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Game Hollywood Unveils Titan Revenge: A Norse Epic of Gods and Giants

A Storm of Titans Unleashed

In the vast realm of online gaming, a new legend emerges as Game Hollywood Games, renowned for international hits like League of Angels: Pact, unveils its latest masterpiece. Published by Game Hollywood, Titan Revenge launched on December 20, 2023, gracing both Game Hollywood Games and R2 Games platforms, promising an unparalleled gaming experience. Titan Revenge will soon extend its dominion, becoming available on Esprit Games and Kongregate, ensuring a wider audience can partake in this gaming phenomenon.

Scheduled for launch on December 20, 2023, Titan Revenge promises a thrilling blend of 3D hack-and-slash gameplay and a deeply researched celestial narrative. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology, the game unfolds in the aftermath of a cosmic war between gods and giants, where players take on the role of a giant-god hybrid.

The Epic Norse Saga Unfolds

In a war-torn world shaped by prophecies and bloodshed, players navigate political intrigues, celestial mysteries, and relentless combat. As the daughter of Odin, the kingdom’s greatest general, players must unite powers, thwart divine machinations, and safeguard the fate of humanity and gods alike.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 2

Unlock Equipment Sets for Unprecedented Growth

Class Advancement in Titan Revenge isn’t just a level-up; it’s an evolution. More equipment slots and sets await, each piece customizable, upgradeable, and strengthened through
Lucky Binding and Superb Promotion. Collect a full set for exclusive attributes and appearances, accelerating your ascent to greatness!

Titan Revenge Screenshot 3

Infinite Customization, Infinite Style

With hundreds of stunning skins, Titan Revenge transforms your avatar into a canvas of personal expression. Dress up your character, pets, mounts, and artifacts in styles ranging from sublime to otherworldly. Embrace the Hagios and the Necro Barrier to awaken your inner power and leave a lasting impression!

Ideal Drop Rate, Fair Rewards

Titan Revenge defies loot norms with a fair drop rate for Superb equipment. Boss battles yield more than just victory; they unveil equipment, wing skins, pets, and artifacts. The more bosses faced, the richer the rewards. Even events and quests promise valuable gear and skins, ensuring every challenge brings treasure.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 4

Recycle and Reinvent

No equipment goes to waste! Recycle low-end gear for currency, and consume repeated high-end equipment to boost Superb Promotion success. Every piece has a purpose; recycle wisely and challenge bosses frequently for bountiful rewards.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 5

Ethereal Transformations

Unleash the power of angels and titans through the Ethereal System. Transform at critical moments to witness a surge in damage and HP, potentially turning the tide of battle. Mastering this celestial transformation is key to conquering Titan Revenge’s most formidable challenges.

A Social Haven

Forge bonds with Destiny, Friends, and Alliance systems. Marry, form teams, and aid allies in battle. Titan Revenge thrives on camaraderie, offering a vibrant social world to enrich your gaming experience.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 6

Classic Meets Creative

Choose your path as a Knight, Mage, or Archer, and immerse yourself in a captivating storyline. With Archangel Swords, Special Rings, and Dragonslayer gear, elevate your Battle Rating and carve your legend in this enchanting realm.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 7

Thrilling Arena Showdowns

Engage in heart-pounding battles in Cross-server Arena, Imperial War, and Archangel War. From 1v1 duels to Guild clashes and Cross-server Faction warfare, Titan Revenge offers diverse battle modes. Team up strategically or fight solo to claim the throne in a world where victory is the ultimate prize.

Titan Revenge Screenshot 8

A Triumph in Gaming Excellence!

Titan Revenge has not just raised the bar; it’s redefined it. The melding of rich narratives, unparalleled customization, and innovative gameplay mechanics makes Titan Revenge an extraordinary MMORPG masterpiece. Every aspect, from the fair loot distribution to the ethereal transformations, contributes to an immersive and thrilling experience.

