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Crime and Punishment in Age of Wushu

Crime and Punishment in Age of Wushu



Age of Wushu’s open PvP world creates a Wild West atmosphere in the game. Players walking the streets can witness killings or be challenged themselves.  Snail Games has countered this madness with a few unique options. Though killing players nets large amounts of silver, it comes with Infamy and the ire of the entire server.



Killing players without a legitimate cause (being from rival schools or in defense are notable examples) adds Infamy. The first change a player may see when Infamy increases is to their name color. Your color changes from White to Orange, Orange to Red, and Red to Purple as you progress further into the infamous state.  When Infamy reaches “Orange”, other players can place a bounty for the offending player’s arrest. Bounties attract attention to villainous players. Constables, of the NPC or player variety, can track the infamous player down and try to take him or her out. A successful arrest will yield a handsome sum from the original victim. The criminal will be taken to the nearest jail.



Each server can have up to 1000 Constables. Both Wanted and Constable Players will be denoted by a circling graphic on their character. Players that see a blue chain walking up to an orange Sword may want to stay clear of the upcoming skirmish, or prepare to jump in. Constables are held under tight scrutiny, and can be removed from service if their Infamy gets too high. A no nonsense officer is one thing, but vigilantes are unattractive servants of the government.



As for jailed criminals, there are several options. Orange and Red names can wait out the sentence in prison until Infamy reaches zero, pay a hefty bribe to a guard to be released with a clean record, or spend a lesser amount in a game of dice to get out of prison. Players that don’t win the dice game lose a small amount of Infamy each time they play, (restrictions are set on the number of bets a player can make a day). There is even an option to break out of prison. A player, with 5 friends, can arrange to be moved to a different cell. The friends of the player are notified and can fight their way in and rescue their comrade. Small penalties will be attached to a player that gets out of these lower prisons as a temporary “parole” of sorts.



The highest level of Infamy is not so easily forgiven; players with purple names are temporarily held in a special prison before going to death row. The bribe price is steeper and the breakout tasks are harder to get out of this prison.  If a player cannot come up with the bribe or escape, they will be scheduled for a public beheading in front of the prison. Other players can come and enjoy the spectacle. Beheading holds extensive stat penalties for players.



So join the guards that protect the cities and schools of Age of Wushu, and earn money for bounties. If that doesn’t seem like your cup of tea, then make chaos reign and earn money through victimizing other players. Just don’t get too carried away and lose your head over it.

Dragon Nest EU Launches Long Awaited Closed Beta Testing

Dragon Nest EU Launches Long Awaited Closed Beta Testing



eFusion MMOG GmbH, European publisher of massively multi-player online games, announced that the Dragon Nest Europe Closed Beta has successfully opened today.


eFusion MMOG finally opens the Dragon Nest Europe Closed Beta today for one week. Before the grand opening of its official service on March 6th 2013, the Closed Beta testers can experience intensive PVP action without latency and four European language services in one unified server.


During the Closed Beta period, there will be a great challenge called ‘The 8,000 Milestone’ for all players. eFusion promised that if they have 8,000 concurrent users in the Closed Beta, they would never reset any character and let players keep their achievements. To reach the goal with as many people as possible, eFusion MMOG will extend the ‘Daily Beta Key’ event until the 5th of March 2013. So more chances to grab a Beta Key will be given to all everyday. Players can grab theirs now right here, but first come first server so act quickly!


During the Closed Beta, special Kick-Off events will start and some of them will continue even after the official service begins. All players will be rewarded with some free gifts such as Dragon Nest Points, which can be used in the cash shop and some must-have Dungeon items while playing.

SEGA Announces Open Beta for GodsRule: War of Mortals

SEGA Announces Open Beta for GodsRule: War of Mortals



SEGA of America and SEGA Europe Ltd. today announced Godsrule: War of Mortals, the free-to-play, cross-platform build and battle game is now in open beta at Developed in partnership with Gogogic ehf., Godsrule: War of Mortals is a player vs. player combat strategy game set in a lush fantasy world where players can lead their fierce armies into combat for control of the empire.


An epic war has broken out between the Old and New Gods for control of the world. Humans have joined the Old Gods and Elves, Demons and Giants have joined the new. Players can pick from two different factions and fight for control in real time multiplayer combat. Godsrule: War of Mortals is built for both casual and hardcore players and allows them to team up with their friends in combat, train units, and manage their empire from anywhere at any time. True cross-platform gameplay allows players to continue the struggle for dominance on either their PC browsers or their iPads.



Those looking to get off to a good start should also swing by our event page to grab $20 of Orbs, GodsRule’s cash shop currency!

Guild Wars 2 Announces Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm Update

Guild Wars 2 Announces Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm Update



Guild Wars 2’s Community Special Operations’ Mark Katzbach has released details on the next update, Flame and Frost: The Gathering Storm, and this update is no small drop in the pond.



