s that was paraded was its adventure system. Yet where is it?



DDTank Ghost


If you are looking for a turn-based shooter that’s very easy to play then DDTank is a good suggestion however, if you’re looking for a more “smoother” gameplay I’d say go elsewhere.



– Game doesn’t need an installer, you can get to play immediately.

– It has a cute selection of character clothes to choose from

– The game’s pretty simple and doesn’t take much resource from your computer


– Matchmaking may take forever.

– Bad camera options

– Feels too generic