The game’s unique blend of classic and creative elements provides a fresh perspective on the MMORPG genre. Titan Revenge is not just a game; it’s an odyssey, an experience that transcends gaming conventions. Brace yourselves for a journey that will not only captivate your senses but redefine your expectations of what an MMORPG can achieve.

Join the Titans, embark on this epic adventure, and witness gaming greatness unfold before your very eyes. Titan Revenge isn’t just a game; it’s a phenomenon!



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Post sponsored by Titan Revenge.

World of Warships Free Christmas Gift Pack Giveaway

We’ve partnered with Wargaming to give away a free Christmas Gift Pack for World of Warships.

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World of Warships is a FREE-TO-PLAY naval action MMO with a focus on the epic large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Collect hundreds of mighty vessels, customize them to fit your playstyle, and head into battle with players from around the world! The game has recently added submarines, including new British vessels, making it a great time to discover a new level of naval warfare!

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Exploring the Role of Luck and Skill in Video Gaming and Roulette


Technology has immeasurably changed video gaming and roulette, and as it continues to morph and transform the trajectory of these titanic industries, looking at the bigger picture and how important extenuating factors help drive the more extensive market at play is also vital. Roulette gaming long predates the existence of video gaming, but the latter has now become a formidable force in the world of global entertainment. However, with supernatural phenomena like luck and superstition playing a crucial role in how millions of gamers view each industry, how much of an impact does it truly have, and is there a way to put luck in your favor?

The Relationship Between European Roulette & Luck

Casino gaming is an interesting business, and while the house might always have an edge, people execute various betting techniques and strategies on the casino floor. However, luck will always play a significant role in determining whether someone is a winner or not. In poker, players can apply more conventional techniques, and luck is just one part of the equation if you are a player of high quality. In roulette, it is an entirely different dynamic.

For players who are looking to learn how to play and possibly succeed at European roulette, the only place to begin is by looking at the nature of the game and how the odds work. Roulette follows a simple mathematical structure, meaning that all specified sections on the table have a set of rigid odds that don’t change. In European roulette, the existence of a 0 is what gives the house a slight edge. In American roulette, there’s a single and double zero, which provides the house with a further advantage. Simply put, luck is the only force to establish if a spin succeeds or not, though players can choose their level of risk tolerance and choose not to bet on long-odds outcomes for a better success rate.

When you explore the different types of perceived strategy in roulette, such as the Martingale or Fibonacci, they are often explained as strategic ideas. Strategy implies some techniques can help you put the odds in your favor or manage any loss more effectively. Other than understanding how some sections of the table have higher odds and managing your approach more conservatively, there’s no other strategy to bolster your chances of a win at the European roulette table; luck is everything in this game.


Video Gaming – Complete Skill Or Complete Luck?

The existence of professional tournaments in video gaming highlights that there’s a lot more than luck that plays a role in determining the ranking of players. European roulette tournaments don’t exist, which again solidifies this point. Professional video gaming may remain a genuine, global entertainment industry. Still, all early signs suggest that it is here to stay and will provide new opportunities for those with a passion, desire, and skill to play video gaming as their full-time profession.

Games like Counter-Strike 2, Fortnite, League Of Legends, and sports games like NFL Madden and FIFA generate tournaments that millions of people tune into globally. All of these games require immense levels of skill. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a tiered system that clearly distinguishes the elite players from the solid ones and the solid ones from the relatively average or mediocre. Like any skill, you can improve your video gaming ability by spending hours perfecting your strategy, seeking tips, playing against other established players, or joining communities where you can find tips and tricks to finetune your skill.

Varying levels of luck and skill may be involved in different games, and because of the industry’s sheer size, it’s hard to deliver a definitive, categorical answer. Classic, retro games like Tetris involve a massive slice of luck. Still, game designers deliver complex, intricately orchestrated video console games with gigantic designs, so luck has started to play a diminishing role, with more emphasis on skill and strategy, particularly in open-world and first-person shooter games.