With content updates surrounding the intensification of storms in the Shiverpeaks as the centerpiece of the update, ArenaNet went all out with class rebalancing, guild management, a new PvP map, tons of tournament and PvP improvements including World vs World, new customization options, and bug fixes galore it’s hard to quickly describe everything this patch encompasses. Your best bet is to head over to their patch notes and see which features impact you and prepare to adjust your playstyle accordingly!

Ecol Tactics Online Announces Founder Packages

Ecol Tactics Online Announces Founder Packages



Leading online game publisher GamesCampus (, today announced a new line of Founder Packages for its first browser title, the tactical MMORPG Ecol Tactics Online.  The turn-based browser strategy game, inspired by time-honored tactical role playing games, enters closed beta on March 7th.  A select group of players can start getting their hands on the highly-anticipated keys beginning in two days, on February 28th.  Players can sign up now for an account at


“We wanted a way to reward our players who pledge to be early adopters, so we’ve created Founder Packages that recognize their interest now and through the life of the game,” said Elliott Coward, Project Lead for Ecol Tactics Online.  “With four packages to choose from, players will be able to find the tier that fits their interests best.”


The Founders Packages will be available for a limited time at, and include the following at each level:

Basic Member:

-Early access to open beta test, Forum title and unique color.

Founding Member:

-Exclusive in-game costume, $25 cash shop item package, Early access to open beta test, Forum title and unique color.

All Star Member:

-Autographed Ecol Tactics Online Poster, Exclusive in-game costume, $25 cash shop item package, Early access to open beta test & name reservation for up to 2 accounts, Forum title and unique color.

Hall of Fame Member:

-Permanent in-game recognition in the Hall of Fame with a statue of your character, Autographed Ecol Tactics Online Poster and Ecol Tactics USB Drive, Exclusive in-game costume, $25 cash shop item package, Early access to open beta test & name reservation for up to 5 accounts, Forum title and unique color.


With a deep storyline and customization not usually found in most browser games, players will control their characters as they see fit; there’s no set class to get locked into.  Stuck on a quest?  No problem: just switch to a different class and try again, with absolutely no penalties. No more staring at spreadsheets or watching a stamina cool-down renew; it’s all about playing the game at your pace.


Players can view the limited Founders Packages at, and follow Ecol Tactics on the official Facebook at or Twitter at @EcolTactics, to get daily hints and tips, with plenty of screen shots, videos and more.

Achaea – A Simpler Age of Online Gaming

Achaea – A Simpler Age of Online Gaming

By Remko Molenaar (Proxzor), OnRPG Journalist



Many years ago, the most popular role playing games were mostly the ones based solely in text, can you believe it? People played these games by only reading text; it’s like an open book, and you will have to visualize everything. Even though in this era it is considered old and boring, I went to relive the experience in the popular text based game Achaea. Usually these games have an amazing story tied to them if you have the patience to endure the slow start and lack of visual elements. I really do enjoy them and I hoped this tough to pronounce title would satisfy my nostalgia for old school online RPGs.



When I made my character I was faced with a difficult choice: which of the 12 races would I be? Although they say it isn’t permanent, it still is a difficult task as they all have different stats and race bonuses that could really help you out in some situations. When you have chosen the race that appeals to you the most, and found a proper untaken fantasy name, you are good to go in the world of your own imagination. As you learn the ropes of the game, you’ll soon find that controls are as simple as learning to interact and choose which direction to walk. Once this is down it’s all about paying attention to every conversation you have. Unfortunately this is where I faced my first real annoyance in the game. Achaea is either designed for speed readers or just wants you to not think through your decisions because the pace of the game is really fast, and if you don’t respond immediately, the game will literally spam you to give an answer.



Now that the basics were mastered, I was ready to head out on my adventure with more than 100 levels waiting for me. It didn’t take long to find my first victim who dared point his big sword at me. But rather than a fight to the death, it turned out this big fellow by the name of Gruul was a friendly person and actually wanted me to test out my abilities. I quickly discovered that my punches weren’t really that powerful but my kicks were capable of doing more than tickling the big oaf. After my new friend introduced me the marketplace and gave me some gold to buy a backpack and health potion I couldn’t be happier with the success I had booked.



My next task was to get a Dragon Orb from a fire guardian. This guardian was a tough battle but with my successful training I knew how to take him down effectively and gained the special orb. This well planned out tutorial mission was designed to get players excited about reaching the 99th level when they can obtain the power to transform into a greater dragon, followed by a Dragon Lord at level 100. Players capable of unleashing these powers tend to have recognition across the entire server but it’s no simple task to reach and will take quite a bit of dedication. For now I was stuck focusing on smaller tasks. After I returned the Orb to Pasiphae, the friendly person that taught me everything, I had another tough choice.