Comparative Analysis

There’s no denying there’s some crossover between roulette and video gaming. Both have flourished in an online world and continue to attract new customers from all over the globe. Comparatively, they’re continuing to innovate, and while there are noticeable differences to consider, both markets are on course to continue their ascension. This inevitably creates opportunities for people and allows designers to explore new fields.

Since design has been given such a prominent role and artistic freedom, free games, in-game purchases, and online tournaments have exploded in popularity and continue expanding their market reach. While skill plays a significant role in the outcome of top-level video game tournaments, luck plays an extremely minor role. Conversely, European roulette requires no skill, and you can do nothing to make yourself objectively better at the game. Of course, learning the rules is vital, but just because you understand the game doesn’t give you a better chance of winning against the house compared to anybody else. Ultimately, luck drives the action in European and American roulette, while video gaming has many more components and nuances

All The Features Of The CS2 Game That Fans Are Falling In Love With

If you’re bursting into trying CS2 and fling yourself headlong into this long-time favorite game, you’re probably already wondering what surprises are waiting for you and where the changes lie – and that’s what we’re going to figure out today. CS2 has shot to the top of many games’ lists – no surprise given its history – and fans are going wild, but why, what’s happening, and what’s got us all raving?

CS2 has a bunch of new features to appeal to fans, like shorter rounds, overtime, and a CS Rating metric that’s part of the premier mode. With all the new interest that the recent release has sparked, more people than ever are playing, as well as being involved into professional esports as participants or bettors who are placing bets on CS2 tournaments, bumping up the publicity the game gets and helping it keep its place firmly in the “big league.” Let’s check out those new features so you know what the score is.

Inspect Grenades Feature

CS2 has now completely replaced CS:GO, but it’s brought with it some flashy new features that mean fans can’t really complain, even if they weren’t given any choice about the move. Lots of them are just little things, like the “inspect grenades” addition, but they make a big difference to the players, and let you fall in love with Valve’s spectacular creation all over again.

The “inspect grenades” feature is a flashy little addition that might not sound like much to write home about, but which lets you get a good look at whatever your character’s holding, whether that’s a Molotov, a decoy, a smoke, or anything else. With CS2’s approach to bumping up the graphics, it’s super impressive and just what every gamer wants: it looks like you’re really holding it.

Games are always getting more immersive, for sure, but this upgrade is definitely one to take note of. If you’re a fan of games that “do it right,” Valve’s approach will make you very happy here. It’s also accompanied by things like improved blood spatter effects, better grenade explosions, and more realistic fire from the Molotov’s. It does make the game a bit grittier and increases the gore factor, but boom, it looks good! There’s some debate about just how much this kind of thing matters, but CS2 is certainly delivering either way.

Cooler Skins

There have been some pretty big updates to the skins in CS2 as well; everything from CS:GO got carried over, but the new Source 2 engine has everything looking better than before. If you’ve picked up CS:GO cases and skin upgrades, you’ll probably love how they look now.

When you first launch the game, it’s worth taking a bit of time to just admire the visuals; check out how the sun picks up the details and how they change in different lights. The knives are particularly spectacular in the higher-resolution version, but all the gear looks pretty darn impressive in this update. On that subject, there are also new knives that are hopefully going to be making an appearance soon, known as Twin-Blade and Kukri. If blades are your thing, you’re in luck!

Responsive Smokes

One of the particularly big draws of the new game is the alterations that have been made to how smokes work; in the past, these just stayed in one place and while they looked okay, the graphics were nothing super special. Now, it’s a joy to watch how the smoke behaves – because it’s a heck of a lot more like real smoke. It gradually forms around the area the grenade was launched into, and visually, it’s a whole lot better too – meaning you can really immerse yourself in the digital and believe it’s really happening!

Audio Indicators

Another win for immersiveness and players that thrive on feeling like they’re really in the game, this new feature means that the radar shows you a visible indicator about your footsteps. Whenever you’re making a loud noise, you’ll see a ring around your character, and this tells you precisely when other players can hear you. That’s been coupled with the addition of actually showing your player’s legs (yay, it no longer looks like you’re floating!), which is a nice extra touch to make you feel like you’re really in the world.