I was able to choose a class, and the choices were many. There were just as many classes as there were races and all of them sounded equally awesome. After long consideration I went for the Blademaster as having mastery of the legendary Two Arts really felt special to me. Picking this class class unlocked two skills to increase my power and prepare me for the dangers to come. But the key character decisions weren’t done yet as soon after I had to declare citizenship in one of the five main cities. Thankfully this wasn’t forced on me by text spam and I decided to wait until I knew more about the world before locking myself into an alliance. Besides this I was also able to join a house of like-minded adventurers which is strongly advised for new players to do so you have allies when first setting out into the world of Achaea. I appreciated the tips the more veteran players of the community freely gave out.




There are many text based games found on the net, but only a select few are actually newbie friendly. As I have played a few before I was experienced in most of the interactions already but the game automatically reminds you what to do in case you get lost or stuck. I found this the most important thing for a game like this, because unlike me there are undoubtedly a lot of younger players trying to learn the ropes of a game like Archaea that get frustrated and stuck with no instructions or even context clues of how to progress. If you are a big fan of good stories, role playing games and don’t mind that this is text based, then you should have no problem finding some enjoyment from the well-crafted world of Achaea. And since it’s only a text-based browser game so it takes no time to jump right into it and see if you like it!

Age of Wushu Random Encounter System

Age of Wushu Random Encounter System



Many Players of Age of Wushu have experienced the more straight-forward adventures during our Closed Betas. The Script Stealing events, Open World PvP, and deep economy are some experiences that players will outright recognize in their travels. One of the more unique features that remain a mystery to many is the Random Encounters System.



Random Encounters become recognizable by the glowing red lantern that is seen over an NPC’s heads. 



 Players begin a conversation with these new NPCs and take on hidden tasks. 


These conversations can lead to larger action quests that reveal a hidden cave where you must battle beasts, bandits, and puzzles to unlock new skills or treasures.


Others are more straight-forward as simple conversations based in town that reward a player with recipes, or manufacturing skills (maybe even unlocking a larger Random Encounter in the end).


What the quest is can be just as difficult in discovering as the way they were triggered, but the reward could be more than worth the deviation from the main tasks.



A Random Encounter will present itself only when you are ready for them. That could be based upon the level of an internal skill, a title achieved along your quest within your school, your reputation with making friends on the server, or an item that dropped in an adventure outside of town that appears insignificant in terms of use. Whatever the reason, you will begin to see more and more NPCs with the lantern over their head. While one or two of these encounters may be minor, they could in turn unlock more encounters that can change the destiny of a player all together.



The best way to find out more on the random encounters is to experiment with them yourself in Age of Wushu. Talk with other players that may have run into these new tasks and work to find out how to resolve them.  Age of Wushu is currently in its 2nd Closed Beta with a To Be Announced open launch sometime in Spring of 2013.



A trailer demonstrates various elements of these quests including some sweet looking cutscenes that might occur in your adventures once random encounters appear. The video was shot on an earlier test version of the game though so localization and some graphical touch-ups aren’t show.

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/26: Funcom, Nexon, Defiance, and much more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 2/26: Funcom, Nexon, Defiance, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Elder Scribe



The Secret World Director Becomes Creative Director of Funcom’s Live Titles

Funcom’s Joel Bylos has gone from Game Director of The Secret World to the Creative Director of all of Funcom’s live titles. That’s The Secret World, Age of Conan, and Anarchy Online. In his most recent Game Director’s letter Joel announced his new position and looked ahead to the rest of 2013. Issue 6 is coming soon but we also have number 7-12 to look forward to. Tokyo will become a new zone, a new dungeon will be added, and finally a mysterious new adventure zone.



Nexon Invests in Robotoki

Nexon has invested in Robotoki, a studio based in Los Angeles which was formed by former Creative Strategist for Call of Duty, Robert Bowling. The studio is working on their first title, a zombie survival game called Human Element. It will be released for PC, consoles, iOS, and Andriod with a launch window in the fourth quarter of 2015.



Terra Militaris Expansion Gets a Server

The newest expansion to Terra Militaris is on it’s way, and on February 28th players will be able to get an early peek. The play test will be an English language European server with the Firearms expansion on it. There will be no wipes planned so players will be able to keep everything they achieve before the official launch in April.



Defiance Sponsoring London Sci Fi Film Fest

It has been revealed that Defiance will be the lead sponsor of the SCI-FI-London Film Festival, the UK’s leading Science Fiction experience. The festival will take place April 30th to May 6th at BFI Southbank in London.



Warhammer Players Compensated For Bad Weekend

Zones crashed, huge lag spikes plagued other zones, and servers were brought down without warning. It was a tough weekend for WAR and Keaven Freeman feels bad about that. What better way to say sorry than free stuff? Players will be receiving 10 days of game time for subscribed accounts, 1 golden writ for subscribed accounts, 100%XP/RP boost for 7 days, Stack of 10 Lesser Bone Wards for all characters, and finally a special title for anyone who tried to play between the 18th and 24th. They don’t have a date yet on when this will be coming but it is something the team is working on.



Anarchy Online Server Merge

After 12 years of being separate the two Anarchy Online servers are merging to become one. The servers will be down all day today to get the merge complete and are expected to be back up again tomorrow at 5 am EST.