Being aware of this sort of thing will make you a better player, too, helping you realize when you’re tipping off your opponents. If you’re not on the lookout for this sort of feature, you might be missing some crucial aspects that’ll put you in a new league of players.


Whether you are a die-hard CS:GO fan or you’re brand new to the game, you will find plenty about CS2 to love. It shows all Valve’s impressive passion for gaming, the lasting affection poured in by the fans, and just what can be done with today’s gaming gear when companies really try!

Get Ready For 2023’s Hotly Anticipated 2D RPG, ASTRA: Knights of Veda

Post sponsored by ASTRA: Knights of Veda.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is ready to surprise and delight gamers this year as it prepares for its late 2023 launch. This new 2D action RPG harkens back to the glory days of side-scrolling arcade action, while delivering the high quality gaming experience expected from the current era of gaming.

More About ASTRA: Knights of Veda

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is set in the dark medieval fantasy world of Planis, plagued by evil and corruption. You play as one of the Knights of the goddess Veda, setting forth to become the world’s champion and deliver it from doom. The adventure will be deadly, and is filled with gloomy ambience and rich storytelling, enhanced by high quality stylized graphics and a fully voice-acted tale with hundreds of cutscenes and illustrations.

You will command a team of up to four Knights in battle, alone or in co-op with your allies. ASTRA’s combat system is skill-based and fully manual, requiring you to think on your feet as you attack, dodge, and utilize your skills and team in a deathly battle. Challenge yourself in both real-time PvE and PvP battles, facing the Nightmare, seeking treasure, and empowering your Knights. Best of all, your progress is available cross-platform, letting you play on your PC at home or via your mobile device.

FLINT, the developer behind ASTRA: Knights of Veda, has partnered with HYBE Interactive Media (HYBE IM) to publish ASTRA: Knights of Veda on PC, Android, and iOS. HYBE IM is an extension of the entertainment and lifestyle brand, HYBE, expanding its reach to video game development and publishing. ASTRA will be HYBE IM’s first game publishing, but the company has built a team of experienced game industry professionals who have come from major publishers including NEXON, NCSoft, and EA Korea to ensure ASTRA’s success. 

Why You Should Look Forward to ASTRA: Knights of Veda

ASTRA: Knights of Veda made its global debut at Gamescom 2023, where attendees flocked to check out the unique art style and playable test build. Since then, more players have been treated to private demos, and have praised the game’s style, mature setting, and PvP. ASTRA is meant to appeal to fans new and old alike, building on the style and setting while delivering a unique gaming experience. With FLINT and HYBE IM behind the scenes, gamers can feel rest assured that the team behind the game is experienced and dedicated.

By reviving the oft-forgotten belt-style brawler, where 2D characters may move side to side and forward-and-back along a 2.5D plane, ASTRA will engage gamers to adapt their way of thinking on the battlefield. Add to that the strategy involved with a team of four Knights, solo or co-op, and ASTRA: Knights of Veda is set to deliver a challenging experience that rewards strategy and planning over button-mashing.

ASTRA: Knights of Veda will offer a variety of characters through a gacha-style system. Each character is complex, with not only their own visual style and background, but also with their own weapons, skills, and roles. Knights can be tanks, DPS, healer, or support in a classic RPG party system. Each character also has an elemental property which is reflected in their attacks and skills. Players will need to swap between characters to match the situation of battle, requiring fast thinking and attention to the skill cooldown. All of this adds complexity and nuance to building a party, whether you’re alone or with others in co-op modes. 

There’s also no questioning that ASTRA: Knights of Veda offers a distinct visual style, with artwork that blends the macabre and the fantastic. Highly detailed characters and terrifying enemies engage across beautifully painted backgrounds that set the ominous yet captivating mood without distracting from the action. 

ASTRA: Knights of Veda plans to launch with dozens of hours of rich story-driven campaigns available, along with additional content that provides a variety of enjoyment such as the seasonal challenge from Tower of Trials and Arena PvP modes. FLINT and HYBE IM plan to continue the story and build upon the release with future expansions over time.

How You Can Start Playing ASTRA: Knights of Veda

Even if you missed a chance to get hands on with ASTRA: Knights of Veda at Gamescom, you won’t have to wait long to try the game out for yourself.

From October 9th to 16th, ASTRA: Knights of Veda will be part of the Steam Next Fest, offering a public demo for everyone to experience. This demo has been built out further from the limited test build at Gamescom, and will feature more content including the Arena Mode, which offers 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3 PvP battles. The Steam Next Fest demo will also be playable via Steam with a gamepad or keyboard/mouse, and on Android, with crossplay features enabled. During Steam Next Fest, the game will also be livestreamed by content creators and the Community team on both the game’s store page as well as Twitch. 

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is set to launch in 2023 for PC(STEAM), Android, and iOS devices. For more information, visit the Steam store page.


Still Joking Announcement Trailer

Still Joking is:
– A game about characters with complex and unique relationship scales
– A visual novel where characters do not resemble cardboard cutouts but actually interact with each other and the environment
– A world of mirror reflections, where everything is like here, but a little bit different

We have:
– Multiple endings for main storylines and for each significant character
– 12-15 hours of playthrough
– Fully voiced cat 🙂

My Hero Ultra Rumble

My Hero Ultra Rumble puts you in control of one of the major heroes or villains of the hit anime series for a 3v3 battle royale featuring 8 teams total. Synergize your Quirks with your teammates and choose characters from the show based on five different archetypes. Can you outlast your opponents and go Plus Ultra?

Business Model: Free to Play

Microtransactions: Yes, gacha system and limited time starter pack available.

Key Features:

Three Versus More than Three: Eight teams of three face off against one another on a variety of maps. Will your team come out on top? It’s all up to the skill and coordination you three have.

Heroes are Born AND Made: Five different archetypes await your decision: Strike, Assault, Rapid, Technical, and Support. Every character will play differently depending on their Quirk, so balancing your team will allow for maximum ability.

Better Than the Rest: It’s not all about fighting, you know? Find items and interact with civilians across the map to power up your characters even more to truly devastate your opponents.

Dressed for Success: As you play you’ll earn rewards you can then use to unlock more characters or different outfits for existing ones. Look forward to limited time events to pick up even more exclusives!

My Hero Ultra Rumble Launch Trailer

In MY HERO ULTRA RUMBLE, players will become a Hero or Villain and join a three-member team to battle against seven other teams on expansive citywide maps. Controlling classic MY HERO characters such as Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugo, All Might, Tomura Shigaraki, Himiko Toga, and more, fans can utilize their superhuman abilities known as Quirks to attack enemies or support and cooperate with their teammates to survive fights. Teams can also contribute to their victory by rescuing or intimidating civilians on the field to obtain powerful items that can change the tide of battle.

Wildmender Launch Trailer

Wildmender is a game about bringing a deserted world back to life.

Explore the vast desert, alone or with friends. Collect plants and bring them back to your garden to thrive. Craft new tools and use them to shape the earth, and channel water to your plants. Delve into the mysteries of a fallen civilization and discover their magic. Befriend animals, spirits, and seek out the gods to help you defend the land from the vicious wraiths who seek to corrupt it. It’s up to you to save the world, one seed at a time.

Phantom Blade: Executioners Ignition Trailer

Phantom Blade: Executioners is a fast-paced, dark fantasy action RPG that will have players join the mysterious Order to investigate recent killing sprees. Select from different heroes (Soul, Mu Xiaokui, Zuo Shang, and The Chord), each specializing in mystical Wuxia skills with their own abilities. Embark on an epic journey in a gorgeous, hand-painted style 2D world that can be described as “Kung-Fu Punk.”